10 Suggestions to Make More Out of Your PPC Business Campaigns

PPC marketing can become a powerful ally. If you have been looking to expand your horizons and start to attract more customers as well as get extra brand exposure, pay-per-click could be a perfect choice.

The idea itself is not something new. Plenty of brands have been using it and found success. It is just that the method itself is not as popular due to social media and search engine optimization.

Introducing some variety could be the boost that your business has been missing. And it just so happens that PPC will allow you to reach new audiences. Here are some suggestions to make the most out of the campaign, even if you have very little experience.

Suggestion #1 – Make Use of Available Free Tools

Trying something like PPC for the first time can be too overwhelming, especially when you will have to spend money. On the other hand, making money without spending hardly ever happens.

There are some free tools that you can use. For instance, an instant Google Ads audit from Clever Ads. You should also look for free AdWords coupons as those relieve the pressure of wasting money on the first campaign that will work as a learning experience.

Suggestion #2 – Research the Keywords

Research the Keywords

Keyword research will be a very important part of the process. Things can get rough if you are in a competitive market. Going up against an already-established competition is not a fun experience for most.

On the other hand, the fight should not be something to get discouraged about. It is a great learning experience. But instead of facing the competition head-on, take a smarter approach.

Long tail keywords are what you should be focusing on. They will bring you better results and not cause a headache when trying to find that perfect keyword and not worry about the competition at the same time.

Suggestion #3 – Rotate the Ads

Ads are something you can rotate. In fact, you can make adjustments to the campaigns in real time and not need to restart them from scratch. The feature allows you to test the method to your heart’s content and make changes when you feel like things are not going as expected.

Suggestion #4 – Pick the Right Time

Pick the Right Time

A schedule is another thing on the agenda. One would think that having the ads run 24/7 is the best option, but it can become pretty expensive after a while. Moreover, you should be focusing more on targeting a very specific demographic.

The feature to schedule ads and reach people during particular time frames will introduce efficiency and give the business some improvements.

Suggestion #5 – Target the Right Demographic

Demographics can become one of the biggest nightmares. At the end of the day, having no audience in mind and creating random campaigns will only lead to losses rather than gains.

It comes down to your business model and the product or service you offer. Are you interested in attracting people from nearby and emphasizing local business rather than spreading your influence online? Or maybe you are leaning towards doing the business online?

You need to spend enough time to find out what your ideal demographic is and how you can target it.

Suggestion #6 – Spend Time Carefully Crafting the Ad Copy

The ad copy itself is a difficult thing to master. It is no surprise that a lot of brands hire professional copywriters and pay them a lot of money. If you have the funds for it, then, by all means, do not hesitate.

At the same time, studying copywriting can be beneficial. It may take a while before you get things down, but if the money saved on hiring a copywriter can go somewhere else.

Suggestion #7 – Optimize for Mobile Users

Optimize for Mobile Users

A lot of people surf the web using smartphones and tablets. Statista projects that about half of the internet users will come from mobile devices by the end of 2021.

The ads should be optimized for these users as well. Otherwise, you stand to miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Suggestion #8 – Use Ad Extensions

The ad copy has a dedicated space to it. You will find that fitting everything you want there is more or less impossible. Thankfully, there are ad extensions that will allow you to include extra bits of information, like URLs, contacts, or short promotional messages.

Suggestion #9 – Create Relevant Landing Pages

A landing page should be exactly what the ad has promised. Some brands still think that they can get away with misleading people. That strategy should be forgotten right away. Otherwise, you will only end up receiving notifications and warnings from Google that will ultimately lead to shutting down the website.

Suggestion #10 – Continue Testing

Take your time and try different variations. PPC is all about fine-tuning and finding the formula that works the best for your brand.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Are you using any of these suggestions? What have I missed? I’d love to hear your tips and questions. Leave a comment below!

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