10 Tips to Prepare Your Emails for The Competitive Market in 2023

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If done right, emails have the power to drive faster business growth than any other marketing channel. They have transcended to emulate micro-sites in the subscriber’s inbox.

According to Radicati, the number of emails sent and received per day is steadily increasing and is expected to touch 392.5 billion in the year 2026. Now, that’s huge.

the number of emails sent and received per day

It is likely to overwhelm the subscribers and lead to a competitive bottleneck. So, how will you make sure that your email campaigns leave an impact and compel the readers to convert?

Read on for some actionable tips to create a winning email strategy in 2023 and beyond.

1. Incorporate interactivity in your emails

Emails will have to look like two-way communication rather than a sales pitch. Interactivity helps create emails that encourage the users to participate in the dialogue and take action.

Use interactive elements in your Holiday emails in 2023 to stand out and cut through the noise in the inbox.

You can also use gamification for your occasion-based email marketing. It will not only enhance your subscriber engagement rate but also the conversion rate.

2. Scale up your email template production with modular emails

Modular email templates have editable blocks that you can rearrange and add or remove according to the purpose of your campaigns.

These templates let you scale up your email template production by saving time and manual effort. As you don’t need to hard code the emails from scratch, you can focus on other areas of business growth.

Imagine you are facing a resource crunch and have too many email campaigns to deploy. Modular emails can come in handy at such times.

3. Adopt BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

BIMI allows the brands to display their logo next to the sender name in the subscriber’s inbox. Because of this, users will be more likely to trust the sender and open the emails. It will also mitigate the occurrences of cyber threats like spoofing and fraudulent emails.

Although BIMI cannot assure 100% deliverability, it is sure to enhance the deliverability rate by adding an extra layer of security.

Consequently, you will be able to improve the sender reputation and subscriber engagement. Adoption of BIMI is gaining immense momentum because popular mailbox providers are considering extending support to this trend.

Brands Support BIMI

4. Use customer data platforms to maintain a central customer data repository

Cross-channel customer data helps in making decisions to build effective email and digital marketing programs.

Using this data has become all the more important after the launch of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, App Tracking Transparency, and sunsetting of third-party cookies. The only problem is that this data is not organized well and is spread across different databases.

As a workaround, you can use customer data platforms that bring together all data in a single repository. It helps to clean the data, ensure better access to it, and mobilize its usage across channels. This will help in sending hyper-personalized emails, better segmentation, and smarter automation.

5. Experiment with AMP emails to bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology will allow you to create emails that emulate a mailable microsite. This means that the subscribers can take action from the email itself without having to go to the landing page or mobile app.

For example: eCommerce brands can send cart abandonment emails and allow the users to check out from the email itself. Similarly, you can send out event invitations and let the visitors RSVP from the email.

As it eliminates the extra step of visiting the website, it will increase the conversion rate. And the good news is that a growing number of ESPs are extending support to AMP emails. As far as email clients are concerned, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, FairEmail, and Mail.ru support AMP in emails.

6. Take the help of platforms like Bouncer to validate email deliverability

Deliverability is an indispensable aspect of email marketing strategy. You ought to ensure an optimum inbox placement rate if you want to stand ahead in the competition.

Platforms like Bouncer come in handy here. They help you to determine whether your email landed in the inbox or not. It will also let you know if the email is likely to end up in the spam folder.

7. Strike the right balance between marketing and informative emails

More often than not, marketers use emails to send out promotional messages or sales pitches. While this is one of the primary purposes of email marketing, it should not be your only objective.

You must also use emails to share informative content and educate the readers. Establish a balance between promotional and educational emails so that you don’t come off as too pushy.

8. Go for A/B testing to send out better email campaigns

There’s a great deal of information available on the Internet about A/B testing. Marketers will utilize these resources to employ effective A/B testing and optimize the email campaigns. Tools like Mailchimp offer the feature of multivariate testing to check more than two versions.

9. Localize your email content as far as possible

As brands are going global, it is inevitable to localize your email content to cater to subscribers across different geographical locations.

Google Translate won’t be enough. You will have to incorporate regional nuances and cultural beliefs that will be possible through email localization.

10. Design Dark Mode compatible emails

Most subscribers prefer to access emails in Dark Mode settings. It has gotten more popular as it eliminates blue light and is easy on the eyes. Also, it helps save the battery life of the device.

So, you must create emails that render well in light as well as dark mode settings. Choose the visuals and color contrast that look good irrespective of the display settings they are viewed on.

Wrapping Up

Although emails have the potential to bring in the maximum revenue, it won’t work if you don’t stay abreast with the latest email marketing trends. Make use of all the technological advancements discussed here and watch your email ROI soar.

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