9 Top Gadget Accessories For Digital Nomads

With travel bans still in place for many countries, getting your gear together for your next digital nomad excursion may seem like a strange idea, but now is the best time to really do some research and get those bits that you did not even know you needed.

When The World Gets Moving

With the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out across the globe, there is an insatiable desire for many of us to go traveling once again, and -for the newly-remote worker- this is the perfect time to start planning your new life as a digital nomad.

There is a myriad of accessories the digital traveler needs on a day-to-day basis, but here are nine items that you might not have considered, and they will make a big difference to your trip.

#1. Laptop Sleeves

Like it or not, if you have not got the savings to just jet off into the sunset, you will still have to work on your trip around the world. For most people, even if they are not working, they will want to take their laptops with them to ensure they can document their journey as they go.

This is why a good laptop sleeve is vital so that you can protect your valuable assets from the rigors of the travel lifestyle in whatever bag you choose.

Important note: check the size of your laptop sleeve. Laptops come in all sizes; for example, Lenovo laptops range from 13” up to 17”, and you will want to get a sleeve that fits rather than being too small or too big.

#2. Laptop Privacy Screens

Laptop Privacy Screens

Sticking with laptops for a second, a privacy screen is an excellent idea, especially if you will be doing client work or work for your company or business while you are away.

There are lots of different kinds of privacy screens, but the easier option is to order a universal privacy screen and cut it to size. This will allow you to be able to view the screen head-on but stop anyone peering over from the side.

#3. A Good Power Bank

Not all power banks are created equal, and it is worth investing in a good power bank to be able to handle a variety of different devices.

A standard smartphone battery is around 4000mAh and does not need a high wattage when charging, but some of the larger power banks will be able to cope with fast-charge, and many will now be able to power USB C powered laptops, too, keeping you topped up wherever you are! Check here to learn what is an ac/dc power supply and why it’s necessary for today’s electronic devices.

#4. Tech Pouches

Tech Pouches

Tech pouches are an absolute must-have in any digital traveler’s bag!

Say goodbye to broken and tangled leads, that plug that has worked its way to the bottom of your backpack under your socks, and that pen drive containing all of your important travel documents that fell out at the last airport, and say hello to organization and calm!

Tech pouches range in size, and most have elastic loops for easy wire management as well as netted pockets for adaptors and other accessories.

#5. A Portable Wifi Hotspot

Wifi on the move for the intrepid traveler is essential and, try as you might, finding a reliable wifi hotspot can be an absolute nightmare when you’re traveling can be very difficult.

Most travelers will opt for some kind of portable wifi hotspot that they can take with them wherever they roam, usually running off of a local data SIM card or an international SIM card, spending on your travels.

There are lots of different options available on the market, and most don’t require any external power. DIY wifi hotspots can even be made cheaply using an old smartphone, so you can get internet even when you’re out in the wilderness camping as a digital nomad!

#6. A USB Powered Electric Shaver

This one is a bit of an odd one to put on a list of digital nomad products when we’re so often focused on the internet and connectivity, but keeping yourself well-groomed is just as essential to most digital nomads as having a decent laptop for work.

One of the biggest concerns digital nomads face with travel tech is carrying extra chargers and wires and not losing them. This is why you should opt for a USB-powered rechargeable electric shaver; these are versatile and can be charged up from most USB sockets and power banks, meaning you can look your best whether you’re in Bali or in Iceland.

#7. A Multi-Country Power Strip

Power, power, power. Digital nomads are hungry for it, and no one wants to be that nomad in the youth hostel who is hogging the only two working power outlets in the room.

Get yourself a multi-country power strip and a universal adaptor. This will give you the most flexibility to charge your phone, your laptop, and all other devices. Modern international power strips even come with the ability to swap out power outlets depending on the country you’re in and what your devices are designed for and most come with decent USB ports too.

#8. A Portable Solar Panel Setup

Portable Solar Panel Setup
Photo: Jane Jackson @OutdoorGearLab.com

It’s not always possible to be near a power outlet, especially if you’re traveling on trains or coaches throughout your trip. Getting a decent portable solar panel setup is a good compromise to keep your devices topped up along the way.

Most won’t be able to charge laptops (although some can), and they are definitely not a long-term alternative to a power bank, but having a decent solar set up like Goal Zero solar panel kits will be a huge added bonus and will at least keep your smartphone trickle charged while you travel.

#9. An eBook Reader

Traveling as a digital nomad isn’t just about all work and no play, and staring at a laptop or cell phone screen all day isn’t great for your eyes either.

Pack a good eInk eBook reader in your bag and make sure you take some downtime. If you’re insistent on working all day, every day, eBook readers with the ability to write and take notes, like the reMarkable tablets, are a great alternative to carrying paper and will keep going much longer than a standard tablet.

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