The Secrets of 5 Top World Banks to Convince Their Customers in Facebook

Have you noticed that you already do a great job to make your customer connecting to you?

Building a better engagement with customers is not easy; a lot of things to think about and researched, but you do not have to think about it alone. Well, I never get tired of saying this, a good imitate that can develop is a good marketer.

You need help right? to help you get connected with your customers all you have to is easy, you must learn from top brands what they did to connected to his customers. Like in this article.

So, to make this more complete and become easier I already collect a simple example commercial breaks from top brands international banks how they convince customers. All you have to do is follow these steps below:

1. HSBC (Convince same with logo)

Facebook Marketing

When watch this video I very like it, HSBC commercial breaks make me realize that in every country have its different culture. HSBC itself has a slogan “The world local bank” its mean he never did underestimated each customer.

Therefore, in each country, HSBC always use local employee who can understand the behavior of consumers in every state.

This video reveal that in real life the HSBC slogan applied as possible, with an explanation in these video consumers may believe that the bank would appreciate customs in each country.

Lesson learned: Select or create a theme that is visually appealing ads and convey sentiment connected with your slogan. Make the viewer becomes stunned and could not believe the existence of things beyond their habits.

2. Bank of America (Show how your bank can help life)

Facebook Marketing

Today every detail in life you need a transaction, this theme is what Bank of America want shown in this ads below, when you already see this whole video you will understand a word at the end of this video is “Life’s better when we are connected”.

This Advertisement want send message, that in every activity you can take advantage the Bank of America to conduct a transaction, if you already connected with it then your life will become easier and simple.

Title: Connecting to what matters

Lesson learned: Stay focused on offering help when have to mentioning your product or service, make your customer feel that they need you.

3. Citi Bank (Tell a story that your service more simplify)

Facebook Marketing

Sometimes you ever feel a system that is very troublesome and you’re forced to do it. It sucks right?

Understanding the feelings and the difficulty consumer’s absolute thing to do, of course, after doing research on consumer behavior, Citi bank has to know what the things that can make customers uncomfortable.

The consumers need in a system has been answered by the Citi bank in the ad below. Can you see the various hassles that are often experienced by consumers is shown in this add And to convince customers that the system will be simple, Citi bank issuing simplicity card to ensure the comfort of its customers.

Title: Simplicity

Lesson learned: Pay attention to your customer need, do not forget the timing in making the advertisement you should consider it, if you finished do that you’ll increase of the odds of Achieving higher levels of social engagement.

4. Chase (Promote prize with unique way)

Facebook Marketing

One way to convince customers to use your product is by giving a gift in exchange for each transaction. One of the unique ways that you can do is you can see in the video below.

Chase Bank use theme, double the love which is a manifestation of the love to the customers, so that in each transaction, he will give you a double reward. With the friendly advertising enough will make consumer feel comfortable and loved.

Title: Double the love

Lesson learned: Make your customers feel loved, in making love advertisements the song selection and the wording choose it carefully, so the embodiment of love message can be delivered.

5. Barclays (Show the fact)

Facebook Marketing

Every consumer need feel secure, especially consumers who will put the money in a bank. To ensure these needs will guarantee of your bank you can say it in your ads.

One example of an ad that I think is quite interesting is the ads belongs to Barclays bank, for the first I saw it, I cannot understand, but it is precisely makes me very interested to see it until finished.

After this ads finished, I just get the message. He wants to convey a lot of banks that look real but actually it’s just in a fictional, just a real bank like Barclays will create a sense of security to its customers.

Title: Bank of substance

Lesson learned: these advertising theme can cause a secure sense of transactions at your bank. You can make it more interesting by inviting your customers to comment on your ads.


Commercial provides a unique showcase for marketers who want to highlight their brand through a diverse selection of rich media content. In commercial, you can explain clearly what you want to convey and if you maximize it with creatively from top brand than you will ready to become a top marketer too. I hope in this article you can get reference to variety of right techniques to modify your company.

Keep an eye on your competition to discover effective techniques and content types to use to improve your commercial marketing strategy.

What do you think? On which types of strategies do you think the most engagement? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments.

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