Twitter Marketing: How These 5 Top Consulting Firm Brands Convince The Clients

Do you want to work at home with great job? One answer is to develop a consulting business. Today, this kind of business becomes a trend because so many companies need consulting services to develop its business.

If you already run this business, than what you should do next? Do you have to be visible and reliable? Or, you share it on your social media profiles, tell a few friends to promote it and then repost the exact same blog post on the other sites.

Did your marketing strategies are effective? Or is there something that is less fit?

To know the answers, here I have the examples of what has been done properly by the Top Consulting Firm Brands below:

1. McKinsey & Company

To the point advise. Strength in doing consulting business is in its advice about business. Make a variety of contents will help you to convince consumers that the theories of marketing and business you already did is great.

Obviously sharing what you write on social media is a necessity, but not all contents you can shared.

Choose the type of content that can be interesting and useful to your customers and choose a simple word in describing the purpose of the content.

One example to did it, you could see on McKinsey & Company tweet below.

Twitter Marketing Tips

You know that, twitter only provides 140 characters, but his tweet able to explain the purpose and benefits of the article that they share. To make it become perfect, avoid sharing tweet used other media, such as Instagram. I know you can save your time, because with share only in one social media you can share in another social media but the impact is the look of your posts on twitter is not good. The tweet will appear with cut massage, so the tweet that you want to convey would not be well.

The Lesson: Make your tweet short, simple and to the point. Your tweet must represent what the content mean about, than the result is your follower will visit your website to learn it more.

2. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

I always suggest speaking personally and looking humanity in every social media, this is because it is very useful to make your page look real and lively.

To make you look real, you can start update the tweet with the words you and I, this is the first thing that you can use to look humanity. And now, to make you become more alive you can see an example belongs to Boston Consulting Group below.

Twitter Marketing Tips

With personally, their CEO – Rich Lesser make the announcement that he will share his favorite article at every Friday. This announcement certainly more interesting, because he looks like talk with his closest friend and the viewer will enjoy to reading it.

The Lesson: Be human, talk to your follower as like with your friend. You can utilize brand monitoring tools in Twitter to explore what tweet your customer like the most.

3. Oliver And Wyman

In any business cannot be separated from research.

And your consulting business have to make research which would be very useful for your customers.

But, you have to make the report is easier to see and read by your followers by using a graphic or diagram. To do so you can see the example image below.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Oliver Wyman exemplifies chart table that I think is very easy to understand even for beginners though. Here’s what I think is perfect, ranging from the selection that was adjusted to 140 characters they also share the images table research results and share website links to invite followers learn more about the report.

The Lesson: Make your post looks so interesting by adding image, link and a short simple words. Keep up to date with Twitter developments to make sure you don’t miss out on the changes coming down the pike.

4. Accenture

In doing business cannot be separated from the seminar that can help fellow entrepreneurs to do business in a proper way.

As the perpetrators in business consulting the important step you can do is by hold the seminar, as Accenture did. It will show that you will always be there to help your customer in their real life, also it will be so much fun for them.

Twitter Marketing Tips

The Lesson: Be available to your audience in real time, when you can have more meaningful back-and-forth conversations.

5. Tower Watson

Creating an interactive group which can encompass the entrepreneur will give a million benefits that can help you significantly. As you can learn more in this post.

Of course you now know the next steps what you have to do right? As a business consulting you must concern to make some entrepreneur group to attract your follower become more excited and get advantage when follow your brand.

To do that, you can sneak look at this example below. A twitter post from Towers Watson did call to action to their followers for join their leaders group by promoting hashtag #HR.

Twitter Marketing Tips

The Lesson: It’s another way to convince your customer that you will help them completely, you can ask for permission to the top entrepreneur as a speaker in your group. For the first if you could invite an experienced entrepreneur of course it will affect all of your followers who are members of your group.


What I say in this article is to show you the steps that can help you on Twitter: How to convince your client. I hope with studying this article, you also can convince the client better as practiced by top brands above.

Your turn: Do you have any experience with the tips above? How can you create a killer hashtag campaign for your company? Include your comments and questions below.

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