Unexpected Trends In Digital Ad In 2023 And Beyond

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If you, as a marketer, want to make your product or business as a whole successful, you must know and understand all modern trends in digital advertising. We are sure that this article will help you understand where the digital marketing industry will go in 2023 and beyond.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, digital professionals need a solid and clear strategy. It is also important to know the long-term outlook for the e-commerce market and respond quickly to major trends in digital advertising and digital marketing.

You can really use your advertising budgets more efficiently and effectively and prepare a high-quality promotion strategy if you study in detail all the 2023 trends that we described in our article.

Which Trends Will Definitely Continue?

First, we will tell you about five points that will unconditionally come with us in 2023 and, quite possibly, will be with us even further.

Of course, some of these trends will be updated and take on new forms and branches. Now we will discuss them in more detail.

 icon-angle-right Strengthening User Privacy

The fact that new privacy rules would have to be taken into account, and analytics and advertising systems would continue to adjust, was also a fair forecast. This year, Google has moved the opt-out of cross-site cookie tracking to 2024.

However, his Privacy Sandbox initiative has continued to evolve. For example, a cookie alternative such as the Topics API is already in test mode. Solutions for Android are also being tested.

Google Analytics 4 has started to supplement its information about untracked users with simulated data. He later added this data to a real-time report.

As a result of these trends, the value of the data that the advertiser himself collects about the audience increases – through lead forms, quizzes, or offline.

 icon-angle-right Convergence Of Online And Offline

In digital, a hybrid approach is intensifying, combining offline and online communications. Offline is becoming more and more closely connected with online, for example, by the growing demand for outdoor digital advertising.

Let’s not be afraid to say that digital advertising is the main driver in the Out of Home segment. DooH (Digital out-of-home) is an innovative promotion channel, which is represented by digital advertising media located on the street.

Online tools have been added to classic offline outdoor advertising: auctions to buy placements and traffic analytics.

DooH devices are usually equipped with Wi-Fi sensors. They capture the people who passed by and therefore saw the advertisement. The accumulated data in the future, for example, can be used to form an audience for targeted advertising.

The DOOH (Digital Out of Home) format allows you to target outdoor advertising to a relevant audience. Technology launches the ad at the moment when it is predicted to be seen by the largest number of potential customers.

We would like to say a few words about DMP segments, in which depersonalized user data is collected, including with the help of offline tools: up to routers in shopping centres. Using them, you can, for example, target recent visitors to stores with a specific theme.

 icon-angle-right Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is the PR of the products of a company or brand through influencers (bloggers whose opinion is of great importance to the audience).

This tool has not only been a must-have in digital advertising in 2022 but will continue to be so in 2023. Moreover, the Forbes website has an informative article about the importance of influencer marketing in modern realities.

The advantages of this digital marketing tool are enough. While, say, television makes people irritable because it is broadcast to a large audience, influencer marketing is right on target.

After all, influencer marketing is the opinion of an authoritative idol who is trusted by the target audience. Another benefit is that influencer marketing doesn’t look like advertising in general.

This is more friendly advice from an opinion leader who is trusted by subscribers. When this tool is involved in brand PR, potential buyers do not have a feeling of “pushing in” the product.

Influence marketing is not just about digital advertising, it’s about matching the values and audience of the influencer and the brand. Moreover, advertising through bloggers is 3 times cheaper than target advertising.

In the modern market, good advertising can be done not only through celebrities. Statistics show that almost 25% of young people trust their favourite blogger more than a generally recognised authority.

That is, PR through opinion leaders is much more efficient, effective, cheaper, and more profitable. Good, high-quality, and, most importantly, selling advertising always increases income. And this is exactly what influencer marketing gives us.

What Trends May Seem Very Unexpected?

If in the first part of the article we talked about very popular and predictable things, now we will go a little deeper. What non-standard changes will occur in digital advertising trends in 2023? Now you will know everything.

 icon-angle-right Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is one of the digital advertising tools, which consists in promoting goods and services through several channels, combined into a common customer service system.

Implementing omnichannel marketing is essential for businesses that have online and offline stores and are committed to providing the best user experience for their customers.

The Essence Of Omnichannel Marketing

Modern stores try to use as many channels as possible through which they can communicate with customers and sell their goods to them.

Companies need to do this to reach a wider audience of customers and stay in constant contact with them. For example, a store may contact customers through:

  • Online store website;
  • Offline store;
  • Mobile app;
  • Contextual and targeted advertising;
  • Email and SMS mailings;
  • Social networks and messengers;

Omni-channel marketing implies that the activities of all these channels are coherent and the same, that is, they have common offers, prices, communication styles, etc.

By contacting the store through any channel, the customer will receive the same information and level of service.

As a result, omnichannel marketing removes the boundaries between promotion channels and allows them to work as a whole. This is especially true for online and offline trading.

 icon-angle-right VR/AR Technologies

Let’s not be afraid to say that virtual and augmented reality technologies will significantly change the field of digital advertising in 2023 and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Virtual reality technologies are an effective and interesting marketing tool for the audience that allows you to get a realistic impression of the advertised goods or services.

Among other things, you might be interested in visiting The Guardian’s website and reading expert material on the successful use of virtual reality in marketing.

Surprise, the wow effect from the use of technology, awakens the curiosity of users and the desire to try a thing or service in real life.

Vivid emotions cause the need to repeat a positive experience and motivate the client to purchase the desired product. After all, the statement “first try, and only then pay” is as simple a truth for all of us as, for example, “measure seven times, cut once.”

The immersive effect contributes to the fact that a person is much more involved in the content (than, for example, when watching a 2D video)

Overall, interest is one of the most important characteristics that bring a consumer closer to making a purchase. Engagement when watching a VR format is ten times higher than when watching a regular video.

Thus, the memorability of new information due to the use of immersive technologies can reach 70%, and when watching a regular commercial, a person remembers no more than 20% of the information seen and heard.

This property of the impact of immersive content on a person is actively used by companies that offer their customers sophisticated services and equipment or something that cannot be touched and seen here and now due to some conditions.

In addition, due to the novelty, VR/AR technologies easily attract users. People often become interested in the very technological format of viewing or interacting with the immersive environment, and already subconsciously they are fascinated by the advertised product or service.

 icon-angle-right Metaverse

Metaverse is a digital environment within which “virtual life” exists. Every real person can take on a form in the form of an avatar, an animal, or an abstract image.

Appearance can be customized. This is a virtual world where users can interact with each other, with brands, and perform everyday activities.

The Metaverse has become a global transition to a virtual digital world. Metaverse has gained wide popularity and is constantly trending in Google.

Brands are actively launching their developments on platforms, providing customers with unusual user experiences. In 2023, this trend will certainly only increase.

Metaverse And Marketing

If we talk about business, then the metaverse is changing the view of virtual reality, which is already beyond the scope of games.

The logic and thinking of brands are adapting to the use of virtual reality for several functions, including:

  • Research;
  • Identification;
  • Self-expression;
  • Cooperation;
  • Communication and interaction

Virtual reality is the next technological revolution. Experienced marketers will adapt to new virtual opportunities. Just as mobile technology has shaped culture from the first iPhone to the present day.

If a brand’s target audience is digitizing, the company must also strive to innovate in order to compete. Don’t forget that the metaverse doesn’t sleep.

It exists in a round-the-clock cycle of information and interaction with customers. Therefore, marketers must look for a practical approach and achieve customer loyalty in real time.

So far, this type of interaction with the client has no equal. Therefore, brands are actively entering the Metaverse platform.

Customers can also shop in their virtual store to earn points and customize their avatars. This is an additional motivation and incentive to offer them something really worthwhile. The appearance of large companies in the metaverse is a matter of time.


Summing up, we would like to say that it is necessary to accept that the world of digital advertising is directly dependent on new technologies that open the way for business development.

It is not necessary to hide the fact that to overtake competitors, digital specialists must prepare a reliable and clear strategy.

You also need to be aware of the long-term prospects in the e-commerce market and immediately respond to major digital marketing trends.

We hope that the digital marketing trends for 2023, which are collected in this article, will help you more effectively master the budgets of advertising campaigns and prepare a working promotion strategy.

You may have already had experience using one of the digital marketing trends that were described in the article in real life.

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