Vacation Rental Trends: What to Expect in 2024

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The private vacation rental business has come a long way. What started out as homeowners just converting spare rooms in their houses that they were not using to holiday rentals has slowly evolved into investors building fully serviced residential properties in order to rent them out as holiday rentals.

It is easy to imagine that if we were to step into a time machine that fast-forwarded us to have a glimpse of how the vacation rental business will look in 2024, there would be so much we can see and marvel at.

There’s not even an iota of doubt that the year 2024 will witness massive progress in the holiday rental space, and we can only anticipate what the coming days have for us. Whether as guests or property owners and managers there are going to be a whole gamut of new options.

Of course, there will be significant employment of advanced technology in the vacation rental industry, more focus on offering personalized experiences, and increased adoption of more sustainable practices.

Below are some of the top vacation rental trends that we can anticipate shaping how holidaymakers will enjoy their traveling experience and how holiday rental owners run their business in 2024:

Widescale, seamless technological integration

If we can look back and take note of the way technology has already been integrated into the vacation rental industry, we can predict that in 2024, technology will take an even more prominent position in the holiday rental business.

For instance, the smart automation of homes has increasingly become the norm, and guests are enjoying more convenience as they spend time in smart homes.

The renters don’t have to get up to do even the most simple tasks manually because, from simple and user-friendly apps or remotes, they can control so many things including the lighting, temperature, and even humidity levels in a room.

Moreover, guests will have an easier time finding rentals, because AI has made so many things easy that recommending suitable places to renters based on their past selections, and other relevant data. Also, AI has made communication with property owners or managers and getting information a breeze.

As a host, you will certainly have to evolve with the times, and in 2024 you will have to get on board with online booking platforms.

These platforms have revolutionized the vacation rental landscape and use advanced algorithms to pair guests with their dream holiday rentals.

They analyze the guests’ preferences as they match them with their best possible rentals. The technology will help the search for suitable rentals and make it more efficient and intuitive.

More personalized experiences

In 2024, holiday rentals will not be mere accommodation facilities, they will have been transformed into curated experiences.

We can predict that holiday home managers or hosts will leave nothing to chance to offer guests personalized itineraries, insider details or tips, and much more so that travelers will move beyond guidebooks or relying on touristy recommendations.

Travelers will enjoy the opportunities to connect with their hosts—who should have a good understanding of the localities and have the passion to share all they know and their love for the destination.

As a host looking to make money on Airbnb, you will need to do more than provide a rental space. To remain competitive, you will need to offer your guests a more personalized experience both in the accommodation facilities and with exploring the attractions in your area.

With personalization of experiences, hosts will help guests participate in such events as local cooking classes with prominent chefs, professional-guided photography tours, exclusive access to local events and festivals, and many other activities.

Without any doubt, holiday rental experiences will be immersive and offer travelers a chance to create lifelong memories.

The rise of sustainable rentals

People the world over are becoming more environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly practices will take center stage in 2024.

Some of the eco-friendly practices that travelers will find and which will be tailored to the guests’ needs include:

  • Solar-energy systems – these include water-heating systems and lighting
  • Water efficient appliances – washing machines and dishwashers
  • Waste management and recycling programs – they will be massively adopted in the rentals or for serving the neighborhoods

Besides environmental conservation measures, holiday rentals will seek more chances to support local communities as they minimize their environmental impact.

It is likely that guests will have the opportunities to take part in cultural exchanges, contribute to conservation efforts, and be part of local community-based initiatives, for example in tourism.

Travelers will move beyond creating life-long memories for themselves to wanting to leave a positive impact on the communities where they will be staying.

Improved safety and security measures

Considering the recent global events and other things like pandemics, the vacation rental space will prioritize safety and security.

We can anticipate that the majority of rentals will have been equipped with top-notch security systems, including:

  • Surveillance
  • Keyless entry
  • Emergency protocols

Also, hosts will seek to prioritize guests’ safety by observing the highest hygiene levels, regular disinfection, and adhering to the health organization’s strict protocols.

Moreover, to win repeat bookings, hosts should consider adopting transparent and fairer cancelation policies to provide guests with peace of mind and more flexibility.

In addition, hosts will have elaborate insurance covers and travelers’ insurance covers will be more comprehensive, covering unforeseen circumstances and ensuring travelers are well protected financially.

Enhanced customer service

With technological advancement, strategies to offer more personalized experiences, and the adoption of safety and security measures, travelers will be the biggest winners.

Due to competition among the hosts, and alternative accommodation options, players in the vacation rental space will take their game a notch higher and improve customer service to win first-time guests and repeat bookings.

In 2024, hosts and online booking platforms will leave nothing to chance when it comes to giving customers the best service, and they will be keen to check and act on customer reviews and feedback. The hosts will have better customer communication options including live chats, phone lines, and emails.


As far as vacation rental trends in 2024 are concerned, there are so many expectations. However, some of the key ones include seamless technological integration, more personalized experiences, a surge in sustainable practices, improved safety and security measures, and enhanced customer service.

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