5 Ways Employee Experience Impacts Your Brand

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Technological adjustments have caused a lot of transformation in many sectors of the economy, including the HR departments of organizations. Human resource managers are now transitioning from traditional hiring methods to more innovative and up-to-date techniques to attract suitable candidates.

If you have a company, it’s essential to consider outsourcing services and software like Nexinfo Oracle HCM cloud modules to help you outsource and manage the staff. Such software can help you deal with workforce management and HR information systems more efficiently.

Not only does it help you in hiring a qualified workforce, but it also assists you in giving your employees the best workplace experience.

Ensuring you give your employees a good experience is exceptionally fundamental. Generally, experience entails the team member’s perception towards all the aspects of working in an organization, beginning with the first time they get hired to when they’ll exit the firm.

Workplace culture, technology, and physical environment can all influence employee experience. Also, an excellent work-life balance and top-notch people skills make a good employee experience.

With this understanding, here are ways employee experience impacts your brand:

1. Influences The Online Reviews Of Your Brand

Online reviews can impact a business negatively or positively, and most companies are well-aware of this.

Just like product reviews influence the decision of customers to buy, so do employee reviews influence the decision of potential candidates interested in working for you. Besides, customers may also find bad employee reviews as a turn-off.

Nowadays, employees use platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, plus other networking sites, to post their views about their experience working at a particular organization.

Job seekers, in turn, go to the same websites and check out what previous or current employers of a firm they’re interested in have to say about it.

The online reviews they find can significantly affect their decision to apply for or accept the job offer. For instance, if the potential candidate comes across a post from a previous employee explaining how the management failed to pay their salaries, this can easily discourage the applicant.

If by any chance they apply and get the job, there’s a high chance that they’ll turn down the job because no one would want to work for free.

So, the best way to get positive and avoid negative reviews is to strive to give your employees the best experience. Ensure that you do the following:

  • Promote inclusion and diversity
  • Be a supportive management
  • Pay their wages and salaries on time
  • Ensure that there’s flexibility by introducing remote working
  • Give them promotions
  • Respond to their grievances and feedback

It’s essential that you try and do the things above, not just to impress the employees but genuinely from your heart. Know that employees are the first reviewers of your brand; thus, you need to treat them with utmost dignity and respect.

2. Enhances Or Lowers Absenteeism

As long as you give your workers the best experience, chances are low that they’ll miss work on purpose unless they’re on leave or genuinely sick.

They will most definitely wake up daily feeling energized and excited for another day at work. The reason is that they know they’re going to an environment full of positivity.

On the flip side, if your employees are unhappy, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll regularly miss work. Sometimes they may even fake an illness and call in sick to avoid coming to work.

Some of the toxic things you may be doing as a leader to discourage them from working include:

  • Manipulation
  • Yelling
  • Harassing them when wrong
  • Discrimination

Noticing or experiencing such things may terrify them and even increase their stress levels, making their emotions unstable.

For this reason, they sometimes prefer missing work to have peace of mind. Moreover, they may seek employment elsewhere while still working for you, meaning they’ve detached.

3. Determines The Quality Of Output

The impact of employee happiness and contentment on performance is more significant than that of skill and qualifications.

The reason is that the workers are more mentally stable and energetic and see more possibilities than failures. An employee might be super talented and skilled, but without proper motivation, may end up doing a shoddy job.

So, it’s critical to use strategies to keep most of your employees happy and make them more confident and optimistic. This approach, in turn, will boost their morale, and thus they’ll produce quality output over time.

On the contrary, unsatisfied employees work just for the sake of it. Thus, they end up producing poor-quality work, adversely affecting the organization.

4. It Has An Effect On Your Recruitment

Aside from giving online reviews, employees can help you get the best talents in the market if your company has good policies, management, and an appealing pay scale.

Of course, everyone wants good things for themselves and those close to them. In this regard, if your company has any job vacancy and you’ve given your workers good experience, they may help you outsource the best from the market.

They would want special people, be it their friend or family, to experience how good working in that firm is.

It can have a positive impact on your brand and improve its reputation. Apart from attracting job candidates, a good employee experience may also allure potential investors and customers.

In contrast, if your employees are experiencing more struggles than benefits, they won’t feel encouraged to help you outsource the best personnel from the market. They may also avoid speaking highly of where they’re working, which can stain your reputation.

5. Plays A Key Role In Customer Relations

Most customers prefer being served by a happy and friendly person with a positive aura. Customer experience is believed to be directly related to employee experience.

If the work environment is positive and the employees feel satisfied, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll serve customers better. Also, they’ll show more enthusiasm and dedication as they interact with customers.

Otherwise, if they’re working in an unpleasant environment, there’s a high chance that they’ll be moody and impatient when handling customers.

It may scare customers away, and they may avoid visiting your organization. Ultimately, your brand will be adversely affected, and you’ll start operating at a loss.


Employee experience is critical in an organization. It can impact your recruitment, customer relations, and output. Moreover, it can either encourage or discourage absenteeism.

It’s, therefore, essential that you strive to give your worker the best experience if your goal is to reap maximum benefits and profits.

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