7 Ways How Video can Help SEO for Ranking

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Videos are one of the most effective strategies for improving SEO ranking. People prefer video-based content to plain and boring text blogs and posts. The major chunk of searched content in Google ends up in a video, with videos having an online usage reach above 90%.

And why not? Videos are entertaining, interesting, and informative; hence, they are preferred by the majority. If you are a business owner looking to elevate your brand name and reputation, you must know that video marketing provides an ultimate solution.

With videos, you can boost your visibility by easily flowing out to more people while providing the desired profits and ROI. When it comes to SEO, videos make an essential step towards establishing your online market presence.

They further add to engagement and conversion rate. Video content can improve your SEO efforts in many ways. Through this post, we will shed light on the points that will let you know how video can help the SEO ranking of your brand.

Besides, we will also let you know why it is important to use a quality video maker to make your content outshine!

YouTube SEO: Tips To Boost Your Search Ranking Today
Illustration by Petr Had via Dribbble

1. Searchability and description

These days, people like to watch videos without the sound on while retaining the message, especially when they are in public.

You must have seen videos on social media sites like Facebook that are automatically on mute but offer an option to turn the sound on.

Such types of videos are also usable for those who are hearing impaired and ensure wider accessibility and reach. It is because these videos are accompanied by text and description.

Text plays an important role in SEO by giving a simple way for people and bots to discover your video easily. For instance, crawler bots for Google collect data from the sites they list. They work using search engine algorithms to compare your links with the competitors.

2. Keep the best as your priority!

It’s up to you how many videos you wish to keep on a page. However, it can impact the SEO ranking as Google usually lists one video for a link. Therefore, you must keep just one video on your page.

Since crawlers look for video content, they primarily stop searching after their first find. This implies that other videos can be overlooked or ignored the same. While deciding which video you must place, follow the points below.

  • Viewership: Mobile oriented videos have more chances to be viewed. Factors like aspect ratio, loading speed and length also impact viewership.
  • SEO: Things, such as keywords, descriptions, captions, titles, tags etc., add quality to your content and make a big difference.
  • Quality: Search engines work by accumulating information to know whether your website syncs with their algorithms or not. They also consider the content relevancy and the number of viewers you have. Also, your video quality should be up to the mark, irrespective of the uniqueness of your content. Video editing can help you create clear and crisp content for marketing.

Tip: You can make videos with the help of any professional tool like Adobe Premiere Pro to perform video editing easily, efficiently and quickly. Attractive video content becomes the best-selling content. When your video has the right aesthetic, it attracts more audiences and makes hard work worthwhile.

When choosing a video maker, make sure it is user-oriented and has the features you need for video editing. To effectively perform video editing, you need to look for a tool that offers multiple audio and visual effects.

Many video editing tools also feature premade templates to help save your time and effort when video editing. So, opt for the video editing tool based on your needs, cost efficiency and user experience.

Also, keep in mind that the video editing tool you opt for provides good after-sales support and demos and tutorials for ease of use.

3. Attractive thumbnails

Many people decide whether they want to see a video by looking at the thumbnail. Therefore, your thumbnail should be eye-catching and should be able to reveal the story of your video even before anyone can see it.

With the presence of an attractive thumbnail in your search results, you can encourage more traffic and visibility. Also, go for the frame that can encapsulate your content well.

Plus, avoid auto-selected thumbnails, as they could be unflattering. Since the thumbnail forms an impression on viewers’ minds, it should be appealing.

4. Backlinks

Having high-quality backlinks can be a secret to the success of any top-ranking video. With backlinks, viewers can share your videos on many platforms. The main reasons why people share videos include:

  • Humour: Fun, laugh-worthy and entertaining content is liked by everyone. If your video can make people laugh, it will be widely shared by the viewers.
  • Emotions: Connecting and emotion-evoking videos are quite worth sharing. So, do not forget to touch the strings and add heart touching content to your videos while delivering the right message to your audience.
  • Educative: Informative and educational videos also make the cut. Videos that are educative, informative and expressive are also shared widely. People not only look at the videos for fun but gain some knowledge from them.

5. Hosting via your website

Many businesses prefer streaming sites to host their videos. This might be costly and increase the load time. Since SEO aims to increase website traffic, you can consider hosting from your site or domain.

While you host from your site, prioritise indexing and keep one video per page as your strategy to enhance SEO. In case you wish to host a video on a third-party site, add a site link so that people can easily find you.

6. Keyword search

Keywords are essential for SEO, but they must be well-researched. After you have published your videos, analyse to know which keywords will work the most. You can also take help from keyword dominance research to learn about the popular keywords.

Keywords can make or break your content. For your brand and products, long-tail keywords are suggested. Short tail keywords can be used frequently based on your campaign.

The effective approach to keyword research calls for the points below:

  • List down important topics as per your business
  • Expand these topics as per the customers
  • Search for suitable search terms
  • Analyse the keywords
  • Find out how to rank in the market
  • Validate the search intent

7. Don’t miss the fun!

If the fun element is missing from your video, it can be a big turn-off for the viewers. So, keep your content entertaining and interesting without losing its relevance.

To get the most out of your videos, keep your brand personality in mind and compose a video with relevant content that is also best optimised for search engines.

When you combine entertainment and information, your video will surely be a success and drive more traffic. Avoid posting videos that are too long. The ideal video length is about 2 minutes, and the starting few seconds should be able to grip the audience.


Videos are fun, entertaining and informative, and hence, they can promote a brand or business best. If you want to make the most out of videos while boosting your SEO ranking to drive more traffic and get expected ROI, follow the above-given tips.

You can use a video maker to render the best videos for advertising your brand. We hope with these tips, you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors in the market.

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