10 Ways Web Design Can Help A Brand Improve Its Sales And Revenues

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Website is the face of any brand. It defines what your brand is. Hence, it is important that you make your website the most attractive creation of yours. If your website does not have those X factors, you are at risk of setting a negative impression on your audiences.

In a survey, it has been seen that more than 90% of the audiences evaluate your brands in terms of how good your websites are. Hence, not only does the web design of your websites determine the reputation of your brands, but it also determines the sales.

Do Web Design Improve Sales?

The web design of any website correlates to the brand value. Customers take your website and compare it with the brand’s value. That means, if your website is below average, audiences think the same for your brand.

Let’s look at a few statistics that will show you just how impactful web design can be.

 icon-angle-right Websites’ Credibility

More than 75% of a website’s credibility comes from the website design. That means, when a user looks at your website, they look at your website and gauge your website based on how it looks.

So, if your current website is outdated, visitors will have a hard time trusting your brand. When you revamp your website, make it more clear and simple; visitors feel more confident and spend more time on your website.

 icon-angle-right Audience Lose Trust

89% of the users shop with competitors if they have a poor user experience on your website. Audiences look for more convenient ways to shop around. The market has enough options for them to choose from. So, if you think that the customers who are loyal to you today will also be tomorrow. No, that is not how the market performs.

If you max out a bit, your competitors will win over your customers and without you knowing. However, if you can create a website that delivers a good design and is responsive enough to deliver the best services, you can keep your customers engaged in your website.

 icon-angle-right Stop Engaging With The Website

Perhaps this is the most important reason to revamp your web design. 38% of the users never visit a website that has outdated website design or lacks appeal. Users are visually directed individuals. If they cannot find anything that entices them, they will stop visiting that website.

If you can invest in your website design, you can create a more visually alluring website that provides the exact thing users are looking for.

How Can Web Design Improve Sales?

In the modern digitalized society, everybody wants to get everything at a fast pace. Everyone wants to get their food at a restaurant faster. We want to communicate with others instantly, so when a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, people start looking for alternative solutions.

how can web design increase sales
Illustration by Itamar Cohen via Dribbble

Today, when the world is going online for almost everything, websites have become the epitome of the online industry. Here, we will discuss how revamping web design can help your brands improve sales.

#1. Simple Homepage

This might be surprising to many of your reading the article, but that is how online businesses are headed. Today, no one likes a compact home page with hundreds of products thrown out on your face. People are more technologically literate today. They visit the website for the first time to investigate and gather as much information as possible.

Hence, bombarding with your products, offer them text content that shares your values and what types of products are available on your website. In fact, this method is quite helpful and allows you to focus on more important things.

#2. Add Videos

Adding some of your top landing pages with video content increases the conversion rate by almost 80%. Most people have forgotten that our brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which you can take as an opportunity to share valuable content in the form of video to attract more audience to your website.

#3. Make Your Email Address Easily Accessible

One of the most crucial mistakes most individuals make is to keep their email address hidden. There are times when the audience does not find what they are looking for on the website. Hence, they look for the email address to directly engage with you.

If your email address is not one lich away, you might lose potential customers. You can do things the other way round. You can offer something for free on your website in exchange for their email address.

#4. Add Testimonials

Web design is incomplete without paste clients’ testimonials. It is the best way to showcase your work without saying a single word. You just add a section where you can showcase all the latest clients’ testimonials and let the people know about your work. Adding testimonials are very conclusive when your website sells products.

#5. Create Content That Target Your market

Website design is all about adding relevant content to your website. If your content is not to what audiences would like to see, your traffic will see a drop. Creating quality content is the best way to give that little boost to your website’s traffic and conversion.

Write content that you think your audiences are looking for, share your views, and provide accurate information. This will not only help your web design but also educate your audiences.

#6. Integrate Upselling

While we are out there shopping in the mall, how often you have found yourself where the salesperson is convincing you to buy other products perfectly goes with the product you intend to buy. Well, that is what we call upselling.

During the initial phase of the eCommerce industry, upselling was not possible. But today, even the eCommerce website has incorporated upselling. If you can do the same for your website, you will be able to increase the revenue of your business.

#7. Clearly State Your Value Proposition

As a brand, everyone has a financial goal, but apart from that, brands have a mission to offer solutions to the several problems occurring in society. What is that one thing you are offering that makes your brands valuable? This is what we call a value proposition.

In simple terms, the value proposition states the missions and goals. You must be wondering how the value of the brands and webs is related. Well, they are. A website is the best place to showcase your value and show it to your audiences.

Design your website in such a way that audiences can clearly understand what your brand is offering to them. Here are a few things that any good value proposition should have.

  • It should clearly explain how brands are offering solutions to their problems.
  • It should describe how your brands offer benefits over others.
  • It should convince the audiences to buy from you and not from your users.

#8. Install Live Chats

Live chats have become one of the most necessary elements that you can add to your website design. If you are not aware of what life chats are, here is a thing. Whenever you enter a website and a message pops on your screen greeting you. Now you remember, those are the live chats.

It is a fanatics tool to boost your eCommerce sales. Furthermore, it can even be used to engage with the customers and solve their queries.

#9. Make navigation Easier

The last thing audiences would like to have problems while browsing the website. Navigation on the website ensures that audiences can see everything you have to offer. While you are designing your website, ensure that your website has easy navigation.

Easy navigation enhances audience experiences and gives them a high-quality website experience. Furthermore, it helps with your SEO rankings.

#10. Perform A/B Testing

Now that we have talked about the things you need to add to your website design, the last thing is to have A/B testing to see whether websites are performing well or not. Here are a few tests that you can perform to see how your website is responding to your audiences.

  • Changing the text of the call to action buttons.
  • Try different headlines with different keywords.
  • Replace your stock images with candid photos of your business.
  • For your contacts form, ask for only the credentials.

Keep trying with A/B tests and whichever brings more traffic and enhances your website metrics. Keep those changes for the next couple of days. This way, you will understand what kind of audiences are visiting your website.


Always remember, your website is the face of your website. Hence,m investing in your website means you are investing in your business. Creating a beautiful website will keep all your audiences engaged with your website, which will ultimately help you boost your business revenue.

Yes, revamping your website design can be a big project, and most probably, you have already started thinking of the elements you would like to have in your enhanced website.

With that being said, here are our top recommendations.

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