4 Website Technologies That Will Help You Capture Customers

In today’s society, it is becoming more and more difficult to capture the attention of a potential customer. This, more than anywhere, seems to be the case when trying to capture the attention of a website visitor.

While it can be extremely difficult to capture a potential customer’s attention online, there are several website technologies that are designed to help you fix low conversion rates.

Here are the four best website technologies to help you capture the attention of potential customers:

#1. Exit Intent Technology

Although it has only started to become popular in the past ten years, the advantages of exit intent technology is already being seen with website owners who choose to utilize it.

So what is exit intent technology? Exit intent technology is the ability to track mouse clicks, mouse movements and various other forms of smart technology in an effort to determine the moment before a website visitor is about to leave a particular website.

Many affiliate marketing websites, eCommerce websites and personal blog owners are utilizing its advantages by creating exit intent popups designed based off of exit intent technology.

There are many different ways to use exit intent technology to help capture customers, including adding a newsletter sign up popup after a website visitor finishes reading an article, providing a discount code to someone who has abandoned their cart and giving away free resources to website visitors to try and increase brand reputation.

Although it may take some trial and error to find the exit intent popups that work best for you, there is no doubt it can help you capture the attention of a website visitor, which will ultimately lead to an overall higher conversion rate for your website.

#2. Entry Intent Popups

Entry intent popups are much simpler than exit intent popups, and you have more than likely come across them before in your own online searches.

Entry intent popups are pop ups that occur upon entering a website for the first time. It can be something as simple as a newsletter signup that website visitors can quickly click off of or a gated content popup in which website visitors will have to fill out a quick form before proceeding onto the web page.

How can entry intent pop ups help capture customers? While exit intent technology isn’t able to predict when a website visitor is going to leave every time, entry intent pop ups are a way to ensure you offer everyone who visits your site exactly what you want them to consider.

Although a newsletter signup is probably the most common form of entry intent popup, you can also find use in offering a discount code, a free resource, or images of your hottest selling products as your entry intent popups.

Not only will having a nice entry intent popup help you to collect more contact information for retargeting purposes, but you will also strengthen your brand reputation by offering something of value to the potential customer upon them entering your site for the first time.

#3. Live Chat

Implementing a live chat feature to your website is another great way to help capture customers.

One of the biggest reasons for low conversion rates on eCommerce sites is a lack of humanization. A lack of humanization can be as simple as not having authentic photos on your website or it can be a more complicated problem such as not providing the proper customer support.

While you don’t necessarily need a live chat option to deliver quality customer service, it certainly helps the customer feel secure and provides a humanization aspect to their shopping experience.

Now, having a live chat feature on your eCommerce site doesn’t mean you have to sit at the computer all day just in case someone were to message you. Instead, you can implement an automated response letting the potential customer know you will answer their questions as soon as you can.

A quality live chat feature is also a great way to collect contact information for retargeting purposes. After the website visitor sends the initial message, you can install a small popup on the live chat feature asking for their email address or phone number, which will give you the opportunity to reconnect with them at a later time.

#4. Behavioral Marketing

Although it is slightly more complex than other website technologies, behavioral marketing is a great way to capture potential customers.

So what is behavioral marketing? Behavioral marketing is the process of using the tendencies of your customers, such as website activities, purchase activities and activity on third party applications, to gain a better understanding of exactly what it is they are looking for.

Once you have a large enough sample size of your customers behavioral activity, you can begin to retarget them and offer them exactly what it is they have been looking for.

There are several ways to retarget customers and potential customers through behavioral marketing.

One great way to use behavioral marketing to increase your sales is to – after you gather an extensive amount of data – retarget your audience via email campaigns, showing them products you know they will be interested in.

You can also utilize behavioral marketing by customizing your website content to fit the customer persona you are able to develop through the data collection that behavioral marketing requires. Along the same lines, you can also install exit intent popups that show products that you feel will work well in converting your target audience.

Of course, like any great digital marketing technology, trial and error is more than likely required, but if you can master the art of behavioral marketing, you can really kill it within your industry.

Find What’s Best For Your Website

Every website is different, and therefore every website will need to have their own particular marketing strategies.

While all four of these website technologies can be successful on almost any website, making them successful requires engaging with your audience and providing them with exactly what they want.

However, if you combine a knowledge of your industry with the abilities of these four website technologies, you will be able to formulate a marketing strategy that converts really well.

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