What is a Buyer Persona and How Do You Create One

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As an adventurous online entrepreneur, you are also your blog’s and business’ primary online marketer.

As that is the case, there are a lot of things ahead of you that you’ll need to learn about and a lot of terms that you’re going to find yourself getting familiar with.

Some of these terms don’t really help themselves in explaining the scope of what they mean and what is involved in doing them.

One such term that you’ll stumble upon more often than not is something called a Buyer Persona.

If this term has you scratching your head a bit, then hopefully, this post will clear it up.

What is A Buyer Persona?

So let’s try and keep this as simple as possible:

A Buyer Person is a character created around who you believe will be your end customer.

For example:
If you run a mommy blog, then you can automatically assume that the people who will visit your site and be the ones who purchase products on your site will be other moms.

These people, when glommed together take on a sort of personality of their own so that when someone asks you who visits your site, you can say that it’s other young moms.

But this is just the starting point of who your ultimate buyer would be.

And if you can take this idea of you who you’re writing to and create a character that you know as well as your best friend, then you’ll be able to create better content that helps make you way more money.

How To Create A Buyer Persona?

Have you ever tried to have a conversion with more than one person at one time?

It doesn’t work, does it?

The same thing applies to write content on your blog:

You should write for only one person and not everyone in the world.

When you create content with one person in mind, it makes it easier to know how to explain something, to speak the language that works best for him or her, and to ultimately make more money.

That is why you need to create a Buyer Persona for your blog.

Creating this somewhat fictitious person will help write much better content. But creating it can sound a bit daunting, I know.

Thankfully, it’s not altogether difficult to do.

Consider this person as a character for a book that you are going to create. You have to give them a name, age, some background about who they are; the more detailed you are, the better.

Below are factors you can and should find and use to build your character:

  • Is your audience mostly male or female? Is it a 50/50 split?
  • What is their average age?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What have they lived through? (Do they come from an era like baby boomers or are they millennials?)
  • What is the issue that they need to be solved?
  • What is their profession? (College student? Recent college grad? Doctor? Professor?)
  • What is their financial situation?
  • Why do they buy things?
  • What sort of things do they do in their spare time?

These questions may seem superfluous, but they’re really not.

You could create a persona that is simple:

Sally is a mom in her late twenties with three kids under ten. She likes blog posts about parenting and buys stuff that her kids want.

Eh. I mean, it’s okay, but you could do so much better:

Sally is a married 28-year-old mom of 3 kids. Her two older kids (a boy and a girl) are both in grade school, and her youngest is still a toddler. She works part-time and is as busy as can be. Her main concerns are keeping her family happy, running an organized house, and being frugal in what she spends. Her husband is the breadwinner, and she doesn’t have a big budget for buying superfluous things. But she’ll pay extra to grab a great deal and to splurge occasionally on gifts for her husband and toys for the kids.

Isn’t it easier to picture who Sally is? Could you see yourself having a conversation with her? Don’t you think it would be easier to write a post almost like a letter to her to help her through her day?

You can do something similar with your own audience.

To create your buyer persona, though, you won’t be left to building these details from scratch.

What does Google analytics say about who is visiting your blog? Who is commenting on your site? Where is your traffic coming from? Who are the people subscribed to your newsletter?

There are a lot of places you can pull this information from.

After you gather that info, then create a Word Doc and use the data you have to write up your character.

You can always refine it when the time comes, but having something is better than nothing.

Need a little more help?
Try checking out Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Template so even more information on how to create your Buyer Persona.

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