What is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

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SEO is the core strength when it comes to ranking a website and keeping it at the top of SERPs.

While a lot of digital marketing agencies offer SEO services, they don’t offer them all. White Label is a B2B service.

Technical SEO not your cup of tea? Or just SEO in general? Well, read on to know how you can still provide them as a service.

What is White Label SEO?

White Labelling simply means when you provide services to your clients under your brand name but these services are fulfilled by a white label agency.

It is basically outsourcing work that your agency doesn’t have the means, time, or experience to do to another agency. Your clients still receive work done under your brand name.

Why Does Your Brand Need White Label SEO?

Whether you are a big media agency or a new digital marketing agency, building an in-house SEO team can be a tough task.

A white Label agency can equip your brand with quality backlinks, technical SEO, and fresh content creation. You can expand your SEO service offerings without having the need to hire new employees.

Your brand can provide larger SEO fulfillment to clients than your competitors with a White Label SEO agency. With White Label SEO, you can give detailed metric reports to your clients under your own brand name.

White Label SEO services can help you do more for your clients without impacting your own deadlines.

How does a White Label Partnership work?

Various partnerships have different terms, similarly White Label SEO services can be worked in various ways.

“Well, the way your agency and a white label SEO provider work together depends on who you choose as your provider, the type of partnership you strike, and the types of SEO services you need to be fulfilled.”

 icon-angle-right Account Management and Client Relationship

While the decision is made to partner with a White Label agency, all account management and client-facing work is usually handled by your company. Whereas, the White Label SEO provider will handle all other deliverables and SEO campaign optimizations.

While in other partnerships, account management and client relationships can be handled by the White Label SEO agency. This means that they will interact with your clients on your behalf. They are then added to your agency for SEO.

This is a beneficial setup given that your company will appear to be an SEO specialist without actually paying or hiring one in-house.

 icon-angle-right Sales activation

Customers often want to explore SEO as a marketing channel. Your agency may not guarantee expertise and sell SEO to them.

Here is where a White Label SEO agency comes in, they provide you and your clients with case studies, pitch decks, market research, all of this branded with your company’s name. They might even join conference calls to help you close your sale.

 icon-angle-right Partnership or services

You get to choose what kind of partnership you are looking for. While many White Label agencies offer all services under SEO, some only offer part of them.

Your agency will have to decide which is more beneficial and what are your needs. Whether a full suite of SEO makes sense for your brand or just a few services.

Benefits of White Label SEO

The question that now arises is if your agency should hire another White Label agency or just hire a team in-house?

A well-experienced SEO specialist can cost your agency anything around 50-60 K a month. If your agency has set processes to support an in-house team, you should go for it.

This depends on what your current relationship is with SEO. Do you have well-defined deliverables? What are your desires as a business owner? What business opportunities do you see with an in-house expert?

If you have set processes and a big book of business, hiring in-house makes more sense. Whereas, if you are looking to cut costs and downsize, the White Label is the perfect solution.

There are benefits of hiring a White Label Agency, though what you choose for your business will totally depend on your business’s needs.

A few known benefits of White Label SEO

1. Always deliver without having to put in any effort

When you partner with a White Label SEO, you learn new processes and a set of deliverables. White Label agencies have their SEO documents and checklists to scale growth and understand the optimization process.

Your agency can benefit from these well ironed out processes, which you don’t have to build yourself and put in time and energy into.

2. Scale and add new SEO clients

A White label agency’s cost and your margins for-profits are aligned because a good White Label provider understands that margins always have to make sense. As more clients are added for SEO to your list, you will gain an understanding of what will be your gross margins.

With the addition of White Label SEO, not only do you gain an understanding of the margins, you also have the ability to scale quicker than when you hire and train a new employee. Since most SEO are always hiring and training, you can add more clients as they come.

3. Provide existing clients with your new SEO services

You can approach your existing clients whom you provide other services such as socials, web design, etc you can now provide SEO services as well.

Difference between SEO Reseller and White Label SEO

SEO reselling is a solution that provides only services of the said product. They don’t provide reports, training or don’t educate you or your client on the service.

The main difference between a White Label agency and SEO resellers are:

1. Support and learning:

When you are absolutely new to SEO and have no understanding whatsoever about how it works, you might need to be educated on it. Resellers don’t provide any such guidance or a learning process that can make you familiar with the processes involved in SEO.

2. Strategy:

An SEO reseller has definite products and when you access their service those products don’t include a customized strategy for your business. White Label agencies create a strategy specifically tailored to meet your SEO demands. If your company doesn’t require a strategy-based approach, then a reseller will be a better option.

3. Access to a team:

A White Label agency usually gives you access to a project coordinator and an account manager. They work with an internal team of SEO experts and help you communicate with your client and create new opportunities.

How To Choose A White Label SEO Agency?

With so many options available, it is a difficult choice to make. You can look for the following points to hire an agency to get the best results.

 icon-angle-right Choose an agency that only provides White Label Services

When an agency specializes only in one product, they have better processes than agencies that provide a lot of services.

Agencies that only provide White Label services will also charge less, as their processes are so well ironed out that it takes less time and effort to do the same tasks as an agency that provides a lot of services.

 icon-angle-right Know their campaign processes

Before you hire an agency, ask for a demo or book a sales call to understand their processes. Know the deliverables, and the communication process.

A better understanding of these processes will help you gain more insight if they are a good fit for your client’s needs.

“Needless to say, they should be able to walk you through both a partner on-boarding process and the project onboarding process.”

 icon-angle-right Meet the Team

Know the people you are working with. Now everyone on the team, the strategist, the sales rep, the support provider, etc. When you hire a While Label agency, you usually want not only SEO services but also the support that comes with it.

 icon-angle-right Deliverables: What Will You and Your Client Receive

Deeply understand what you and your clients will see. Where and which pages’ access will be granted and how the reporting is done. These are very important questions you should ask before you hire an agency.

What to expect from a White Label SEO Agency working for your clients:

  1. SEO strategy: A good White Label agency will look into your competition and build an SEO strategy that is specially customized for your brand. While hiring an agency, ask a lot of questions. How the processes are done, what kind of reports you will receive, what kind of campaigns your brands will need, and so on.
  2. On-page optimization: Meta tags, title tags, technical SEO, and on-page SEO optimization should be provided. This in addition to an in-depth optimization process that can track results for growth.
  3. Link building: Link building is one of the biggest factors of ranking on SERPs. A good agency will build quality links through citations, or contact website owners, or even invest in an outreach campaign to promote your website across the internet.
  4. Content and support: Different agencies have a different approach when it comes to content. Many agencies provide a definite amount of content, while others create a whole marketing plan and create consistent content. The agency will also provide support with regard to existing content, if it needs improvement and how well they can optimize it.
  5. Clear communication: clear communication is as crucial as it gets. You want an agency to be transparent with goals and objectives, as well as you should know who is on the team and what deliverables each one has.


White Label SEO is a very powerful and helpful tool for new digital as well as old digital agencies who are looking to expand their services.

SEO takes a lot of time and expertise to follow through, instead of learning such a long and tedious process, you can simply hand it over to an expert.

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