Why a Growing Business Needs a Dedicated Server?

In today’s world, almost every business activity is closely intertwined with creating and managing a website. This task is not that easy, however, and needs to be taken seriously since an ugly or inconvenient website will create a bad image for your customers and won’t let your website grow.

But creating a good website is not the final task. Another responsible decision is choosing, how the newly created website is to be hosted – which may be undervalued by some but is actually also a crucial choice, as the hosting is directly responsible for the performance, security, and stability of your website.

As for hosting solutions, there are three most common ones: a shared server, a VPS, and a dedicated server. The first one could be OK for a newly created business, that doesn’t require too much performance and security, but as your business grows, you’ll realize the need for a more efficient hosting solution.

So that eventually your choice will fall upon the dedicated server, as the most powerful and secure, but also the most expensive hosting.

In the following article, we’ll have a closer look at what benefits exactly a dedicated server will provide to your business.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is basically a whole physical server that is fully dedicated to the customer, with all its capacities and resources – bandwidths, RAM, CPU, storage… This provides, of course, maximum flexibility and complete security, as your neighbors don’t exist.

You can install any software, choose the operational system, you can manage it in any way you want and need, or you can, by the way, pay the provider’s company to do it for you (unmanaged vs. managed server).

Now, let’s have a closer look at the benefits a dedicated server can bring to your business.

#1. Performance

As mentioned, the primary aspect where a dedicated server beats any other type of hosting is the performance. It’s only natural since you have all possible resources at your disposal.

So, if you choose a dedicated server, you will receive the highest speed and efficiency guaranteed. This will also permit your site to sustain high traffic, run multiple applications, having maximum uptime.

#2. Security

A significant problem of hosting solutions other than dedicated servers is the security, which is rather limited due to the presence of other customers sharing the same physical machine.

If VPS provides a rather decent level of security, as it is an isolated virtual machine, the shared hosting is much more insecure, and your performance here can be decreased by other users’ high loads, while your data can get into the hands of cybercriminals even if your site wasn’t their primary goal for the fact that you not only share the same physical but also the same virtual space.

All these aspects make shared hosting almost unacceptable for large-scale sites, that especially deal with sensitive data, as e-commerce websites do.

#3. Flexibility

The dedicated server is fully dedicated to your needs, so you can customize the use of all its capacities according to your needs and wishes.

Whereas in shared hosting you are bound to use the same software that was preinstalled on the shared hosting server; instead, you have the full freedom to install any applications and any operating system to perfectly meet the needs of your website.

#4. Scalability

The dedicated hosting offers you also the highest level of flexibility in terms of scalability – whenever you realize that your business has outgrown the previous plan, you can upgrade it to something more powerful.

To do so, just contact your hosting provider and the upgrade won’t keep you waiting long.

#5. Your own IP address

Another troublesome issue of shared hosting is the IP address that is shared among all customers of a single physical server.

This fact makes you more susceptible to cyber attacks as well as can affect negatively your SEO ranking in case some of the server tenants do not conduct in a very ethical way, sending spam and or getting involved in other suspicious activities. In these terms, your unique IP address will be a great advantage.

#6. Stable bandwidth

With a dedicated server, you can be sure that all elements of your website will run smoothly without interruption. Since the totality of resources is dedicated to you, nothing will affect the operation of your website in a negative way, as could be the case with shared hosting.

This means constant uptime and high page load speed, which will guarantee a good user experience for your customers, thus attracting more and more of them and increasing the SEO, which is a great advantage for prospering of your website and your business.


A dedicated server is a hosting solution for a large part of customers that are already serious about their business. It offers the highest standards of performance and security together with flexibility and scalability, so a website hosted this way will grow at the highest rate possible.

The dedicated server’s advantages beat shared hosting in each point while they are rather similar to the ones of VPS hosting, but for the fact that the latter has lower capacities and isn’t so secure as a dedicated server, which makes VPS also a good option for businesses that are smaller, but still, need a secure and efficient hosting.

If you, however, want to get the maximum out of your server and you are ready to invest some more money for your business’s growth, then a dedicated server is for you. In this case, make sure to check dedicated server hosting UK by HostZealot and you won’t regret it. Take care!

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