Witness the Trending Change Management and Adoption Strategies of 2022

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Change management can be referred to as the method of changing the operational behaviour of a company regarding strategies, approaches, and technology adoption. To remain cutthroat on the lookout and remain ahead of your rivals, you need to count on optimized change management consulting services that could streamline the operational base and let you create a new benchmark in the respective marketplace.

Innumerable Microsoft Partners are whirling around in the business market, ready to empower you with modern technologies, collaborative methods, and communication models. These reinforcements are changing the face of global industries and local firms as per their own trading forum demand.

Thus, Solution and service providers facilitating technology adoption and change management strategies are in high demand and broadly being chased by any industry replicating modern business.

According to Stewart McGrenary, Director at Freedom Mobiles,

“To stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace, companies need a fully internalized culture and powered by technology. That means in DAPs (Digital Adoption Platforms) as well as setting up structured strategies for IT shifts happening now or later this year—it all depends on how quickly you want your company to go from a behind-the-times performer with obsolete systems (falling victim) to ahead of the curve visionary using cutting edge tools!”

Major Change Management Strategies Driving Digital Transformation

Major Change Management Strategies Driving Digital Transformation

With the progression of Industry 4.0, There has been a relentless drive to adopt the change management strategies, and few of them performed exceptionally well in leveraging the organization with every cutting edge and competitive benefits, resulting in stunning functionality and unexpected ROI (Return on Investment).

Let’s analyse a few of them:

Organizational Culture:

An organizational culture refers to the set of values, ethics, norms, and beliefs drafted by the company and established by the leaders to re-shape the perception, behaviour, approach, understanding, and experience across every touchpoint of the company.

According to a report, an organization that reflects healthy work culture is likely to generate more revenue by 15%. More is establishing authentic and ethical work culture; higher will be the return on investment. Such data is the vivid testimonial values that organizational culture brings for the respective enterprises at the global level.

Open-Source Change:

Open-source technology is that whose source or origin of code can be subjected to Free usage, Modification, Disbursement. The implementation of method and pattern may be distinct and industry-specific, but the fundamental objective stays constant. The open-source strategy has been a major change management prospect to drive and harness the power of digital transformation.

A study says that incorporation of correct open-source strategy can increase the success ratio by 24% and employee engagement by 38%. The success rate and open-source strategy also eradicate latency, complication, and overloaded resources from the system, fostering diligence and preciseness in operation.

Data-Centric Approach:

A data-driven operational approach is the epitome of a successful operational segment possessed by any company. With data collection and analysis gaining authenticity, companies are relentlessly counting on the latest technology adoption, higher degree change management, and intense technical enforcement.

More is the evaluation of visible data and back-end information; better will be the employees’ move towards the company’s determined objective. So, working accordingly post-analysis of data encourages an information-centric apparatus that upholds the complete lubricity of the company.

Digital Alteration:

Digital evolution is not an option but a necessary thirst in today’s market. Change Management Consulting companies are highly looking for an opportunity that could facilitate digital alteration at every touchpoint of today’s business.

To get transformed from manual to digital or get upgraded into a better and required version is the prime focus of digital alteration strategy.

Microsoft is a prominent facilitator of such digital alteration that is a trending change management and technology adoption strategy of today’s time.

Digital Communication:

Digital communication is a colossal change management strategy encompassing a major transformation in modern business.

After the penetration of covid 19 pandemic situation, Digital tools have emerged and expanded at a phenomenal rate encouraging advanced digital communication. This facilitates collaboration and team-building activity and fosters productivity and growth ratio.

Be it onboarding, training, discussions, meetings, or town halls, advanced digital communication tools help you out with everything. So, to promote the beneficial change management strategy, you need to embark on the tools like Zoom, Outlook, Slack, and Apty.

Employee Engagement:

Streamlined employee engagement is another strategized prospect of trending change management of the modern business market.

The successful companies in today’s industry are transparently relying on outstanding employee experience strategy at every touchpoint of their journey. The gradual drift from a manual communication model to a digital framework replicates a true implementation of change management strategies.

Organizations are also investing in hiring techniques, modern interaction, a contextual approach that encourage technology adoption, and change management strategies to make the employees visible and build remarkable trust for attaining the objective of consolidated and collaborated effort pertaining to the company’s goal.

Real-time database:

Analysing the real-time data helps you fetch a predictive analysis that facilitates the understanding of current customer behaviour, needs, demand, and inclination.

For instance, the Education sector is a vibrant example that has shown a colossal shift in a consumer approach. There was a time when students preferred to have paper notes, then came the era of tutorial videos. Now students are relying on digital interactive sessions.

This shift in customers’ appetite can only be evaluated by smart and intelligent tools propelled by technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and big data, setting a new trend for change management strategies.

Change Management Consulting Services are brimming all over the market, offering you effective technical empowerment to churn up the real-time database and extract meaningful insights.

Encouraging Authentic leadership:

After the penetration of Covid 19, leaders have a great responsibility on their shoulders to exhibit an outstanding leadership quality and put every inch of potential and effort to engage their employees, leading to a common goal.

Thus, to promote a transparent and productive leadership, Microsoft is helping the advance business and companies with feasible technologies that would allow the leaders to sync with their team and make a clear vision replicating the required goal of the respective company.

A report says that employees holding the high trust factor are having 2.6 times greater working capacity than usual. This trust boundary must be established by encouraging authentic leadership channels as a trending practice of the market.

Adopt Automation:

Automation is the new usual technology approach of the market. Defying the manual technique of operation and adopting contemporary and automated functionality is setting a new benchmark among global business leaders.

Thus, many enterprises are counting on industry-specific automated tools that are creating a buzz in the recent market.

In the fast-paced world, every business is looking forward to generating the maximum return of investment, and it is only possible when automation is incorporated into the system to save time, money, and resources.

Better is the implementation of an automated method of operation; higher will be the possibility to generate a better outcome.

Change Management, A Cherry on the Cake for Modern Business

Is Operations Management a Good Choice for Enhancing Your Career?

The Industrial Revolution has made way for unexpected change management across every vertical of the many industries. Some of the major cutting-edge advantages that it brings for you are:

  • Analyse and assess the need and effect of change management
  • Incorporate business resources to drive growth
  • Makes the system budget and user friendly
  • Reduces the required time to incorporate the change
  • Support the staffs and employees to adopt the change in work culture
  • Analyse, plan and execute the efficient communication strategy
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration across your company
  • Minimize the friction caused due to change
  • Facilitates the maintenance of streamlined routine to run the business
  • Widen up productivity, morale, and efficiency
  • Mitigate stress and anxiety that follows the change
  • Reduces risk and disruption in the change
  • Proactive and efficient response to the challenges
  • Mitigates disruption and risk sticking to the change
  • Reduces the possibility of failure as an outcome

Microsoft, A Blue-Chip Investment for Change management Strategy

“Partnering with Microsoft accelerates our pace of innovation,” said Dilip Venkatachari, U.S. Bank’s Global Chief Information & Technology Officer. “This transformation will allow us to increase the velocity of change, to deliver new products and services much faster, and create richer, more personalized experiences. By automating many of our core engineering, security, and risk processes, this transformation will greatly improve our developer productivity and experience. Our teams will be able to work more iteratively on projects with high impact that are able to scale instantly on the elastic capabilities of cloud technology.”

When a financial institution like US bank has partnered with Microsoft to drive the operational change, we can conventionally evaluate the stature of Microsoft in the technology market and the impact it can bring on the frame.

Thus, it’s time to change with the changing era, and Microsoft is undoubtedly a blue-chip investment to strategize change management.

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Carlotta Krajcik is a Technical Consultant at USA-based change management consulting services by BITSCAPE, and she has hands-on experience in delivering consulting services. Apart from technical things, she enjoys playing soccer with friends.

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