WordPress Developer Hourly Rate: The Rates Comparison by Countries and Continents

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WordPress is a well-established content management system with global recognition, and it is used mainly by entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and large organizations for the creation of websites and blogs.

Do you need one for your business? There are millions of WordPress sites, so what could be more important than knowing how much a WordPress developer salary is? This blog post will give you insight by comparing hiring rates for WordPress developers across countries and continents.

How To Determine A WordPress Developer Salary Before Hiring

The factors that should influence a WordPress web developer’s hourly rate should include the following:

  • The level of experience the WordPress developer has is a significant prerequisite.
  • What type of website do you need the developer to work on (e-commerce vs. non-profit)?
  • How much work can the developer do in a single hour, or how much time does he spend on individual projects?

The first two factors are pretty straightforward: The more experienced a WordPress developer is and the more significant projects he has worked on, the higher his hourly rates may be.

Here is a comparison of WordPress Developer Salary across Countries

For this article, country data was obtained and compiled from Indeed’s website using the keyword: “WordPress.”

 icon-angle-right WordPress Developer Hourly Rate in South America

If you are hiring a freelancer, the WordPress plugin developer’s salary is factored by the similarity between their cost of living and average income.

The average income you are expected to pay a Freelance WordPress developer in South America is $1,100 per month. If your site needs more than just essential maintenance and updates, you’ll need to budget a higher salary than this average figure.

However, in South America, WordPress developers are often paid hourly. This means that you will need to clearly define your website’s type of maintenance and needs before you can agree on a price with any candidate.

 icon-angle-right The Hourly Rates of WordPress Developers in Asia

The expected average WordPress web developer hourly rate in Asia is $47. The average salary for a WordPress developer in Asia is $56,000 per annum. In Asia, there is an abundance of WordPress developers.

This is probably because WordPress is one of Asia’s most popular CMS platforms. Hence, their level of expertise is high, and their rates are affordable while they can still deliver good quality work.

Indian and Filipino WordPress developers are the cheapest, offering an hourly rate of $20-$22. The highest-paid WordPress developers are in Singapore, charging an estimated hourly rate of $60.

 icon-angle-right Estimated WordPress Developer Hourly Rate in Europe

For employers interested in Europe, It is common to hear a question such as: How much does a WordPress developer cost?

The hourly rate you can expect to pay a WordPress developer in Europe should range from $20 to $80. Thus, the average hourly rate for a WordPress web developer is approximately $40 per hour. The average annual salary for a European WordPress developer is $55K in Germany and France, which is the highest.

Nevertheless, the lowest-paying countries are Romania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, with an average annual salary of $20K.

In the United States, you should expect to pay a professional WordPress developer approximately $75k annually and a fluctuating hourly rate of $23 to $53 per hour.

The highest-paying cities are San Francisco and New York, with an average annual salary of $105K and $90K, respectively.

 icon-angle-right The Price Range For Hiring WordPress Developers in North America

In North America, you can expect to pay a mid-level developer $65 to $100 per hour, whereas senior WordPress web developers are expected to charge more than $100 per hour.

The lowest-paying cities are Tucson, Arizona, and Fresno. California pays an average WordPress front end developer salary of $55K and $55K per year, respectively. If the amount of work they need to put into meeting your needs and customizing your platform is considered, their rates are reasonable.

 icon-angle-right The Hiring Rates for WordPress Developers in Australia

The average WordPress plugin developer salary in Australia is estimated at $70k per annum. The average salary for a WordPress developer in Australia is approximately $70K per year.

The highest-paid developers in Sydney and Melbourne go with $70k and $65k, respectively. You can compare them to other cities in Australia to know which one suits your budget and needs. Usually, their average hourly rates fluctuate between an hourly rate of $22 to $53.

 icon-angle-right Hourly Rates of WordPress Web Developers in Africa

Compared to other countries, you can expect to pay a WordPress web developer an hourly rate of $121.39 in South Africa.

Their rates are relatively high because there are lots of competitively skilled developers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find other countries with cheaper hourly rates with quality work.

In Nigeria, it is possible to find WordPress developers with an average hourly fee of $50. At the same time, you should know that although the hourly rates of WordPress web developers are high in South Africa, it is not the highest rate.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Developer

From the comparisons highlighted above, you can conclude that the rate for each skill level ranges from $25-35/hr for beginners, $35-$45/hr for intermediates, $45-$55/hr for experts, and $55and above for masters.

Although the average hourly rate is provided to give you an idea about a WordPress developer hourly rate or salary for developing your website or app, you should expect to pay more if you prefer someone with advanced knowledge of PHP and JavaScript.

While some WordPress developers charge a fixed price, others charge per hour. For example, Russians and Americans charge hourly, while Australians and Africans prefer a fixed price.


Now that you know how much a WordPress developer salary is bear in mind that the cost of hiring a freelance WordPress developer per hour varies depending on where you decide to hire a developer.

Whether you need someone on a monthly retainer or a project requiring custom development work, a quality job is a requisite!

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