20 Website Designs That Feature Cool Illustrations

Great illustrators are relatively rare. While I definitely give creed to graphic designers who have a command of size, space and color, it’s one thing to bring those elements to life using pre-defined shapes yet quite another to make them work in harmony by freehand. That’s probably one reason most websites do not feature illustrations in their core designs. I wonder what the web would look like if it were created only by illustrators. Judging by the following 10 website designs, pretty darn cool.


1. Cirq

Illustration Web Designs

This vineyard website’s typography features a hand-sketched look, which lends an impressive of vintage authenticity.

2. Luhse Tea

Illustration Web Designs

This website features “tea prohibition” gangster-themed illustrations, a striking contrast from more wholesome themes employed by many teamakers.

3. Mailboxing

Illustration Web Designs

The website for this Russian app features a series of funny and interesting illustrations that help immerse customers into the content.

4. OPResume

Illustration Web Designs

This job search website features several cool illustrations – many of which are animated.

5. White Rabbit

Illustration Web Designs

This brewery’s website features cool interactive forest illustrations that move along with your mouse cursor. Try it out!

6. Hybrid 4

Illustration Web Designs

This website for the Hybrid 4 features a scrolling graphic novel, interactively revealed as you scroll down.

7. Explanimate!

Illustration Web Designs

Nearly all graphic elements on this website for an explanation video service are illustrated.

8. Latin Rogue Cleaning

Illustration Web Designs

This house cleaning service features an illustrated website; check out the subtle cloud animation in the background.

9. Shape

Illustration Web Designs

I love these fun line illustrations – they’re engaging, and they practically force you to read the copy (in a good way!).

10. Abby Putinski – Illustration

Illustration Web Designs

This is the portfolio of Abby, a passionate illustrator. The website showcase illustration and design work through an engaging user experience that allows exploration to the city of San Francisco.

11. SensiSoft

Illustration Web Designs

A flash website, SensiSoft’s website features a fun interactive animation that changes illustrated backgrounds on every page.

12. ParaNorman

Illustration Web Designs

Paranorman is a good website that uses illustrated elements to promote an animated movie.

13. Spokes

Illustration Web Designs

I enjoy looking at this one as it has proper placement of everything in it, illustrated background, hand-drawn icon and custom font.

14. UK Energy Consumption Guide

Illustration Web Designs

Explaining difficult statistics to an average user was made easier by the illustrated elements on this website.

15. WWF

Illustration Web Designs

The use of illustrated elements on this website conveys their message clearly.

16. Mixd

Illustration Web Designs

The simple illustrated elements on this website showcase their belief in the ideal combination of form and function.

17. Michelle Lana Illustration

Illustration Web Designs

The simple and fun illustration on this website effectively shows the artist’s style.

18. Pastiwala

Illustration Web Designs

This recycling company’s animated illustration will make you want to recycle. Let’s go green!

19. Kick My Habits

Illustration Web Designs

Here’s a fun and easy to follow animated and interactive illustration.

20. InfoQuest

Illustration Web Designs

The illustration on this website is clean and sleek.

What are your favorite illustrated websites? Do you think illustrated websites – or at least illustrated web elements – look better than “traditional” web design? Share your favorite illustrated website links and comments below.

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