Weekly Best Logo Design Inspiration (N.3)

This is our weekly best logo designs. In this weekly post series we share our favorite logo design from the past last week.

And in this week, we have various logo style from hand lettering, simple minimalist, monogram, line, cartoon style, illustration and more.

I hope this collection, will inpired you for your next logo design project. Enjoy!

Growthbot Logo by Mario Jacome

Growthbot Logo

Mayakova handmade by Phil Mayakov

A logo for his wife, a ceramic artist.

Mayakova handmade logo

76 Monogram by Studio du Nord

76 Monogram logo

Cheeze by Osman Ince

The animated logo of a brand new app called Cheeze.

Cheeze logo

Cardinal Asset Management by Triptic

A London based financial/capital company

Cardinal Asset Management logo

Mad Stag by Devin Halladay

A line deer animal logo for a restaurant in the Alps.

Mad Stag logo

TheoremThreads II by Mateusz Urbańczyk

A logo proposal for eCommerce store Theoremthreads. Logo needed to convey the math / science aspect. Concept is: T + T + Pi Symbol.

TheoremThreads II logo

Killer Code Logo by Kira Schoko

Killer Code Logo

Filip Pietroń – Self branding re-revisioned by Filip Pietroń

This monogram is really cool!

Filip Pietroń - Self branding re-revisioned logo

CONTROVERSE by Thomas Boegle

A short logo experiment, creating a brand somehere between the German word “Kontroverse” and “controversy”.


Labradors by Nina Megrelidze

Labradors logo

Halfdollar Branding by Derek Torsani

Halfdollar Branding logo

Dreambox Logo Round Dos by Letham Arnott

Dreambox Logo Round Dos logo

Team Turquality by Dlanid

A logo for awesome esports team Turquality

Team Turquality logo

Star + lion, abstract / typographic logo design symbol by Alex Tass

An abstract / typographic logo design symbol mark exploration based on circle parts / letter N showing a star and a wild animal, a lion.

Star + lion, abstract / typographic logo design symbol logo

Mountain Mirage by Michael van Tonder

For an outdoor brand. Used two mountain peaks to form the “M”.

Mountain Mirage logo

Star Letters by M. KBAICH

A logotype based on mono-line hand lettered typography

Star Letters logo

Do you have another great logo that maybe we’ve missed? Which one from the logo above you love so much? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below.

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    thank you for featuring my logo! that means a lot to me! have a nice weekend Eko!

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