Weekly Best Logo Design Inspiration (N.1)

Hi, welcome to our first weekly best logo designs. In this weekly post series we share our favorite logo design from the last past week.

This week we have various logo style from hand lettering, monogram, abstract, futuristic, motion, negative space, flat, gradient, mark and character logo style.


#1. SP Logo

A monogram logo for a recruitment site, designed by Roko Kerovec.

SP Logo

#2. Open Book Logo

A logo with negative space style for an editorial, designed by Eduardo Zaldivar.

Open Book Logo

#3. Tokyo 2020 Concept

A logo concept for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The design foundation was influenced by the Japanese flag and the native koi fish. Designed by Sam Horn.

Tokyo 2020 Concept

#4. First Place Coffee

A logo for a coffee shop based out Phoeniz AZ, designed by Salih Kucukuga.

First Place Coffee

#5. Resendez Law Firm

Modern heraldry for a local law, designed by Alex Roka.

Resendez Law Firm

#6. TripstoDiscover Logo Element Animation

A step animation made in Illustrator for the logo element on the About page of TripsToDiscover.com. Designed by Michael Reis.

TripstoDiscover Logo Element Animation

#7. Agencia Mapache

A logo with character for web agency. Designed by Maxim Temchenko.

Agencia Mapache

#8. Tennessee Burger & Co.

Simple letter with little burger icon. Designed by Victor Belinatti.

Tennessee Burger & Co

#9. Corkscrew identity pt I

A logo proposals for Corkscrew + education. Designed by Mateusz Urbańczyk.

Corkscrew identity pt I

#10. United Pizza Co. Logo

Very simple logo inspired with USA flag, designed by Mark Farris.

United Pizza Co. Logo

#11. Project Rhapsody Logo

A futuristic logo for music industry. Designed by Brandon Weis.

Project Rhapsody Logo

#12. TJJBLN Stamp

A personal logo stamp julide belen with hand lettering style. Designed by J J B L N.


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