Weekly Best Logo Design Inspiration (N.2)

This is our weekly best logo designs. In this weekly post series we share our favorite logo design from the past last week.

And in this week, we have various logo style from hand lettering, simple minimalist, monogram, badge, using golden ratio, line, cartoon style and more.

I hope this collection, will inpired you for your next logo design project. Enjoy!

#1. Utah Jazz Refresh

A refreshing the Jazz logo system. By Ben Barnes.

Utah Jazz Refresh Logo

#2. Lion

A great lion logo with clean lines. By Fraser Davidson.

Lion Logo

#3. Griffin Logo

A simple and minimal logo inspired by Griffin. By Francesco Lucchiari.

Griffin Logo

#4. Summit

Inspired by mountain, in simple one color logo. By KaDJU ™.

Summit Logo

#5. TVR Logo Concept

A logo design concept for TVR car. The design adopted a semi-ambigram monogram style. By Type08 (Alen Pavlovic).

TVR Logo Concept

#6. Hilite

A logo for bicycle company Hilite. Use lettering style and looks strong. By Roden Dushi.

Hilite Logo

#7. OH

The animated logo of “OH” project. By wariemon.

OH logo

#8. Sova

A elegant logo mark for Gastrobar with outline style. By Yana Klochihina.

Sova Logo

#9. Unused Letterfolk Logo

By Amber Asay.

Unused Letterfolk Logo

#10. Mille Volts Logotype Evolution

The evolution of Mille Volts logo. By Gweno.

Mille Volts Logotype Evolution

#11. Brophy’s Tavern – Logo

A lettering style logo mark for Brophy’s Tavern. By Alex Rinker.

Brophy's Tavern - Logo


Simple black and white animal logo. By Georgi Dimitrov Erase.


#13. Two Dev Logo

A minimal logo for the magento ecommerce company – Two Dev. By maddam.

Two Dev Logo

#14. Octopus

A circle shaped octopus logo. By Unipen.

Octopus Logo

#15. Jellyfish + Comet

By Michael Matza.

Jellyfish + Comet Logo

Do you have another great logo that maybe we’ve missed? Which one from the logo above you loving? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below.

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