Promotional Key Rings: The Key to Business Branding

Promotional products are one of the best tools for branding a business. Branded promotional key rings are useful, durable and they can be used every day. Here is a look at the basic things that contribute to a winning promotional product followed by the introduction of three innovative promotional key rings that will give the branding of any business a boost.

Marketing Strategy Keyrings

What Makes a Great Promotional Product

Promotional products include pens, bags, mugs, T-shirts and a variety of other innovative products. Before choosing a product to help brand a business here are five things to consider:

  1. The clientele: Choose a product based upon the customer base and the type of business. For example, a computer repair store should consider promotional USB drives.
  2. Durability: Choose a product that is durable and not necessarily seasonal. A good promotional product should survive regular wear and tear and last for at least 6 months.
  3. Usefulness: A good promotional product is one that consumers will use every day. Utilitarian products have a much longer promotional lifespan than non-utilitarian items.
  4. Migration: A good promotional product will migrate from current customers to new customers. The likelihood of this happening is increased when the item is not too personal. Small items that are perceived to have value but are not expensive migrate easily.
  5. Broadcast value: Some promotional items like T-shirts and green shopping bags have little chance of migrating from one consumer to another but they can be very useful as vehicles for display advertisement.

Key Rings: Advertising Locked In for Years

Promotional key rings have 3 of the 5 prerequisites that make a great promotional product. Promotional key rings are durable, they are useful and they migrate easily to family and friends who are given spare keys.

Best of all promotional key rings lock advertising in for years. It is somewhat difficult to change keys on and off of a key ring and this means that once a key is attached to a key ring, the combination is likely to stay together for as long as the key is useful.

In addition, even when a key is changed out often the key ring itself is retained and reused by the customer. This translates into the perfect place to put a business logo and advertising.

Marketing Strategy Keyrings

Keyrings come in many styles and price points. Metal key rings can be laser engraved giving any logo a classy professional look. Promotional key rings styles vary. There is the classy and traditional Morrissey key ring that is a simple silver rectangular.

This projects an elegant business look. Then there are more specific keyring styles. For example, the Radello key ring is cleverly shaped like a golf club. The Radello is the perfect promotional item for any golf club, sporting goods store or personal coach. Another clever addition to key rings is the Mini Martello.

The Mini Martello includes the useful items of a Swiss army knife making it both fun and utilitarian. In addition, the mini- hammer at the end of the Mini Martello makes this the perfect promotional item for any business related to construction, DIY, woodworking, crafting or home improvement.

Promotional Prices: Reasonable ROI

Successful business branding and marketing is all about Return on Investment (ROI). Many forms of business branding today are either very expensive (TV ads) or they are difficult to quantify (Facebook ads).

Promotional products are exceptional because it is possible to actually see business branding at work. Simple follow up queries will tell a business the products are working at bringing in new customers.

Seeing them used by current customers provides direct evidence that the items are being used and spreading the brand of the business.

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