5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Personalized Products & Gifts

Branding is the most challenging task that every business man will come across. Today, a wide range of personalized products are available in the market. Promotional items, like pen, cards, umbrella, coffee mug, magnets, and bags can be effectively used for brand name promotion.

Given below are the five unique ways by using personalized products and gifts for branding promotion and market your business.

1. Customer Appreciation

One of the most effective uses of personalized products is to help your customer retention efforts by showing a little appreciation. Most companies send generic holiday cards and even branded items like pens and keychains – but how well do these outdated and commonplace tactics really work in our constantly evolving marketplace?

Smart businesses will get ahead by taking the concept a step further…

Instead of sending the same holiday card to each customer – personalized each holiday card for each customer! And not the old fashioned way…do it with imagery!

2. Branding

Branding is another common use for personalized products. But as you saw from the last example, we’re going to take this one a step further…

The whole purpose of branding is to create a memorable experience for your customer in order to be remembered down the road. The only way to achieve this is to think outside of the box!

3. Link Building

Most businesses with websites realize the importance of ranking high in the search engines. That being said, most businesses also realize the importance of having links to rank high in the search engines.

In order to earn quality links you either have to create compelling, high quality content, have a very creative marketing campaign, or a very unique pitch when requesting links.

Most internet marketers will send generic link request emails. But you’re smarter than that! Instead try sending branded and personalized items (*shock*) through the mail! You can send a thoughtful hand written note and create a personalized label to send with an item like mints, candy, or even a chocolate bar! It doesn’t take a genius to realize it will help you stand out – and inevitably lead to better results.

4. PR With Contests & Giveaways

PR is one of the most effective marketing tactics in both the short and long run. PR helps gain brand recognition, build backlinks, and foster relationships between your company and your consumers (and the media outlets themselves!)

A great strategy to earn some good press is offering contests and product giveaways to the public. You can easily use personalized products to do this!

The trick is to be unique! A great example of this concept can be found with last year’s Tweet Wrap campaign.

This campaign was hugely successful – earning tons of press and new social media fans. Plus just think about all of the shocked faces from people who received tweet wrapped gifts. I’ll bet they will remember it for many years to come…

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization can often provide the highest ROI of any marketing tactic. Personalized products and gifts can help in every step of the process!

The first step to increasing you conversion rate: getting feedback. You can use customized gifts as an incentive for customers to provide you with honest, actionable tips to improve your shopping experience. Offering something as simple as a photo print or wall cling (which are relatively inexpensive to produce and ship) is all it takes.

Personalized gifts can also be used as an up-sell – while increasing your conversion rate at the same time. As a simple example – why do you think Apple allows you to personalized your IPODs? They make more money (even though it is free) because you are more likely to purchase knowing you can make it your own. It helps to create a more personal connection between consumers and a product.

Get Creative – start using personalized products to help your branding efforts and better market your business today!

Do you have unique ideas or examples of your own? Share your ideas with everyone in the comments.

About the Author!

Chris Wise is head of online marketing for the Expressionables family of retail sites – specializing in everything from Bar Mitzvah invitations to corporate holiday gifts.

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