How To Create a Professional Design Studio Logo in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we’re going to create a professional logo with stylish retro badge/emblem for the totally fictional Design Labs Studio in Adobe illustrator, which can be used by design agency, freelancer or elsewhere. We’ll use a simple circle shape and a lab symbol from Font Awesome. Let’s get started!`

Step 1

First, create a new file in your Adobe Illustrator with open menu File > New… Give your file name and set the file size.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 2

Now Create a circle with size 372px an put at the center. Fill: Black, Stroke: Black, Stroke Weight: 12pt.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 3

Adjust the Stroke settings Round Cap, Bevel Join, Active Dashed Line, 15pt Dash and 24pt Gap.
If your Stroke panel not active, active at menu Window > Stroke.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 4

Copy circle (ctrl+C) and create a duplicate with Paste (ctrl+F), resize it down with to 354px, change Stroke to White and Weight: 6pt.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 5

Create a duplicate from a circle before and scale it down to 192px, change Stroke to White and Weight: 2pt.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 6

Create another circle and scale it to 174px, Stroke to White and Weight: 10pt.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 7

Duplicate a 174px circle and Fill: none, Stroke to Black, Weight: 5pt, Adjust the Stroke settings Round Cap, Bevel Join, Active Dashed Line, 10pt Dash and 19pt Gap.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 8

For the symbol at the center, I’m using an icon from “Font Awesome” you may download it for free at:

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 9

Create a symbol by Type Tool, but first Open Glyphs panel from menu Window > Type > Glyphs.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 10

With Type Tool put a text and double click a symbol from Glyphs panel.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 11

Convert the symbol to object by right click on symbol and click ‘Create Outlines’.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 12

Put symbol at the center, Fill with White, Stroke to none, width: 109px dan hight: 114px.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 13

Create a duplicate circle from the logo, resize it and adjust Fill and Stroke to none. Put a text by click on Type tool menu and choose ‘Type on Path’, and click on the circle.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 14

Type your text, here I’ve Choose ‘Lato’ fonts, Fill: White, Stroke: none.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 15

Resize the font to 56pt and adjust the text by rotate it.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 16

Create another duplicate circle from the logo and type your text, font: Lato, type: Light, size: 24pt.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 17

Open type on a path options by click menu Type > Type on a Path > Type on a Path Options…. Set Align to Path: Center, Effect: Rainbow and check the Flip button, then click OK button. Adjust the text to the center.

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Step 18

For final touch create white circle and put it beside the text

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Congratulations! Your Professional Logo is Finished!

Here the final preview of the logo Badge:

Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Now you can create your own similar logos using the same simple technique. I hope you found some useful tips and tricks in this tutorial. Good luck!

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  1. rhidona pratama says

    nice technique.
    i created logo in coreldraw with this technique.
    thanks for tutorial

  2. Larry Berman says

    Thanks for the logo tutorial. The process worked very well for me!

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