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The Importance of Corporate Video Production


Looking to push your marketing campaign to promote your brand and increase awareness? Corporate videos are the way forward for many reasons and are certain to help most marketing strategies. We have asked the experts at Toast TV to share the reasons they believe in corporate video production.

Corporate Video Production

Straightforward to Share

You want people to be talking about your brand, and the best way to encourage this is to produce content that can be shared across every platform from Twitter right through to email. Videos are one of the easiest types of media to share, and not only are they simple to distribute, they create a high amount of engagement.

Online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic, and 92% of mobile video users share the videos they watch with other users. In addition to this, 68% of all viewers share the videos they have watched, meaning that their friends will see it, and then their friends… and so on. Youtube receives over 1 billion unique users each month, and Facebook is the most common social platform in which viewers share these videos.

Painless to Process

One of the main aims of a corporate video is to successfully communicate the products and services of a company, and there are a lot of statistics to prove that visual media is the most profitable way to do this.

Scientists say it takes just 13 milliseconds for our brain to process an image, which is 60,000 times faster than we process text. With 60% of humans being visual learners, video is one of the best ways to demonstrate a company’s work effectively and successfully.

Projects Professionalism

You can use a corporate video to show professionalism in a whole manner of ways, the first being investing in a corporate video in itself – exuding professionalism and showing you are serious about your brand and products. Of course, within the video, you can determine just how professional you want to be, choosing a specific angle to focus on to promote your brand in a certain way.

The Video Examples

Here are some examples of different approaches to corporate videos created by our team:

#1: Bahrain Economic Development Board

This video captures the personal nature of the company and projects a strong sense of community. This video was shot on location and captures footage of members of the company.

#2: Morgan Stanley Modelware

This company wanted to explore the innovative software that they had developed and needed an industry-related video to capture the attention of their target audience. This video was also shot on location but gives off a completely different feel to the video for Bahrain Economic Development Board.

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