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Why it is Necessary to Have the Custom Logo for Blog


Your blog should have a custom logo because it is your work and you should be able to put your mark upon it. Why bother working and adding to a blog, if nobody is going to be able to recognize your blog and your work from the next persons? What is to stop people from thinking that your work is someone else’s, or that someone else’s work is yours? A custom logo is a way of setting yourself apart from the crowd. It is a way of staking your claim over your own blog. Your custom logo can be a badge of honor that rests proudly upon the chest of your blog. It is a way of saying to the world that, “This is mine, I created this”. It will help to brand your blog so that people will know what to expect when they see your custom logo.

Blog Logo Design

Do you really want to merge into the background?

As advanced as we are, we still recognize and appreciate symbols and pictures more than text and sound. Sound is pretty powerful, which is why advertisement jingles have so much success, but they do not last as long as custom logos. Audio is also not as powerful as a logo. There are American logos that have been in existence since the 1800’s. A logo will help you to stand apart from the crowd. It helps you to make a mark and show the world that something is yours with a symbol that is so powerful that is may last hundreds of years.

The power of a logo is awesome

People have stood behind flags, but they have united under a symbol. Religious, military, political and industrial leaders have created a symbol and used it to sway masses of people. There are commercial logos out now that people will pay hard-earned cash to display on their clothes. People walk around with clothing that has symbols on it from companies, and they pay extra for the “privilege”.

Brand your blog with a logo

A brand is a way of showing the world what you stand for and what you believe. When people think of a brand they will think of all the things that brand means to them. One brand may be set up so people think, “Oh that product is powerful”,or “Oh that product is the fastest”.This is the power of a brand. You can create a brand and use your logo so that people recognize your brand. You could set up a brand that makes people think, “This is going to be honest”, or “This is going to be hard hitting”,or “This is going to be funny”. When you have worked to create and grow your brand, you will then be able to symbolize it with your logo. People will see your brand upon a piece of text and think of your brands beliefs and principals.

Your stamp of approval and your mark of excellence

Branding your blog and representing it with a logo also means that if you add something to a website or blog, you are able to add your logo. People will think of your brand when they see the logo, so that if you have an excellent quality blog then people will consider your logo to be a stamp of your excellence (when it is seen outside of your blog). You may also use your logo as a mark of approval. You can add comments and blog posts to other domains, and add in your blog logo to show that the content add has been approved by your high standards.

At the end of the day…

A custom logo is something you add to your blog if you have respect for your own work and have respect for your blog. It is something you add to your blog if you value your own time. If you are the sort of person who would spend days making a masterpiece, and then put it in a cheap plastic frame then you probably won’t want a custom logo. On the other hand, if you have respect for the quality of your work and it meaning, then you should get a custom log.

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