Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile Marketing

Mobile will soon be the most targeted marketing arena for most retailers around the world. According to the latest statistics, mobile search will overtake desktop search in 2014, making mobile marketing even more important. The competition between mobile phone companies is cut throat, as all major brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony and Qmobile are manufacturing extremely powerful and user friendly mobile phones at affordable prices, which is resulting into increase of mobile usage and this creates an opportunity for businesses to tap that market by implementing an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Today we will discuss the 10 most common mistakes that can ruin your Mobile marketing campaign. If you avoid these mistakes, your marketing campaign will be more successful than ever!

#1. Marketing without a Slogan:

The most common mistake made by most advertisers is marketing without a slogan or punch line. A catchy punch line is of great importance in mobile marketing as it will differentiate you from other marketers in the same niche. It is also the best way to make an excellent first impression on the targeted audience.

#2. Linking Ads to Desktop Site:

Many marketers make the mistake of linking mobile ads to desktop sites. This gives user the impression that you are not serious about whatever you are trying to accomplish with the ad. According to a recent statistic, 46% of the customers will not return to your website if it does not display properly according to their mobile device.

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#3. Using Incompatible Content:

Many times mobile marketing is carried out using SMS, MMS and push notifications. Always remember that not all devices are able to display a particular sign or object you send in a message. Try to send short but crisp messages and avoid using multi-media objects. Moreover, if you linked to a website that does not load in time, users will not wait. A statistic points out that 74% of the customers will navigate away from your webpage if the content does not load completely within 5 seconds.

#4. Individualized Targeting:

Targeting is a great way to get your ad to the right people. However, do not try to target too much. Most mobile advertisers overdo the targeting and as a result, a specific group of people get lots of same ads which they will avoid clicking after some time. This is also a hurdle in attracting new users and capturing new markets.

#5. No one likes to Hunt for Info:

Mobile phone marketing is best when the information is given to the user in a short and crisp manner. If your ad links to a website that has a lot of information, user might not be able to find what he or she is looking for. Believe me when I say that no one will spend his time digging for information on your website and will simply navigate away.

#6. Using too much Content:

Mobile marketers must remember that the ads they are producing are for mobile devices only. Most mobile users will not like to open a flash video or animated ad as this will waste their expensive bandwidth. Users who are connected to Wi-Fi rather than carrier’s internet still might open your ad. Therefore, research well about your audience before adding a flash video or animated content to your ad.

#7. Lack of Market Research:

Make sure that you are fully aware of the customer’s needs. Do not try to do mobile marketing that is focused on your company or your product; instead, tell the users in punch line what they can get out of your product. For example, ‘Tech Giant gives away free Tablets’ is not as attractive as ‘Get you Completely Free Smartphone Here!’. Users will be more interested when they see the ad is more personalized and talks to them rather than about a company.

#8. Don’t Over-Market Your Product:

Remember the fine line that differentiates Mobile Marketing from Mobile Spamming. Advertising your product to a user by sending him an SMS every week will attract much more attention than sending him 2 or 3 SMS every day. Even a good product might seem fake and useless if you advertise it very aggressively. Moreover, most countries are also making laws about how much advertising content can be sent to a subscriber per day.

#9. Don’t Use Chain-Advertising:

Do not try to use the desktop themed chained advertising on mobile phones. If users do not get the content they clicked on the first time, most mobile users will navigate away rather than clicking a second ad in hopes of getting to the required content. Moreover, the bandwidth constraint on users will also make then quit your ad chain on the 2nd or at most the 3rd ad.

#10. Don’t Forget it’s for Mobile Phones!

There are certain features you should preferably not incorporate in your mobile site. Don’t use links like ‘Print This’, ‘Tweet This’ or ‘Email to a Friend’ as they will most likely get 0 hits on a mobile device. Furthermore, they will make the already small three-point-something inch screen messier which will ruin you ad.

If you have learn any lessons about Mobile Phones Marketing from your personal experience, do let us know in your comments!

About the Author!

Ahmad Raza is computer graduate, who is extremely passionate about everything technology, gadgets, smartphones, tablets and their impact on consumers. He actively writes on a mobile phones portal, which covers mobile prices, latest news and reviews.

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