15 Tips for More Creative Contents on Your Facebook Fan Page

Most of the marketer of the current branding is highly demanded to have creative content that can attract the customers to become fans on social media. This is because currently so many companies are doing in the social media campaign, so we are forced to be more unique, the better and more interesting.

Being more than others of course is not easy, we should learn from that has become a top brand to learn they experienced, that will make a creative content becomes more focused and easier. Now, here are 15 tips from 15 top brands for your creative content:

Tips #1: Front line staff content

Papa John’s pizza content this time is with the theme Papa John’s cares, it can be seen in the official Facebook page of Papa John’s who make campaign by relying on staff who work to provide assistance to victims of Oklahoma tornado.

Papa John’s showing togetherness employees to show solidarity in the service. This will indirectly provide comfort for the customer about service quality in Papa John’s that can be assured of good cooperation among the employees.

Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Behind the shop strategy content always make-customer interesting, show off your excitement staff in serving customers with place it on your own facebook fan page.

Tips #2: Become storytelling

Cotton on Kids is a children’s clothing store, but the content strategy is presented in a variety of his Facebook fan page. Some brand which has a target market of small children is more synonymous with fun and unique story with his content. As we can see in the photo below belongs to cotton on kids, which describes the pancakes as the sun is like a lightening on a cold day. By looking at the content your child can fantasize about the cute cake that can be formed like the sun, as well as their parents could adapt this to the sun pancakes made ​​at home. This content strategy can attract the attention of children and parents right? 🙂

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Be like the television media in doing its ad he became storytelling. Especially if your target market is children and the elderly, provide content that could arouse their fantasies.

Tips #3: Inspire your audience

Creative content this time is conducted by the McRib, I think is quite unique, he made ​​consumers become inspired to reveal the reason why the consumer should consume McRib, expressed reason was quite unique. Surely this will make the consumers who never eaten want to try to eating a McRib.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Make your customer become more inspirational with your content, so you can make your customer reaction with your content.

Tips #4: Show off your website

Social media is your tool to make campaign, but to introduce your brand even further should you use the website. On the website you can provide more detailed information about the products you offer, you can do it if you offer products that require detailed information such as product specifications smartphone, bicycle, car or television. As we can see in the official Facebook fan page are owned by Suzuki who link his post with new products on his website.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: You should do the invitation for your customers to visit your own website, it aims to introduce your product in detail because if you just rely on social media will be limited to provide this information.

Tips #5: Link another media in your post

Facebook provides the facility to make viewing your photos and videos more attractive and will look bigger. Take advantage of it to the maximum to make your content become more creative and interesting again. Coca-Cola Zero is one of the case studies that you can make a lesson, this time in posting Coca-Cola Zero fan page that link his video YouTube music event where Coca-Cola Zero become a sponsor.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Take advantage of the news feeds are provided by Facebook to the fullest, make your content more attractive to the link from YouTube, pinterest or instagram.

Tips #6: Be original

Disney is an old brand that we know so well right?, the target market is a Disney child and adult by presenting a cartoon character from the 50’s until now still attract attention. Being original is one of the strategies adopted by Disney. We can see in the example image below, featuring a parade Disney parks ranging from the 90’s, certainly for Disney fans will remember his past while he was a child instead?, And behold Disney cartoon created until now has not changed shape and of course still favored by his fans.

Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Be original is something apply in Disney content, with this strategy we could tell the customers that we have the authentic characteristics. This course will bring unique to our brand.

Tips #7: Conect another social media in Facebook

Variety of diverse social media has its own uniqueness, we as marketer should have a variety of social media to take advantage of these benefits. With connect many social media in facebook can make the customer know that we have a variety of social media, this can make we more well known becouse we alway be apart wherever our customer have social media.

Like the fan page belongs Nike below, he shows social media accounts on the front cover. The course this content will be more attractive customers, because the customers who have social media accounts that others can find Nike anywhere other than Facebook.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Always connect all your social media account that you have and tell your customers that you are everywhere.

Tips #8: Have calls to action

A call to action strategy is a creative content that is currently the most widely used by other brands. What is meant by calls to action is a blatant invitation to invite the consumer performs an action in the brand posting activity.

As Honda do, by invite the fans to participate in customer research. Calls to action are chosen Honda for asking consumers directly in research on consumer critiques and suggestions; the strategy calls to action can also be an invitation to perform like or share a post on Facebook and can also be a call to ask the opinion of the consumer with the latest products.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Calls to action strategy is a surefire way to know directly and certainly the opinion of your customers.

Tips #9: Create an interesting news

Making creative content takes an interesting story, so that consumers feel to like your Facebook fan page and deserve to be shared. As you can see below, Converse publicizing the winner of quiz with prizes shoes. This is certainly going to make a quiz that was held to be more interesting with the announcement of the winners of the quiz is to prove that prizes really shine.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Make an interesting news in your content, be a messenger like on television that could attract the attention of consumers to read your post.

Tips #10: Put some sensational photo

Red Bulls is an energy drink brand that has long been known to us, let us look at the content in the image below. Red Bulls display product images are not highlighted, but instead shows a cool sport snow ski with hard techniques. This exercise is an event sponsored by the Red Bulls. Take a look the selection photo below, the photo for the content in facebook below is quite interesting .

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Pick a sensational photo that can make your content more interesting and colorful.

Tips #11: Show off your customer journey

Happiness customer is the most important in conducting campaign, so why not you use it in your marketing content?
The fans page should not only filled with product promotion, but you can also display another form which displays the content of consumer happiness because consumers want to be a part in your brand. As performed by Starbucks on Facebook while doing earth love campaign, by doing greening in the neighborhood. Starbucks display this content in his fans page; the happiness content will make your content more attractive.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Show off your happiness of your customer satisfaction to divide them into your customers.

Tips #12: Show off your fans that bought your products

A brand will be valuable in the eyes of consumers when consumers engage in it. How does the consumer excitement when wearing items purchased in your store is the reason of Walmart make this content. Show off to your fans in the buying cycle of your content to show to other consumers if the products you sell are already purchased by many people.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Take a picture of your customer who already buy your product, and show it to your facebook fans page.

Tips #13: Use different formats

Compelling Content is content that filled with colorful, wide variety of images, and a variety of stories. The concept of diverse makes your fans page more colorful, as we can see below belongs Skittles which gives posting enjoy Skittles in a unique way and the selection of fans of the month. By posting different format content of posts made ​​of Skittles become more diverse.

Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Use the different formats of the contents of your post, will make your posts more attractive again.

Tips #14: In time campaign

Content that is called as creative content is in time update in accordance with the conditions of that time, such as valentine, New Year, birthday, or the day of independence. Engage in the moment to make an interesting post. Like what Subway did below to create a kind of fabulous food makes us interested in the long zoom, and certainly not without cause subway make this kind of food. Subway utilizing memorial day to make party planning by asking the opinion of its customers what they choosing meat, vegetables or both to celebrate memorial day party.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Make a campaign by exploiting a certain moment, so the content that you create for the customer to be more in time campaign.

Tips #15: Tell your fans about your unique

Every brand needs a uniqueness that can make its customers remember it easily. The uniqueness of this course should be shown to your customers. Make consumers always remember the slogan, logo or your product. As you can see below belongs Pringles, shows the “mustache ” to enable customers to remember about Pringles. This mustache is a form of the Pringles man logo mustache.

Facebook Tips

Lesson: Always remind your customers about the uniqueness of the content you have on your fan page.


Creative content takes various steps to success, learn from the already successful with content that is applied should we pursue. As the saying goes learn from experienced is the best teacher. Of the 15 examples of creative content above is expected you can duplicate the steps which you can apply in your content.

What do you think? Do you have the other steps beside 15 examples of creative content above? Please share with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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