3 Steps to Create a Creative Content for Marketing

“SEO is about “all things marketing” – Integrated marketing is what gives brands the edge in SEO. Now SEO must address defining the brand, culture, mission, community, email, social, product, etc.” As said by Mr. Tony fannin.

From that words, we know SEO is not what it used to be in pursuit of SEO. We should identify in advance about what we bring to our customers, at this time is very dependent on the creative SEO content marketing. Content marketing is a key element in the success of a product to perform its customer’s, even advert to the many who called content marketing as the new SEO in a success of a brand. Surely creativity is the key to having great content that can attract the attention of costumers. At the moment we will make creative content, we should have to pay attention to some steps that can help us make creative content is right on target. The following are three main steps that you can follow to make creative content.

Creative Content How To

#1. Discover

By the time you will develop a content of interest to the customer, you are required to first conduct a research that will support your content. One is doing discover who your target market. Take look 5 things you have to discover about your customer:

  • Check out website or blog they hang out
    Establish your target audience first, whether he students, workers, children, housewives or elderly. Find out what exactly they are looking for by visiting a website or blog they like. Learn from the experts is the best teacher to help you gain knowledge about the creative content.
  • Read the book or any publication they read
    Do your research through books or leaflets that are usually preferred by your target audience. Pretend become your customers to understand the way of thinking from what they like and they read.
  • Ask them
    Pretend you is costumers by asking their opinion about one product, make a convenience to ensure your customer relaxed without there is coercion and without there is explanation why do you inquire their opinion. Make it such as conversation usual that runs what the existence of.
  • Check out other industries
    Surely products or services that we offer already have competitors right?
    This competition is a place that we can use to study their content. What are the disadvantages of them you can make your advantages with traits that you have.
  • Go where people already buying
    Do research where your target market is going to buy its needs, the reason why they chose the store to make ends meet. What display systems, services or prices offered which makes the costumers interest is the categories yu have to find out.

2. Concept

In making creative content concept you must have already adapted to your target market. After conducting discovery step in Determining concept steps you have to conduct research to support the determination of an interesting concept. Here are 5 steps in the determination of the concept:

  • Looking for what they are problem
    Customers will never really tell you their problems if you ask directly. They often don’t exactly know what their problems are.

    Listen to what customers say. Are they complaining? About what? Are they sighing over something they wish they had? What is it? What problems keep them from getting the results they want?
    After discovery is expected you already know difficulty getting them to use your product, if too heavy, too cumbersome procedure and does meet their needs.

  • Make theme who can attract your customer
    Compelling content is content that has a story that can arouse the curiosity of the customers. The theme in this case could be an interesting order and help the customers when looking at your content, themes can also mean the selection of concepts that have a story idea as themes valentine, New Year or Halloween.
  • What are they really buying from you
    Basically the costumers in choosing a brand not only put the product alone but have a variety of reasons, whether because the brand is already well known, does have a good quality of service, or has a charming appearance? The reason is exactly what makes a brand favored by costumers.

    When you already know the real reason why costumers choose your brand and make those reasons become prominent in the concept of your content marketing, content marketing, and of course the concept according to the wishes of costumers will be winning their attention.

  • Give them choice this or that
    Costumers are often baffled at the amount of choice on offer, for example, summer clothes with a wide selection of attractive clothes that would certainly make costumers become confused.

    Give offered two or three options that could enable costumers to make their choice, let alone give them a choice of two bags that are branded and display a discount on the front cover of your marketing content, of course, your customers will only think of 2 options so that makes you a more interesting content.

  • Have constructive conversation with your customer
    Two-way communication is highly recommended to have interesting quality content, build a two-way communication with your customers. Avoid quarrels response comments from your customers, make good and friendly image in serving your customers. Surely this will be your weapon to retain old customers and attract new customers.

#3. Action

After conducting a two-step discovery and concept it’s time you started to do the action to continue your creative content that is received by your customers. Here are 5 steps you should do to encourage your customers respond to content you have.

  • Make your website conect to social media
    At this time using digital marketing distribution of audiovisual content is Quicker and cheaper than traditional distribution systems. Take advantage of this to make campaign creative content you have.
    Every company today is indirectly required to have a website that made ​​connected to the virtual world allowing you to capture greater costumers. So connect your website to social media that will make your customers become more interactive to your content.
  • Use inovative content
    Costumers often need new skills to use in their everyday lives. This can be utilized to create content that is innovative, after getting your target market, and then compose an interesting concept; you can theme your content innovative in to costumers. As we can see below utilize cotton kids sleeping baby to make an interesting photo, what do you think? Baby bed can be used to create a picture that is not unexpected right? 🙂
  • Creative Content How To

  • Create prospects to buyers
    As in my previous article titled How to Maintain Your Facebook fans https://ibrandstudio.com/articles/how-to-maintain-your-facebook-fans you can apply in making these prospects. Making costumers who previously merely interested in being very interested in your product to buyers and even repeat customers is not easy to do, takes maintain the continue to do this.
  • Install google analytics
    Google analytics is a tool that can help you to analyze a site to track and analyze this data. Take advantage of Google analytics to help you as far as where your content can attract the attention of your customers.
  • Use calls to action strategies
    Calls to action are a direct invitation to the costumers to do the official page like you, to share etc. All of it is done openly without offending your customers. Here is an example of Nokia that use calls to action strategies, to its customers by getting costumers to download the most stunning one app on the Nokia Lumia, and look at how much like, share and comment in response to this solicitation.

Creative Content How To


Creative branding content in doing so is necessary to win the hearts of your customers, doing business online is often times get difficult form of communication that cannot be an offline store, by knowing the steps above should help you to create creative content properly.

How do you think? Whether the steps above are useful to you? Please share your experience in the comments.

– Written by Ratih –

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