Business Concept: Wearing a Business Identity

You may have heard the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve” to describe someone who is easily emotional.

But how does this concept apply to marketing your product or business?

It is simple. Companies look for ways to market their brands. How about walking billboards?

The original concept of this happened back in older days, when people would wear “sandwich boards” that were meant to fit around the body. It would advertise one thing on one side and maybe something else on the other side, like an address for the business or another special.

Business Concept

Case Study

The concept here could apply to you if you are ready to open a business. Let’s say you are about to open up a restaurant and you want to broadcast the name.

If you have a way to print some shirts to wear with the logo of the new restaurant on it, maybe you create a custom tshirt with the logo and give it to someone you know might attract attention. Maybe you know an attractive girl that might look good with the T-shirt. (And yes, it works both ways… maybe an athletic guy would look good in the T-shirt. Heck, even put it on your Pit Bull!) Whatever the case, it gets the name of the restaurant broadcast out to the general public.

Instead of one logo, maybe a few T-shirts will have something different on them. You might design a T-shirt with a logo for your business and the opening date or address on the back. Use social media like Twitter or Facebook to tie in your T-shirts with viral trends and consumer discounts. Maybe you could offer a coupon to the first person to tweet a picture of someone wearing a T-shirt with the restaurant logo.

It does not have to be a restaurant. It can be another business. Whatever the case, the idea is the same. You want to accumulate eyes looking at the T-shirts and other marketing ideas you use so when the new business opens you have customers waiting to check it out. You need to have a sound strategy.


According to the Small Business Administration, seven out of 10 new businesses survive at least two years and 51 percent last five years. These are the businesses that have a sound plan and a way to get their marketing word out there. You need to find a way to get a message out there creatively. The ways of doing business have changed. The old methods may not work.

It is the smart business owner that will get the message across and do so with the smartest tools possible. Having someone wear the message on their body is a concept that dates back to the sandwich board days. It’s a fresh permutation of visual marketing.

Get started on your marketing gimmick, but make sure to create a design that will be eye-catching. Graphic design is a whole other issue.

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