5 Dell Tactics to Follow The 2014 B2B Marketing Trends

The New Year certainly has significance meaning for marketers to renewing its marketing strategy. Especially for B2B marketers who studied marketing to reach its target market. “As fact from Brightcove, the online video platform, in partnership with the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, surveyed more than 1,200 B2B marketers in the US. It found content marketing is becoming more and more important to marketers, with 93% of respondents using it and 73% producing more content than last year. The results also revealed that on average, 13 different tactics, including blogs, social media, newsletters and video, are used to get a brand’s message to customers”. Results of the survey you can see in the infographic below (originally published by MarketingProfs), which describes in detail the trends that will occurs for B2B marketers in 2014.

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Dell Marketing Strategies

Infographic is very important for B2B marketer; due to the tactics that expressed above can help marketers to achieve success. It is well recognized by Dell as a b2b marketer, as a marketer that sells personal computers and other technology products and services to consumer and business market, it requires the right tricks and tactics to increase the number of audience. That’s why the tactics revealed in the infographic above have been realized and implemented with good maintained by Dell since 2013.

In this article you will learn the tactic that Dell did to reach audiences for their B2B marketing. Keep reading to discover 5 exellent tactics from Dell to grow your B2B marketing:

Tactic #1: Optimize The Social Media

As you can see in the infographic above, social media has the highest order to add the target audiences, accounted for 87% social media as a perfect medium to attract the attention of audiences.

The most important thing in doing B2B marketing is providing a resource and guides on how to use social media. This time I give you 2 social media used by Dell that is Facebook and LinkedIn. Based on the infograpic above LinkedIn is the top social media as much as 91% and as much as 81% of Facebook that is able to attract the attention of the audiences.

On Facebook fan page Dell provides a special page promo featuring content for the entrepreneurs with the name “Dell for business”. Content that Dell displayed is interesting with link information article, as you can see in the example image below. Facebook page also provides content that can support its target market for solving problems and providing valuable resources.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Dell Marketing Strategies

On LinkedIn page, Dell put in a cover picture with the title of social media listening command center that describes to be an industry reference for this social business use cases.

As you can see in the example image below, Dell thanked in the comment section column with an expression “It’s so inspiring to see all of you with your own stories – your entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps us motivated at Dell. We’re excited about 2014 and new beginnings! – Suzanne Doughty“. This suggests that Dell appreciate any comments made by their followers and thank you to the presence audiences that make Dell B2B marketing more better.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Provide support content that can help the audience solved the problem and appreciate any comments of your followers.

Tactic #2: Write Useful Articles

As you know in social media belongs to Dell never be separated from each link in its news article. This article link comes from the Dell official website with the name http://techpageone.dell.com. This website maintained well by Dell, with providing four main categories, namely technology, business, industries, and downtime, contains a very useful article for their audience.

Dell articles purpose is to cater for business category coworkers B2B Dell, which contains informative articles containing entrepreneur opportunities until the trend app for the next year, etc.. This business categories is very indulgent of audiences to get useful information that can be use for their business.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Provide interesting and informative articles that can be useful for your B2B partner bussines.

Tactic #3: Send a Regular Newsletter

Newsletter is very necessary for the company, in addition to follow the trend of B2B marketing: “Newsletters are an important venue for advertising a company’s new products and services. Newsletters explain the benefits of the product or service and the benefits of purchasing from the particular company. A newsletter encourages the customers to contact the company and simplify the sales process for your sales associates”.

Newsletter also maintained well by Dell for communications purpose in B2B marketing. As you can see in the example picture below, is an example of a newsletter that provides useful information for the audiences to keep the data. Dell sent newsletter not only to promote the new product but also to provide interesting information regarding the usefulness of the application provided by Dell.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Maintain your newsletter by providing product information, sales, and tips that can be useful for your audiences so it will not seem boring.

Tactic #4: Sponsored Events

Which makes me even more impressed with this brand is highly thought of business details B2B marketing with a very neat. Infographic above launched in the month of December 2013 and suggested tactics, but before the infographic suggested Dell has been maintained well in details. Such tactics that Dell implemented is event in his official website.

That makes this event interesting is the audiences who want to attend do not need to come in one place, because Dell held the events is online. In the official website audiences can see the upcoming events and popular events held by Dell. As you can see in the example picture below, the upcoming Dell event clearly announced.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Held the online event, to facilitate audiences attend your event.

Tactic #5: Have a Blog

Blog is a medium such as a diary to describe a company with better. That’s why blog is a must for every brands: “A blog provides yet another marketing and communication vehicle for a business. Whether it is an informal message from the CEO, accomplishment of a team member or a channel for business messaging, a blog can add a new dimension to your marketing communication. Easy tracking performance of your blog, visitor activity and feedback measurement allows you to understand how your blog is performing”.

Blogs are used by Dell with categories Direct2Dell provide business opportunities for the information entrepreneur join Dell. This blog also focuses on the category of community which provides support to the forum how do i buy a very indulgent, facilitate co-workers Dell in the deal and to get info.

Dell Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Create a special blog that provides a forum of support services to the community so that you can resolve the problems that faced consumers and answer their questions.


B2B marketing is a business strategy that is quite promising for marketers. Various predictions are always issued via infographic above about the trends that will occurs for this year, but predictions of course need to be maintained properly in the previous year to make it easier to implement tactics that have been suggested, because you will not get maximum results if implemented in haste. As was done with Dell who properly maintain every aspect to keep B2b marketing still get loyal audiences. Use this Dell tactic to build you B2b marketing with better, keep in mind that every tactic that Dell did need regularly maintained and this can help you to reach the target audience.

What do you think? Have you used Dell tactics to your B2B marketing? What have been your challenges and successes? Please share your comments below. Enjoy!

– Written by Ratih –

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