5 Facebook Brand Building Tips for Kids and Babies Products

Nowadays so many emerging social media, of course, you already know Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Flickr, and the latest now is vine.
Along with the development of technology and society penchant every brand decided to do his campaign in any social media. Of course, each brand has its own characteristics in doing campaign, especially for those who sell products for babies and young children.

There are several criteria you should consider when doing your product campaign in social media, here are 5 tips that you can do in making Facebook strategies brand for kids and babies products.

#1. Be cheerful

Having children is synonymous with happiness, brand for children and babies of yours represents the happiness. Surely you must show that the baby cheerful in every strategies that you apply to Facebook.

As we can see below, there are some examples of brands for kids which can brings joy. This cheer as performed practiced by Huggies and Bilna as brand baby products can be realized in the form of a cute baby photo placed on the cover of your profile fans page or you can also place it in your post with happy faces as what Pampers did in his fan page with the title “Ffffiiiiissssssshh. Often a baby’s first word is not “mama” or “dada.” What was your baby’s first word?” Funny isn’t?

Building Strong Facebook Brand

Building Strong Facebook Brand

Building Strong Facebook Brand

#2. Ask your fans to share their child photo

The research, conducted by Currys & PC World, shows that 1 in 10 UK parents rank taking photos as the most important thing to do immediately after birth, even before weighing the baby. While 70% of Brits take photos of their new babies on the day they are born, 1 in 2 of these post the images on social media sites within 24 hours of the birth, and 1 in 5 share the pictures in just 15 minutes.

Every new parent would want their baby pictures show in social media. It can be utilized to attract the attention of your fans. Give your fans a chance to give their baby photos to display in the Facebook fan page of yours. As the picture below pulls ups do campaign with tittle first flush, and for the child who is able to the first flush then it will be on display his picture in front of the front cover Facebook fan page belongs pull ups.

Building Strong Facebook Brand

#3. Give tips to your fans

Any new parents usually want the best for her new baby, they will do browsing or ask about tips they can apply for health, happiness, or toys for the baby. Take advantage of this to draw attention to them by providing valuable information to your fans.
With a like company in Facebook fan page, fans not only expect the latest promo product of you, they will be very grateful if you could provide some useful information that can help them, such as the example shown below belongs to Disney baby and kids cotton on Facebook which provides tips for making food become funny shape or utilize goods to be used as a tool that could be made child’s play will, certainly this strategies will make your fans feel your info helpful right?:)

Building Strong Facebook Brand

Building Strong Facebook Brand

#4. Make some baby contest

Parents always feel proud of his son, even more if their child wins the contest, of course, by creating a contest to the baby will make its own spirit for the parents to show how happy and proud they have cute kids. Facebook can be a place to do a contest, you can start by making a baby photo contest that could be posted on the Facebook fan page of you, like what Cussons did below with the lure of prize money or trophy prizes even diapers as what pulls ups did. Please select what gift would you give to your fans on Facebook strategic contest because it will attract your customer. πŸ™‚

Building Strong Facebook Brand

Building Strong Facebook Brand

#5. Optimize comment section

Make the mothers talked about the baby, and I bet they do not even know how to stop. πŸ™‚
It is highly recommended for those of you who want to add fans on Facebook fans page, used comment section to make the most of your fans talk about the baby, would make an interesting post with an eye-catching images and questions inducement to make the parents began to talk about their baby. As the picture below by luvs who asked what the nickname of their baby fans.

Building Strong Facebook Brand


Doing campaign for children’s products and other products that have differences, we must understand the soul of parents and children, what they like and what they need. By sharing things they like, and they need may will help you to succeed in doing campaign on Facebook.

What do you think? Please share your comment and experience below.

– Written by Ratih –

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