5 Marketing Lessons from The Most Expensive Watch Brands

Call it a Rolex, Girard Perregaux, Patek Philippe or Cartier, do you know that watch brands?
Of the four brands that I mentioned above is the most expensive watch brands in the world, there is even a mention of these watches can cost more expensive than a Ferrari car, amazing isn’t? How they are selling? Must all have the same function, namely as markers of time. But what make the brand could become the most expensive brands in the world at?

Here is the 5 lessons that we can take from the most expensive watch brands:

Lesson #1: Product Diversification

Marketing Lessons
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Rolex watches have all kinds, from those of you who want a waterproof watches for divers to your become an executive Rolex provide, every day produces nearly 2,000 types of Rolex watches to all over the world.

With the choice of a wide range of products to customers, facilitate Rolex to serve various types of consumers, this is what makes the Rolex be valuable in the eyes of the consumer, because when consumers need a clock in any condition Rolex provide it.

Lesson #2: Maintain Product Quality

Marketing Lessons
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Girard Perregaux is one of the oldest Swiss watches. Girard-Perregaux was founded in 1791. They designed some of the best hours of the most elaborate with consistent quality. Girard-Perregaux manufacture all aspects of their watches, they employ watchmaker, movement decorators, engineers, and so on to create high-quality watches from the assembly stage to the last stage.

Maintain quality that provided by Girard Parregaux make customers feel comfortable and safe to use at his property, so that even in be valued with high prices of these watches will still sell well in the market, because consumers will be sure not useless to pay dearly for this watch but can be used as long as possible because of its quality guaranteed.

Lesson #3: It has Uniqueness

Marketing Lessons
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Roger Dubuis was founded in 1995, and since then, they have created a range of watches with charming appearance and function very well. Although the company has not been long established, Roger Dubuis has managed to get the title as a symbol of luxury watches. Roger Dubuis made ​​only 28 pieces of each output watches then wrapped with precious metal, to maintain their exclusivity. Roger Dubois sells his unique clock produce only slightly so keep exclusive to her.

The next is Jaeger-LeCoultre clock that sells its uniqueness to attract the attention of consumers.

Marketing Lessons
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Jaeger-LeCoultre is considered as a pioneer in the watch making industry since 1833. Jaeger-LeCoultre supplying the parts of watches to other famous watches company in Switzerland. Jaeger-LeCoultre is mainly known as the creator of the mechanical clock Atmos. This clock can run for years without human intervention, because it uses atmospheric changes to update the time.

This clock has an uniqueness that is not owned by the manufacturer at the other, with unique technology incorporated into it facilitates consumers who travel frequently do not need hard to change the time on his clock as it will automatically change with the surrounding atmosphere. It’s interesting brand strategies right?

Lesson #4: Come with Unique Design

Marketing Lessons
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Franck Muller has been around for decades, and serves clients consisting of famous movie stars and other celebrities. The watch brand is known for combining modern style with traditional Swiss expertise. The company is known for creating complicated watches, with the slogan “Master of Complications”. Frank Muller claimed design itself every hour mechanism, which adds to the exclusivity of this clock. Design belongs to an exclusive frank muller make customers interested to buy it, because the design is different from the others offered.

#5. Sell ​​Brand Image

Marketing Lessons
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Cartier is a name that is easily found in the world of jewelry; in addition, homemade watches were very popular. Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in 1847. Famous Cartier watches encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones. Cartier watches are sought after by movie stars, socialita and celebrities around the world, because Cartier represents glamor, fashion and luxury in watches.

The Offered by Cartier is a true luxury, for owners who used it will feel the luxury than will increase they prestige. Besides, the quality offered, Cartier also offers significant luxury, its mean beside the quality Cartier has been sold brand image to its consumers.


Of course, each brands offers a great price backed by a few of factors that make the brand can be accepted by the public with the expensive price. As we have demonstrated above, expensive brand is not indiscriminate in producing goods for consumers. Therefore, although the function of the item at which to look at the time but with a special production process and offer more functions that can add to the marketability of these hours.

How do you think? Whether do you already have a clock with the brands above? Please share your opinion with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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