5 Unconventional Ways to Promote Yourself as A Logo Designer

Theoretically, the most important design project must be awarded to the most competitive designer. The more skilled a designer is, the more challenging the projects must be for this person to feel accomplished. However, reality is different from theory. In the majority of cases, the skilled or the less skilled designers aren’t the ones who receive the most interesting projects. These are received by the ones that really want to get them! More exactly, the ones that are remarked by the clients. Unfortunately, the huge majority, of clients doesn’t have a solid design background and the selection of a designer is made based on the brand and fame. Thence, if a designer is well known, then the chances of having his/her plateau full of client works are extremely high. No doubt, a quality portfolio is playing its major role, but in our current days a strong marketing policy is mandatory. Of course, this situation is valid in the case of logo designers, as well.

Logo Designer Marketing Tips

In the next lines we will try to identify solutions for logo designers in order to become more “visible” for the potential clients. There are many solutions, but we prefer to present you five unconventional ways to promote yourself as a logo designer. Obviously, the most efficient advocate of any logo designer remains the quality of the work.

Tip #1: Pro bono work

One of the most unconventional ways of promoting the logo design services is making pro bono work. In other words, working for free for charitable projects. The main advantage of this promoting modality is that in the majority of cases the client doesn’t interfere too much. The logo designer has full control over the final result and this is the perfect context to create a good logo. The chances of being noticed are small, but you never know. Of course, it depends very much on the exposure of the pro bono project.

On the other hand, adding into your portfolio a pro bono project could convince the potential clients that you are a good human being, a kind person; and in this way the client-designer relationship is strengthened faster.

Tip #2: Be active on forums!

Another very at hand method of self-promotion is the constant and helpful activity on forums. Definitely, it won’t bring fast outcomes, but on long term perspective it will have a positive influence. Reputation is very important for logo designers, but it can’t be achieved that simple. It’s about consistency, quality work and perseverance in order to create a positive reputation. Being involved in many forums, providing quality tips and information will convince the users about the great quality of the services that you are offering. Of course, across time, the forum participants will appreciate your thoughts and it will have as the final outcome a personal brand consolidation. Sooner or later, it will determine potential customers to contact the respective designer or other logo designers will ask for collaboration partnerships.

Tip #3: Participate in design contests

Any client will be impressed by an award winning logo. Here I am talking about those competitions where tens of logo designers submit their portfolios and hope to be selected by a potential customer. It goes without saying that if you have such a logo, then people will be impressed with your work. The Internet is full of various logo design contests and many talented designers give a try. Participating in various design competitions could bring only benefits to a logo designer: his/her imagination isn’t restricted by the client requirements, the subjects are usually attractive and everything is for fun.

Tip #4: Set a positive and personal voice

Despite the previous tips that are very objective, setting a positive and personal voice is something very subjective. A logo designer can quantify the pro-bono projects, can measure how much time to spend enjoying the threads of a forum or creating a logo for a design contest. It means that from the total time dedicated to work, a part of it may be used for these activities. Well, setting a positive and personal voice is a complete different story.

Altogether, even though it’s a tougher idea to apply in practice, it doesn’t mean that a logo designer should neglect it. A positive voice attracts people and it’s needless to say that nobody will select a pessimist attitude. In the dialogues with the clients or in the effective working process a positive approach is mandatory to overcome the inherent difficulties.

Being more personal is aimed at creating a stronger relationship with potential clients or with other designers. People are bored with formalities and are reticent to express their ideas when talking with a formal designer. Instead, a personal voice that is tolerant will work as a magnet. Of course, the logo designer must be honest and he / she must offer clear explanations when rejecting client requirements that are wrong or incompatible with the design rules.

I believe that the above lines convinced you that being positive and personal is a good way to promote yourself as logo designer.

Tip #5: Maintain a blog

Everyone agrees that a logo designer may catch the attention of some potential clients by writing blog posts explaining his ideas or his modality of creating logos. Surely, it’s a great idea, but it’s not enough.

Maintaining a blog isn’t a simple task…it requires research, time spent for writing and for answering to comments and emails; and the list may continue. Moreover, there is no certitude that the visitors will like the posts and will come back constantly to enjoy the latest articles.

On long term perspective, a blog is a good source of reputation strengthening and sooner or later, a quality blog will be discovered by the ones interested in logo design. In conclusion, a blog is (still) an unconventional way of promoting yourself. Personally, I think that the main aim of a blog launched by a logo designer must be the growing of the personal brand. Certainly, a more visible brand will attract more potential clients. I must warn you again that the positive influence of a blog isn’t distinguishable on short time, perhaps it will take about a year or more to obtain a decent traffic that later could be “converted” into clients.

Your Turn

I hope that I gave you some interesting ideas about how to promote yourself. Now it’s your turn to apply these and let us know the results; we are waiting for your thoughts.

– Written by Daniel –

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