Are You Sure You Want to Become a Logo Designer?

Here, on iBrandStudios, we have tons of quality articles about logo design and what the logo designers are doing to make better creations and have many clients. The target of the posts is the middle segment of logo designers, more exactly the ones who just passed the statute of beginner to the ones specialized, interested in knowing the latest news in the field. Somehow, it is normal to do such things but it isn’t fair to neglect a special category: the ones that are interested in logo design but their knowledge is zero- the rookies. The main issue is that they need information about how to create a logo while the ones more experienced are interested in, let’s say how the responsive design affects the logo crafting.

Anyway, we have considered that isn’t a waste of time even for the experienced ones to come back to origins and verify their theoretical preparation. We have for you a collection of five articles that will help the rookies to make a better idea about what the concept of logo design supposes and how to become a better logo designer. In conclusion, no matter if you are a talented and famous logo designer or a newbie, the next articles will help you a lot. As in any other job, before starting to learn the basis of logo design it is mandatory to have a clear answer to a question:”are you sure that logo designer is the best job for you?” Here we have the pros and cons, no one, except you, can say if logo design is suitable or not for you. My recommendation: put them in balance and meditate a lot, once you have decided don’t turn away!

Become a Logo Designer


#1. Logo design is a nice combination of art and technology

Making logos may be a very interesting activity. The inner essence of logos is that these creations aren’t pure art, but it is impossible to neglect their artistic part. Once these are created using the latest software, it means that these are digital products. This duality is what really makes so beautiful the art of logos. In fact a logo designer, by respecting some basic principles of beautiful design, creates his perspective over a specific product or company. Is there anything more interesting than adjusting the world through your creations…?

#2. A logo designer faces many interesting challenges

A logo designer can’t be ever bored, during his activity he gets in touch with various people, different mentalities and tons of new challenges. The Internet evolves very fast and the logo designers must keep the same rhythm. Another important aspect is that all business owners want to invest in their online presences and will ask for the help of web and logo designers. The conclusion is that there will be lots of projects and you, as logo designer surely will benefit from.

#3. A logo designer get a lot of exposure

Working with many clients for different projects will assure a lot of exposure and in addition to the quality of the projects realized, it is the key of success. The exposure is tenfold higher if you work with worldwide clients and not only with local customers. The real problem is how you manage the fame you have obtained: I strongly encourage trying running you studios and offering to your customers what you may do the best. The exposure is vital, but it’s zero without entrepreneurial spirit.

#4. You may work from home, run a studio or work for a company

A logo designer has the great advantage that his projects may be accomplished from various locations. Consequently, he may work from home, from a park or from his desk in a company office, the purpose is only to create something astonishing and the clients to be satisfied. The freedom is something absolutely wonderful, therefore why don’t you join this branch?

Unfortunately, as in any human activity, there can’t be only positive aspects. The next ones are the most annoying but any of them may be resolved or avoided, it depends only on your desire.


#1. The competition is high and not very fair-play

It’s extremely simple to say that today I will create ten new logos, but really doing these is the real problem. The job of a logo designer isn’t simple, there are various factors to take into account and it’s almost impossible to satisfy all the tastes. Much more, many people are calling themselves logo designers and ask for very cheap amounts of money for their services. Sometimes, the clients prefer these solutions which won’t bring the wished profit. Briefly, worldwide there are very many logo designers and some of them ask for unfair cheap prices. It isn’t necessary a bad approach, but usually they simple steal other logos or their creations are poor enough to make everyone sick.

#2. People hardly (don’t) understand the importance of a logo

A logo is a small graphical construction and common people have the tendency to neglect it. The specialists know that is a bad mistake not to pay attention to the logo, therefore the main issue is to make the clients aware that a logo may be the one that brings or not the desired profit. In this way, instead to be full focused on your creation, you should discuss with the clients about the importance of logos. It won’t be a big deal unless it will happen very often, so it is a real disadvantage!

#3. Logo design is a very subjective matter

Yep, logo design is an art…but it means subjectivity that isn’t quite beneficial for a logo designer. It’s impossible to satisfy all the tastes and it’s very difficult to satisfy both the clients and other logo designers. You may say that beauty is unique but it’s not valid in logo design.

#4. It requires a good preparation and a never-ending process of staying updated

Even the more experienced logo designers can’t say that they are fully prepared for the near future. If you really care about your career and your finance, then it’s mandatory to sharpen your skills, learn daily new techniques and study the novelties. The main idea is that you may never say that it’s enough, I am very good and there is nothing to scare me. Briefly, as long as you practice logo design, it is recommended not to ignore your self-preparation.

I hope that this post was relevant for you and check the next post if you really want to become a very good logo designer. Also, we are very proud to help you with any design related problem so use the comment form to get in touch with us!

– Written by Daniel –

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