The 6 Secrets of Successful Marketer Revealed

Being a market leader is desirable for a lot of people. Besides tantalizing, this position is also challenging. Why challenge? Because in order to maintain a fixed position at the top, you have to apply a variety of ways by using the latest methods in marketing in order to remain a market leader.

For successful marketers often have a “secret” from the process of creating a product until market its products. So what is the secret?

Based on that question I arise it in this article this time to reveal the simple secrets that were held by the marketer to achieve success.

Successful Marketers Secrets

Here are 6 simple things are always do by successful marketers:

#1. Understand the costumer behaviour

The first time that a marketer prior to marketing is understand consumer desires and behavior. This will help you to find something that is not known by most people.

The launch of a product should be a product that is desired and sought by consumers. A wide range of research and study is needed to get this info, of course, with a lot of reading and research you can understand what your consumers want.

#2. Then apply that info in marketing discipline

After getting the information that you want regarding consumer behavior, use it as a basic for your marketing discipline, ranging from the production of goods up to doing sales marketing. Don’t ever do marketing only in accordance with your own. Remember, Always learn what works in marketing and what make the marketing disaster.

#3. Have passion about the product

Marketers who know what is not known by others always have a passion about the product, she is not easily satisfied with a product that has been successful in the marketplace, constantly innovate and improve products is become they vision and mission.

The main key in winning the hearts of consumers is offering good quality products at affordable prices.

#4. Always think the Good Ways market to customer

When doing marketing do compare the results after you read reports, marketing magazines, and research papers, to see what works good and to explore the best source of your knowledge.

As Thus, you will be more effectively Able to answer who, why, where, how, and how much a certain customer or consumer buys.

Here are 5 steps you can take to find out the best way of doing marketing to consumers:

  1. First, visit and learn forums and blogs that discuss the marketing world. Interact with the community incorporated in there, read the posts written by members of the community on marketing methods that they have done and will do. From there, look for other marketing methods that have never done them.
  2. Second, actively participate in seminars, workshops, discussions, and more. Here you can meet and interact with many people from various backgrounds and gain knowledge from speakers who are successful and inspire. Take science and useful information that could then be used as a lesson and applied in your business.
  3. Third, take the time to establish good relationships with other businesses. Exchange information and knowledge from other business people who are also doing the same thing as you is a positive thing. By knowing what the other businesses, you can become the market leader and can perform different methods from other businesses.
  4. Fourth, do some research?Like what I say before in steps number 2, Research is an important step you should do to find out what the current marketing trends. Find out about the latest trends in the business are on the rise. Never stop looking out for in the business world because can change quickly, especially in this era of technology is growing very rapidly as it is today. You should always be up to date and has a high commitment to be able to survive in this world.
  5. Lastly, prepare yourself to face things that can be changed at any time. Do not already be in a comfort zone because you do not know what will happen tomorrow. Always flexible, patient, and do not forget the original purpose of your business. Always think out of the box because all of it will motivate you to continue working in marketing your business.

#5. More focus on marketing strategy

Required specific marketing strategies, in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy therefore play an important role even nearly 50% achieving success. In the preparation and implementation of the strategy can be done by combining multiple strategies together to produce a more optimal performance.

There are 5 things you need to understand when doing marketing strategy to achieve success. Fifth power of the competition is the threat coming from suppliers, threat of new entrants, threat of consumers, the company that produces the threat of substitute products, and the threat of similar companies.

It is a picture that competition in the business world is increasingly tight. Therefore, operations management should be able to create a competitive advantage for the company.

#6. Make marketing and sales fit together

Many individuals or companies who equate between Sales and Marketing. WHEN they obviously VERY DIFFERENT. Marketing is the parent of Sales or selling and the sales are part of a marketing process. In terms of the definition is also different.

Where Marketing is a PROCESS NEEDS and WANTS human fulfillment in a way to make a unit of product or services. While selling is buying and selling process is characterized by the transaction between consumer and salesman.

Both the relationship between marketing and sales often have disharmony, while the cause of the disharmony that is:

  • Assume that the sales marketing division.
    • Part Marketing does not do anything to contribute to the company’s bottom-line.
    • Part Marketing is not sufficient to bring prospective customers.
  • Prospective customer-generated section Marketing has a bad quality.
    • Work marketing the easy part.
  • Message and part-Marketing material does not reflect what happens in the real prospects.
  • Section assume that the sales marketing
    • Parts Sales wasted potential customers to ignore or not act upon them in depth.
    • Parts Sales does not say the right message or not using the right branding material.
    • Sales team’s work easier
    • The Sales did a lousy job in conveying the company’s message.
  • Surely this dispute will not be endless, harmonious cooperation needed to achieve a common goal in achieving the desired success, because even if you have products that are attractive and useful to the consumer, but you do not have a marketing and sales go hand in hand, your goals will not be realized.

    That the point, what marketers need to know to market their products without the other person know that a good cooperation in every element of his company.


Being a successful marketer is not easy to do; basically you have to be more focused and more serious in conducting marketing activities. Prepare with 100% step by step in your marketing activities.

Ranging from product planning to prepare by doing sales marketing, of course you have to make sure everything goes as it should, every problem in every part should have to be resolved to achieve the goals you desire.

What about you’re marketing activities? Does the same as above 6 secret? Please share your comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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