6 Ways to Promote Your Business Online without Spending Penny

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There are lots of ways to Promote your Business Online, but unfortunately some ways cost a huge bucks. But If you are the business owner, who don’t want to spend money on Promoting your business or You don’t have the budget to promote your business. No matter, here I am going to share some of the best ways to Promote your business Online and hey even without spending a penny.

Marketing Tips for Your Business

#1: Promote your business through blog

If you have your business website, then you should have a blog on to the website. A blog is one of the best to make your website updated and drive potential buyers. Blog can do wonder when comes to make visitors to your regular customer. It is the only place where most of your customer or new customer land, so it should be well updated with interesting News, offers and Promotional post about your business or products.

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#2: Google Local: Another way to Promote your Business Online Free

You might have heard about Google Local, Yes a place where you can List your business in Local geolocation. For example, if you are running a business in California, then the Google Local will pull your website when somebody search for anything related to your niche. This will probably take some time, but it worth forever.

#3: Social Media a way to Keep interacting others

As the demand of social networking sites are growing like rapid fire, business owner should take advantage of Facebook, twitter Google+ and Pinterest are some of the most effective platform to promote your business online.Be active on social sites and promote your business effectively

#4: Online Classified sites play major role

When it comes to online Classified, there are lots of Sites that provides Free classified Listing. You can take advantage of such sites to Promote your business. Their listing is quite cool, you can categorize your business with a number of category to choose from. You can go many classified sites such as Craiglist.org, Yellowpages.com and lots more, just Search “Free classified ads” on Google

#5: Youtube Video To Promote your Business

Youtube is another giant Search engine, which has millions of videos and more than millions visitors. You can create your own promotional videos about your company and Submit their to show to the world, and give more to your customers, remember to make videos that people will love. Better Headline with proper Tag will boost your Youtube video ranking.

#6: Use ebay to promote your business

You probably heard about ebay, an Online marketplace to buy and sell products or services, so how you can promote your business or products there? Well its quite easy, sell your products on ebay and link your main site on the ebay page to drive traffic to your business website. With over more than billion page views ebay is remarkable source to promote Online Business.

These are some of the best ways to Promote your business online, hope you found this helpful for you.

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Mark is a content writer working with many Online companies, helping them to achieve the success through content writing. He is also working with MashinMedia and flash themes.

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