7 App Ideas Meant To Kick Start Your Startup

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In the digitized world that we live in today there is not a single iota of information a user cant tap into and it all comes from the device in your palm that can easily open doors for learning and gaining experience about literally whatever the human race sets its mind upon.

Yes, the world that we live in is practically run by mobile and other several kinds of apps which help you perform at work, make you more productive, makes you stay healthy and updated, there are even apps that track human behavior.

According to Statista.com, in only 2020 mobile app companies generated a revenue of $581.9 billion which is projected to rise to a staggering $935.2 by 2030.

Right now the Google Play Store is host to around 2.65 million apps and there are about 1.85 million apps available in the Apple’s App Store. This is because the app market is the only market in the world right now which has become capable of reaching every corner of our beautiful planet.

In only January 2019 there were about 9869 applications and 1696 games submitted for release in the Apple’s App Store and the number is ever increasing. Keeping this in mind bright and upcoming developers are always on the prowl for new ideas aimed to make everything easy and rapid.

The purpose of this blog is to shed light upon some ideas that when executed perfectly can result in new possibilities taking this digital world to newer heights. But before we begin I have to say that an idea is just the start, we have seen brilliant ideas which when poorly executed have resulted in massive investment failures.

Secondly, getting into the app business is just for the big players, we have also observed apps developed on low budgets with limited resources take off making people rich overnight.

Best App Ideas to Kick Start Your Startup

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start a digital marketing agency, a salon, or a software house through a mobile app, the following ideas will help you understand the top ideas that can be used to create a thriving startup.

#1. Wi-Fi as a Service Help Desk App

The market report says that there are a lot of companies which are not going to have their own Wi-Fi in the facility. Most companies rely on some third party internet provider like Cisco to come in and setup connectivity in their building. The question here is how fun is it for employees if they need help desk support?

Picture this, you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi at work and you are trying to reach someone and in most cases the tech department tells you to lodge a complaint from the Wi-Fi you can’t connect to in the first place. So if offices had Wi-Fi as a service help desk app, where the employees can submit a help desk request using their smart phone through the 3g, 4g or 5g networks that are available.

This way employees can get quick help as they are off their official work network. The Wi-Fi as a service market size is projected to grow from $3.4 billion in 2020 to $8.4 billion by 2025 at an accumulated growth rate of 8%. Considering the growth rate it’s better to have a help desk app installed in the employee’s phone.

#2. GNSS Simulator App

For those of you who are not familiar, GNSS stands for global navigation satellite system. So basically what I am saying here is that there are a lot of devices out there like wearable or other hardware that make use of GNSS. What we need to do with this simulator app is to be able to test those devices to see if they are working correctly.

In order for us to run the test we need a simulator that mocks up the conditions of the global network satellite system. For this the major factors fueling the market growth includes the growing penetration of consumer IoT products, unmanned aerial vehicles and other IoT applications.

These factors are leading to a rise in the need for precise GNSS simulators to test various consumer devices. The increasing demand for software-defined radio, GNSS simulators provides a lot of growth opportunities.

#3. IoT Middleware App

IoT Middleware App
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Here we are talking about the middleware that somehow connects different IoT solutions/devices with backend processes and APIs. This market is expected to grow from $10.1 billion in 2020 to $25 billion by 2025, considering the 19.7 compound annual growth rate this is a market app startups should tap into right now.

The increasing use of embedded sensors and the availability of faster cellular networks is driving the adoption of IoT middleware platforms in industries like healthcare. Here we are considering middleware that can handle device management, application management and network management alike. All of the embedded sensors and other devices that can somehow connect to a common platform (middleware) so that the user can easily plug and play.

#4. Security as a Service

Here we can consider some kind of an app that identifies and assesses weakness and vulnerabilities in network security. There is a huge market growth in this area in the next five years, from $11.1 billion to $26.5 billion in 2025, an expected 18.9% annual growth rate.

The key factors that are driving security as a service industry include mandates to follow regulatory and data protection laws, an increase in the demand for cloud based security solutions and the high cost in managing on-premises security solutions.

As we have observed, companies spend a lot of money securing their precious data, their user’s data. Money is spent on behalf of the organizations to show that their networks are compliant because networks in these times face a lot of cyber-attacks. This is the reason why organizations need security as a service solution in order to simplify and reduce costs as they spend a lot of money on security right now.

#5. Intelligent Process Optimization

Here is the thing, we have got people working from home because of Covid-19, there are many other companies running the show remotely and in order to ensure rapid responses more and more organizations are looking for ways to effectively cut short their process time. The demand for paperless workflow is resulting in the increasing demand for more effective IPA solutions.

Owning to the work from home scenario most industry verticals are facing operational delays and other issues related to employee supervision further impacting the need for an efficient operational model using digitization and automation.

So some kind of intelligent process automation app is always required, that will allow organizations to create their own unique workflows, execute, monitor them and at the same time make their process more efficient over time.

The market for process efficiency software is expected to grow form $10 billion in 2020 to $16.3 billion by 2025.

#6. Anonymous Texting

One great way to come up with app ideas is to look at what various APIs have got to offer, one of my favorites is Twilio, which lets you do all kinds creative things with voice and text.

The cool thing about their SMS API is that one can send text messages to the users or have your app serve as a middle man so that other users can exchange messages without having to exchange real numbers.

So here is the idea, an app that allows you to anonymously text someone based on their geographic proximity. Imagine you are at a large event and you want to text somebody without actually meeting or knowing who that person is in real life.

This app will allow one to send and receive messages anonymously with other users within a one mile radius.

To implement something like this you could start with FireBase phone authentication, this process will give you a phone number to work with. Then whenever two users start a conversation you can provision your own Twilio number that maps those two numbers together.

With the client side application like Flutter, the host can be keeping track of the user’s geographic location, when the users are no longer within the one mile radius the host destroys the mapping so that messages can no longer be exchanged.

#7. Cloud Calculator

Cloud Calculator
Illustration by Cuberto via Dribbble

We all know that people love to fill out surveys and get useful information returned back to them, examples include things like net worth calculators or small personality quizzes.

Companies now more than ever need to save money, considering this one could develop a survey that takes in information about the cloud services that an organization is currently using. The inputs then can be compared across multiple clouds like AWS, Asher and GCP.

This service then can help a company implement a multi-cloud strategy that offers the lowest possible pricing.

In order to implement something like this it mostly comes down to the front-end. One can start with a single page application framework like Angular Reactor View and then build a highly set of form inputs to collect the user’s data.

Once you have that data you can make a request to the cloud billing API to fetch the latest pricing. This idea even though is difficult to monetize directly but it could be a great way to generate leads for consulting contracts.

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Sami is a Digital Marketing Strategist at CMOLDS iOS app development services in the US. Having worked on multiple online brands throughout his career with an expertise in content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization.

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