Why Outsource The Development of Your Web Application

Why Outsource The Development of Your Web Application

We are living in the digital era. For a business to succeed, it’s imperative for them to have a well-made web application. In fact, a recent study stated that consumer spending on web and mobile apps is projected to increase by 92% to $157 billion worldwide by 2022.

However, companies aren’t always in the position to develop their own web application, especially small businesses. This is primarily because building a web application requires a lot of effort, skills and expertise. Hence, businesses ignore this extremely vital aspect for their growth and bear the consequences of it.

That being said, there is a good way for companies to build a great web application without compromising on other business operations; outsourcing the development of your web application.

Outsourcing development is one of the potential options to create a website or a software application. If you can’t afford to recruit your own people or choose not to do so yet, this gives you access to professional developers, ensuring you can leverage from having a strong website.

Outsourcing can be advantageous to you regardless of the scale of your company. If you are a single entrepreneur, a small businessman or a big corporation CEO, the key benefits of outsourcing are very much the same.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by CIO stated that 46% of companies choose to outsource the development of web applications to get access to skills and save costs. Moreover, 32% of the respondents stated they planned to increase their spendings on outsourcing.

10 Companies Benefits on Outsourcing The Development Web Application

In this article, we have conducted a detailed analysis and listed the multiple benefits that state why companies should consider outsourcing the development of their web application.

#1. It’s Cost-Effective

Web development outsourcing is much more economical than allowing the use of a group of in-house developers. This is because when you hire developers in-house like VironIT, there are a lot of factors that you need to add to the overall cost besides the salary. For example, infrastructure cost, management cost, training cost, just to name a few.

You could save on recruiting a development team, purchasing IT devices and systems, owning or leasing office space, wages and benefits of workers, electricity costs, etc. by using IT outsourcing services. You can invest in the development of your core company with the capital you could save by outsourcing.

#2. Access A Global Pool of Talent

To create a robust and attractive website or application that offers a rich, attractive user interface, highly trained and skilled professionals are needed. You can recruit developers and UX / UI programmers from a massive pool of talent around the world by opting for outsourcing, which better suits the needs of your project.

Access A Global Pool of Talent

Creating such an in-house team consumes a lot of effort and financial capital. As per Glassdoor’s survey, there’s been a drastic average rise in the time taken for recruiting procedures in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany in past years.

It will take 48.1 interview process days to recruit an IT expert, 35 interview process days to recruit a software developer and 28.3 days to recruit a senior app developer.

Any outsourcing service provider will provide you with a ready-made team of professionals in a really short time period that can produce and execute a high-quality product on schedule. You can also pick a group of back end and the front end developers to outsource your product’s full-stack production.

#3. Focus On Other Aspects of Your Business

Application or website creation, when performed in-house, needs a great deal of effort on your side. You need to track the project closely, ensuring that the best code principles are followed, that the performance requirements are met, and eventually, you need to verify it and correct all the glitches.

Doing all this makes it nearly impossible for you to concentrate on your important business operations and can negatively affect your company. You could get rid of several of these activities and focus on your main market processes by using the services of an experienced web and smartphone app outsourcing provider.

The service provider team of qualified engineers and QA professionals will assure that you’ll get a system that is completely compatible with your requirements and quality expectations.

When the software is being produced by an IT outsourcing service provider, you should work on advertisement strategies to ensure that the product is successfully launched.

#4. Use Your Resources Effectively

Through outsourcing, your team saves quite a great deal of time that would have otherwise been spent on developing an in-house team and carrying out the job. For instance, your Human Resources team would have to conduct recruitment and your management team would have to spend time training them on your company’s culture.

On the other hand, opting for an outsourcing firm is simple and transparent. It reduces the time it takes to clarify the specifications of your project to the experts. After you have clarified it, the remainder of the matter will be taken good care of by the outsourcing company.

As an expert and seasoned team of specialists, your mobile app or website can be completed in substantially less time compared to the time the in-house software creation team would require.

#5. Leverage From Latest Technologies & Techniques

A website development company offers a comprehensive IT structure that allows its developers to deliver high-quality products. Web developers in outsourcing companies use new technologies and software and implement the best coding practises and rigid quality requirements.

Leverage From Latest Technologies & Techniques

Mobile developers will supply you with the newest developments throughout your app to ensure that the design of the software completely satisfies your specifications. To ensure their designers and developers are up-to-date on the recent technological developments, outsourcing companies provide them with training programmes.

Outsourced developers also take part in conferences and activities that highlight new developments and innovations.

#6. Get The Best Quality

Whenever you employ an in-house team of web software engineers, you could have problems with product delivery. These problems can emerge if the in-house staff is not sufficiently adept and skilled to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Once you outsource, the project is run by qualified professionals. They have a lot of practise, skills and expertise to do it in the right way to guarantee good quality. The end product presented to you would not only be of excellent quality but would also be durable, flexible and feature-rich and will help create a strong brand identity for your business.

#7. Get Long-Term Help

Companies often choose to employ an in-house team and bear the costs only till the product is made. However, this isn’t a viable option.

You can employ an in-house team of engineers and designers, and this team may supply you with the requested product. But even though the product is in their possession, the job of the in-house staff isn’t over.

Your company will require support and services from time-to-time. Therefore, on a long term basis, you would have to have some professionals on the payroll of your organisation. It’s an expensive affair.

Get Long-Term Help

If your outsourced web application has been completed, your outsourcing contractor will offer support and advice for the established product when and where appropriate.

So, whether you find a technological glitch with your product or need any adjustments to your end result, you can get in touch with your outsourcing firm and then get the changes made. This help can be made available free of charge for a fixed amount of time or at a rather affordable price.

#8. Get Multiple Experts At One Fixed Cost

The creation of a web application needs not just developers, but also experts such as designers to improve customer experience, quality management technicians to maintain bug-free services, and project management to ensure the progress of the project. Bringing these all people on board of your business is a complicated and expensive job.

Website and mobile software production outsourcing providers support you with all the experts in one location. As a result, an outsourcing provider can create a high-quality and enticing website or mobile app quickly and conveniently compared to doing so in-house.

#9. Shift Liability and Risk Control

The whole liability to produce a high-quality product moves from your back to the outsourcing provider. If any fault happens in the production of the goods, it is the duty of the provider to fix it. If there’s an error when the in-house team is managing the job, you’ll have to bear the cost of correcting it.

A web development contracting firm elects a highly experienced manager who is responsible for alleviating any risks inherent in the execution of the project by careful coordination and enforcement of best practises.

#10. Scale Up or Down Depending On Your Requirement

There may be a scenario where you may need more teams to work on your web application. In such a situation, you need to increase your in-house team by adding additional employees. Employing an eligible worker takes a lot of time. Even, once the new team is on board, the web page development is not going to advance immediately.

Scaling up in size of the outsourced group of developers and programmers is much better than recruiting additional people to the in-house squad. Web and mobile app production outsourcing providers have a huge amount of experience supplying their customers with new designers for their ventures in hours.


Outsourcing web app development is a time-tested and commonly-used industry method for businesses looking to build their website or application. It is an efficient way to create robust, flexible and feature-rich applications and websites that help companies accomplish their digital goals.

About the Author!

Ishan is a Chief Technology Officer at Citrusbug Technolabs having more than a decade of exposure in IT industry. Prior to Citrusbug, he worked as Project Manager after starting his career as a Full-stack developer.

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