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In this digital age, web design freebies are here to stay as valuable resources for web designers and developers. Web designers and developers are constantly looking for ways to save themselves and their companies money, time and effort and looking to get things done more efficiently and freebies such as icons are one way to do that.

Just like professionals and everyday people use tools to get things done quicker, cheaper, faster and more efficient, web designers and developers use resources like web design freebies such as icons to do the same.

The availability of web design freebies such as icons has greatly helped the web design and development community by allowing more designers and developers to have access to quality resources more easily.

This access to these resources has allowed more people in the community to concentrate on other things that need to get done.

In this article, we will explore what icons are, some of the benefits of using free icons and some resources for icons.

What Is An Icon?

In the web design and development community, an icon refers to a small symbol or small graphical representation of an object, action or concept in the digital world.

Icons are used in user interfaces, such as websites and apps, to quickly and visually communicate information or messages to users. They effectively save users time when having to navigate a website or app.

Some examples of icons are checkmarks, files, folders, arrows, download icons, flat character icons, navigation icons and pretty much anything that you can think of.

Growing Demand For Free Icons

With the internet and the number of websites and apps as big as they are and always growing, the need for web design resources is also growing, this includes the need for icons. Icons are one of many web design resources that are easily shared as freebies.

Almost without exception, every time that a website or app is designed and built, it will need icons. Icons are one those web design resources that web designers and developers look for as freebies. This creates a growing demand for icons.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Free Icons?

Some of the benefits of using free icons are that they are free to use, sometimes without having to give attribution, they are usually customizable, they save web designers and developers time, money and effort.

Many times, icons are offered as freebies. This means that they do not have to pay to use them. Web designers and developers can often times find the icons that they are looking for by doing a quick search on the internet.

Web designers and developers save themselves the time that it takes to create icons. Creating icons takes time, and this is time that can be better spent in other areas of web design or app development.

The icons that are offered are often customizable. This gives web designers and developers flexibility when using these icons.

Creating icons is usually a simple task, but it can take quite a bit of effort to do so. This is effort can be better put to use doing something else and can help web designers and developer be more productive and efficient at getting their work done.

Creative Licenses

Creative licenses are one aspect of using web design freebies that you will want to become familiar with. In this digital world, web designers and developers want to strike a balance between sharing and protecting their work, and creative licenses are one way to do that.

There are different types of creative licenses available, some of them are Creative Commons (CC) Licenses, GNU General Public License (GPL) and MIT License.

Some Resources For Free Icons

Some websites that offer free icons are listed below.

 icon-angle-right is an established and well known website that has millions of icons available for download for free and also through a paid subscription plan. They have icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and CSS formats.

 icon-angle-right has a large collection of icons available in SVG, PNG, AI, EPS and PSD formats and available for free and also through a paid subscription plan.

 icon-angle-right offers a large collection of free icons along with design tools that let you edit the icons. They offer icons in the following formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, Favicon, Link (CDN) and Base64.

 icon-angle-right offers vector icons for download that are free to use and do not require attribution.

 icon-angle-right offers web design freebies, including free vector icons and does not require attribution.

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Web design freebies as a resource is a growing niche, and free icons are a part of that niche, and they are only growing.

This is a great opportunity for web designers and developers to save themselves time, money and effort in their creative process.

If you are looking for free icons, you are sure to find many great free resources to suit your wants and needs in the process.

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