12 AI Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Strategy

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Using artificial intelligence in marketing isn’t a novel idea. By selecting the right AI-fueled tools, you can streamline and simplify your social media strategy with ease.

Over 60% of marketers admit to having used AI-based software for marketing purposes, and to narrow it down, over 44% have used it solely to produce content. But AI is nothing but a machine that can’t function without human input.

Even though the input is minimal compared to manmade work, the hard part stands in choosing the right tools and using them correctly. Our aim in this article is to present you with AI-based social media tools that can shift how you approach social media marketing.

5 Ways to Implement AI in Your Social Media Strategy

AI can handle tasks of any nature, including content production, enhancing the user experience, helping run advertising campaigns, and eliciting essential data from your channels. But what would be some actual uses of AI-driven tools in your routine as a social media marketer?

1. Create Basic Post Content

Writer’s block and a heavy workload can impede your efficiency in content creation. It’s hard to slap a precise time limit on a piece of content because you’re always searching for ideas or statistics, and this takes an undefined amount of time. So anxiety and stress creep in.

Thankfully, artificial intelligence can help protect our mental health and save more time.

Turning to AI for help doesn’t mean you’ll generate all the content on the fly with some short prompts and call it a day. The content will still need editing and a sprinkle of human touch.

But AI helps you eliminate writer’s block and reduce staff hiring costs by generating the backbone of your content ideas. From there, you can flesh them out and personalize them.

2. Improve Your Visual Content Strategy

Creating visual content for your social media marketing is a true challenge. You have to spend time filming, editing, and designing branded content that appeals to your audience. But now, with the help of AI-backed technology, you can:

  • Create highly realistic representations of your product in multiple settings
  • Generate visual content tailored to the preferences of each user, fast
  • Find what color palettes, compositions, or textures perform best

People are publishing illustrated books without ever having picked up a pen, all by leveraging AI. Imagine how you can spice up your visual content strategy with such potential.

3. Personalize the User Experience through Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a long time. But the incremental advancements they’ve made throughout the years were seen as minuscule compared to the “superpowers” they’re gaining now thanks to AI. By training your chatbots correctly, they’ll be indistinguishable from real people.

Now you can add chatbots to your social media marketing strategy and never miss a lead. If they start asking questions about your product, the chatbot will explain everything. It can even customize an order and direct them to your website to finalize the purchase.

4. Monitor and Analyze Your Social Media Channels

No matter how much you focus on marketing your products well, rumors can ruin your reputation. Also, being unaware of the competition’s activities puts you behind.

But your working hours are limited, and once you split the time between creating content and running campaigns, there’s hardly any time left to monitor the competition or even your own content interactions.

Monitoring your channels is as simple as peeking over your audience’s comments. In marketing terms, it’s what we call social listening. But the thing with online interactions is that they add up quickly. AI saves you the work of finding these comments about your brand. It monitors your channels and gleans useful data to deepen your understanding of public opinion.

5. Create, Optimize, and Manage Paid Social Media Advertising

When you put effort into advertising your brand organically by posting valuable content, it doesn’t hurt much when the content doesn’t give high returns.

But when it comes to paid advertising, the algorithmic machine needs to be well-oiled with real cash. If these campaigns underperform, the machine stops working, and your business exposure comes to a halt.

With the use of revolutionary tools like the ones we’ll discuss below, you can produce high-converting copy without the headache of hiring a copywriter.

Considering that a good one will cost you a fortune, you can also save money to spend elsewhere. Most AI tools are all-inclusive, which means they not only write advertising materials for you but they’ll also optimize and manage your campaigns as well, which is fantastic.

Top AI Tools Streamlining Your Social Media Strategy
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Top 12 AI Tools You Should Use

It’s time to lift the veil on the best-performing AI tools trending in the marketing space. Sign up, test, and enrich your marketing arsenal with the tools that solve your most pressing issues.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social counts over 30,000 brands in its list of customers. They belong to a wide range of industries, including tech, digital marketing agencies, education, fashion, and hospitality, among others. What’s the main problem solved by Sprout Social, and what are its features?

Sprout Social reduces the time it takes to find, create, and post content on your socials, as well as to run advertising campaigns.

The tool allows you to link to Zapier and seamlessly produce performance reports. Using AI, the tool now allows you to produce content, suggest smart message responses, rank conversations by importance, and reveal their dominating sentiments.

2. HubSpot

Another tool that should be at the fingertips of every marketer is HubSpot. Widely used by digital marketers, HubSpot offers a multitude of features powered by AI to support social media marketers.

For instance, if you’re sharing an article on social media, simply inputting the blog link is enough for HubSpot to produce a compelling social media post.

HubSpot, as a company worth $19.55 billion, supports the majority of the best social media marketing features, including post creation, scheduling, and performance reports.

At the moment of writing this article, they’re working on launching a content assistant and a chatbot based on AI that will facilitate creating emails and blogs, sending follow-ups, and prospecting.

3. Emplifi

Adopted by many popular brands, such as Delta Air Lines, Domino’s, and Mercedes-Benz, Emplifi (formerly Socialbakers) offers a wide spectrum of social media marketing services. They’ve recently launched a new AI-based solution named Emplifi™ AI Composer.

The service is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, and it facilitates social media content production. Actually, it offers more than just copy.

You have a ton of customization options to modify your content, such as emojis, questions, hashtags, tone, etc. Besides these options, you’re provided with content insights on your channels and the market.

4. Cortex

Finally, there’s a tool that will help you turn around your visual content strategy. Employing Cortex in your social media marketing helps you find creatives with the highest ROIs in each of your targeted demographics.

Furthermore, they have a large database with creatives’ performance ratings so you can see what works for your industry.

If you use Cortex, you won’t need to throw money into A/B testing. Merging AI with data analytics tech, Cortex not only helps you find the elements that make your content tick, but it also suggests viable posting times.

The software takes historical data into account while making suggestions, and it even analyzes images on the spot to forecast their performance.

5. Radarly

Radarly, an AI-enabled social-data insight platform, can be a tremendous help in creating highly targeted content for your audience.

Its AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms work together to scour the web for industry news and brand mentions so that you stay at the top of your game.

The tool gives you an upper hand against competition because you’ll be among the first to notice emerging trends.

Radarly monitors millions of pages and profiles on forums, blogs, social media, news sites, and even Asian platforms like WeChat and Sina Weibo. When it notices a repeating pattern in preferred content, you’ll know about it before it goes global.

6. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a global platform specializing in customer experience management (CXM). Giants like Microsoft have used their software, successfully reaching a reduction of 30% in response time. Social media marketing powered by AI is one of the many services they offer.

Similarly to Radarly, Sprinklr puts an ear to social media sites, forums, blogs, messaging channels, and news sites to glean the information you can use to personalize your marketing campaigns. This and other processes are all unified in one place.

7. Phrasee

The main idea behind AI writing tools is that they are trained on past marketing materials. Whenever you ask them to produce a piece of writing, they’ll draw data from all around the internet. With Phrasee, you get to further personalize this training experience.

Phrasee accepts insights from previous marketing campaigns, social media posts, emails, and other pieces of content to determine their effectiveness.

It then crafts materials distinctly written in the same voice and tone. Choose what appeals to you, and fine-tune it along the way.

8. Pattern89

As the brand name suggests, locating patterns is central to what this tool offers. By focusing on the creative side of marketing, they’ve come up with what’s called “creative intelligence.” Their main customers are SaaS platforms, agencies, and marketers.

You can upload your creatives into Pattern89, and it will output a prediction of their performance. The services of Pattern89 revolve around applying sophisticated AI-driven tech to determine the efficiency of your creatives for socials and beyond.

So, if you want to create Instagram content with templates to save time, you’re not losing against someone who creates original posts from scratch because Pattern89 guides you toward converting creatives.

9. WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor is a well-rounded platform that tackles your issues with PPC advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. By relying on machine learning and intelligent algorithms, it will analyze your campaigns and suggest enhancements on the spot.

Serving advertisers, agencies, and online sellers, WordStream Advisor tremendously reduces your marketing efforts and wasted budgets. Mostly suited for small and medium-sized businesses, WordStream recommends creative enhancements and advises on budget uses.

10. Heyday

What if you’ve surpassed the need to acquire customers, but you’re struggling to keep them happy? Customers want instant responses, but you don’t necessarily need to find their email addresses and start bombarding them with emails to build a relationship, as many suggest.

A responsive chatbot is what you need. Heyday comes to the rescue with its AI chatbot that plays the role of a skillful virtual assistant by unifying all of your channels’ conversations into one inbox, answering customers quickly, and even sending product recommendations on the chat.

11. Elai

When you’re short on time to optimize your marketing campaigns, the last thing you’d want to deal with is creating video content. It consumes so much time, and even if you find someone to do it for you, you’ll spend time and money hiring them. Elai.io offers an alternate solution.

With Elai, an intelligent AI video generation platform, you can produce engaging videos by selecting a narrator, inputting text, and choosing a few images. You can turn articles into videos or create engaging social media posts in minutes without showing your face.

12. Murf

Images aren’t enough for a successful creative, and videos appear lifeless without a voice behind them. Voiceovers are slowly taking the industry by storm. The reason why not everyone is using them is due to the costs in both time and money when hiring human artists.

But Murf simplifies adding voiceovers to your social media creatives for more conversions. Murf is a realistic AI voice generator that supports over 20 languages. It helps you turn text into speech, apply voice-changing effects to your recordings, and sync them with video content.


With the launch of ChatGPT, we’re experiencing a revolution driven by AI. These technologies are being employed in almost every area of life, and social media marketing couldn’t make an exception.

Adopting AI-powered tools can help you streamline your social media marketing and do more in less time. Start with the ones in this article, and stick with what works for you.

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