9 Easy to Follow B&B (Bed and Breakfast) Brands Facebook Marketing Strategies

B&B (Bed and Breakfast) at this time looks very promising. Typically, B&B are private homes offering accommodation with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use. Lots of old, seaside or mountain home that has plenty of room transformed into a Bed & Breakfast.

The idea is quite simple that is to take advantage of the empty room to generate a profit, and rules for starting a business is also so simple not like hotels. If you’re interested to start your own B&B business Entrepreneur.com has write a how-to guide for you.

With all the conveniences offered it is not surprising that B&B has evolve quite rapidly in 2014. And did you know that, the number of homeless families living in temporary B&B accommodation has risen by almost half in the first few months of 2012.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Very interesting! Maybe you want to try it or do you have run a B&B business? But need to get more guests. Than luckily for you, I have listed some simple strategies from top B&B brand that reached their success. Now, in this article you’ll discover 9 easy to follow Facebook marketing strategies to help you not only expand your B&B business but also can be applicate to any business:

How to introduce your B&B in first steps

In starting a business B&B is certainly not easy, you will be required to convince consumers that they do not regret staying at your place. Now, here is the first steps of top brands that still did to the make sure that his house is livable.

#1. Make your Facebook page have the same theme

Mission Inn is one of the B&B which utilize ancient house to entertain his guests. This B&B always used a classic theme used to make it look different from the others. As you can see in the example image below, B&B reminded about his old visitor, Henry Ford that ever stay a night in his inn include the year.

I think this idea is brilliant, it will make-fans sure to stay a night in Mission Inn with all his classic theme.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Make accordance post on your Facebook with the same theme of your B&B.

#2. Your House should make guests feel save

I think this it is the important things you should highlight to all of your fans. Show assurance security of your B&B, as is done by the Arbor Guest House a Napa Valley Bed & Breakfast. In the example image below that shows the city inspector who was doing checking the condition of the building and your building is save with legally and safety to use.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Take a picture every detail about your building when city inspector was check it to make sure your fans that your building is save. The result? Fans like and share the quote to their friends for sure that your building is save.

#3. Highlight the beauty of your inn

I’m sure that every B&B has its difference of each other. Than all you have to do when start B&B business is show the unique of your B&B to the fans. What will they meet, enjoy and feel when staying at your place. You should highlight it, like what Stone Hill Inn did.

Stone House Hill Inn place built in 1818 by John I. Hopper who was on site on high ground commanding an unobstructed panorama of the countryside. So can you imagine? that the view must be so beautiful, it is not surprising that Stone Hill shows the beauty of his garden to attract the attention of the fans, as you can see in the example image below.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Choose quote image about your B&B, highlight it what your B&B superiority. You can use quotes from blog that write about you or take a picture itself and when you finish it tag the person you’re quoting—he or she may follow you or share your post in return.

How to make your fans interesting

The next step you should do is make your customers interested to read your post on Facebook. Many steps can make your customers interested you can learn from the top brands. And now, here is a step to make your post more interesting:

#4. Give special offer especially to your follower

When a fan started liking some page in Facebook, of course, they want to benefit from the page. Then, give especially benefits to your fans.

Share your special offer in your page with a simple and explain what your fans will get if they stay a night in you place. Examples in doing it you can see at Ballard House Inn post below. With stay 3 night pay for 2 night as the post title certainly will attract fans to read further.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: In doing special offer you may find it still long enough to describe your promo, you can take the way with link your site in your post to invite fans Facebook to a more in-depth review on your blog or link directly to your site.

#5. Reminds your customer about your environment

If you’ve ever had a guest, invite them to stay longer at your place by reminding them through your photos of your surrounding environment. Surely it would be fun for them to remember the holidays at your place. The advantage? You can invite them to stay longer without having to look too sell.

As performed by Honu Kai amateur photo, that looks can be very interesting accompanied with an invitation sentence to reminds their customers ever stay a night in there.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

#6. Share the people testimonial and review

Keep an eye about industry news on relating to your blog, website or social media. This will be very helpful for you to keep track of the news either good or bad. Good reviews from another blogger certainly will be very helpful for you to increase the number of references to your place.

Black Dolphin Inn also feels similar things, how he was very grateful when his Inn goes into Hufington post. And to help her fans on Facebook interested in reading good reviews of this, Black Dolphin share it in his post page, as seen in the example image below.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Stay focused on adding a good reference guide your B&B, always look up any websites that have published his reference for your place and share it in your Facebook Page.

#7. Show the benefit and fun that your fans will get

Sneak peak is always fun for your audiences because they like to get to know what they will get if they stay a night at your place. When you show what your fans enjoy in your B&B it will make an engagement with your fans.

I suggest, show your photo with the guest when they stay a night in your place, and take a picture what they do to enjoy the nature around your B&B. As practiced by Atlantis house in the example image below.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: One idea is ask permit your guest to take a picture of them when they visit your B&B, follow them when they get around where you are traveling, and publish it in your Facebook page.

How to make an engagement

In order to post in Facebook page you should show your humanity sides. Jokes, funny images, and friendly conversation will end up with received and increased engagement. It is also a form of respect consumers who want to talk with you like human not machines. Like conducted by these top brand to become more humanity.

#8. Make two way conversation

Two ways conversation is always get big engagement; they’re an opportunity to encourage fans, followers and others to share your content, link or social profile.

I suggest you do a two way conversation with a fairly simple and can attract attention. As you can see in the example image below The Sea Spray Inn is simply asking the which one cake that more their fans like. And look at that one of the fans ask him to make-both, and without waiting for a long time The Sea Spray Inn team answer that would make both if the fans stay in their place.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: There’s no need to force a joke in every your two way conversation, just keep an eye out for opportunities to have a little fun, and don’t be afraid to look more relax in your conversation.

#9. Always use the pronoun word

Being a copywriter I always advisable to use a pronoun word, this also applies to those of you who want to look more friendly when make a post in your Facebook page.

Dumfires House want to show this side to looks more friendly, as you can see in the example image below where they shows picture of their B&B by using the words I missed the view from my office window.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: The content you shared is another way to present your personality, so make it simple and use friendly word.


If you feel when your make update post are getting stale, it’s time to try something new. My hope with all these tips from top B&B brands will open your eyes that there is a lot of idea to make your post more interesting and famous. It’s a safe bet you can pick at least a handful from the list above and add them to your editorial calendar.

How do you think? Which tips are you are going to try? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

– Written by Ratih –

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