10 Benefits You Can Get When Hiring Through A Temping Agency

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Attracting talent – and retaining it – is no mean feat these days.

The biggest hurdles companies encounter when hiring temp staff are usually related to time (or lack thereof), expertise and resources. With so much to focus on, hiring can seem like an impossible job – for small and large businesses alike.

And that’s where temping agencies come in.

There are so many benefits associated with hiring through a recruitment agency. Some are obvious, but there are a few not-so-obvious ones too.

A temp agency’s job is to find the right candidate for your vacancy. They will take care of the admin side of things, such as screening CVs, shortlisting candidates and arranging interviews so that you can focus on the operational side of running your business.

Outsourcing work to a temporary agency can also free up some time for your HR department so they can focus on more value-added tasks.

Ultimately, you (the client) make the final hiring decision. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of temp agencies.

1. It saves time

Temp agencies save you time because you don’t have to spend hours reading CVs, putting ads on various recruitment platforms and doing background checks.

But that’s not all.

Training someone up to carry out their role well costs time and money. But is this necessary for a temp worker who will only work for your business for a few months, weeks or even days?

Temp agencies can provide candidates who can “hit the ground running” at your firm, meaning you won’t have to spend hours training someone up.

Of course, your new temp will need some guidance, but the agency should be able to source someone who has already built up experience and transferable skills in the role you’re looking to fulfil: skills that they can apply to your business.

2. Facilitates fast hiring

Need to hire someone this week?

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, with some industries finding it harder than others to source the right candidates. This can prove tricky if you need to fill a role at very short notice due to staff absences or a sudden uptick in demand for your services.

Fortunately, great temp agencies are adept at finding temp talent quickly to speed up the turnaround, leaving you or your HR team to focus on your day-to-day operations.

3. Access to an extensive network

Recruitment specialists spend their professional lives building and tapping into talent networks. So, a process that could take you weeks or months can take a successful temp agency a couple of days or even a few hours to fulfil.

Instead of advertising your role on various sites before screening and interviewing candidates, why not outsource all of this to a temp agency that may be able to send a handful of suitable candidates your way on the same day?

4. Access to expertise

Staffing firms live and breathe recruitment. Think of them as your go-to resource for hiring temporary employees (and permanent employees, too, in many instances).

The best hiring agencies have developed an understanding of the market in which you operate, how it’s evolving in line with technological advancements, the challenges you might be facing, and the skills someone should have to succeed at your organisation.

Don’t be afraid to leverage this expertise. Ask your temp recruiter for their opinion and share their best practices. Niche recruiters will have extensive market knowledge, but border temp recruiters will also have cultivated a wealth of knowledge.

5. Boosts employee retention

Employee retention is a massive challenge for businesses right now.

Did you know that hiring through a temp agency can help reduce employee churn? The model can work well for both employer and candidate.

Think about it: the temp employee has an opportunity to experience what working at your organisation is like without having to make a longer-term commitment, and vice versa.

At the end of their contract, and if you have the capacity, you might decide to hire your temp on a full-time basis. If the temp enjoys working with you and their situation permits, they might decide to stay with your business through its next growth phase.

If not, they can leave at the end of their contract and move on to another position.

6. Value for money

Although temp agencies aren’t exactly free, they can end up saving you money. When it comes to fees, always check with the recruiter before committing. The cost may depend on the role and range between 15% and 20% of the salary.

Here are some of the ways in which teaming up with a temp agency could save you cash:

  • You can fulfil roles quicker, thus minimising gaps in productivity.
  • You won’t need to advertise on multiple platforms.
  • CV and candidate screening is handled by the recruiter.
  • The recruiter can provide you with relevant candidates.
  • You’ll have better access to “talent on tap”.
  • Some agencies will act as the employer, so you don’t have to worry about handling payslips, benefits, etc.
  • They can help with future recruitment, saving you time and money (time and again)!

7. Better prepared candidates

To ensure you get a good fit, professional temp agencies will go the extra mile to ensure candidates are well prepared for their interview and only send you qualified candidates.

As an employer, this helps you because you’ll receive high-quality, motivated candidates who are prepared to succeed.

A temp agency can provide candidates with advice on how to impress in their interview, information about your organisation and what’s required of the role. They can also provide valuable feedback on your behalf to help individuals in their following interviews with you.

Or if they didn’t get the job, help them to succeed in their next one.

8. Narrow the skills gap

The UK skills gap is one of HR’s most pressing challenges.

While recruitment agencies certainly can’t solve the skills gap – that’s a broader challenge – they can help companies access the talent out there at the moment.

If you’re looking for a temporary worker with specific skills or experience in your industry, your recruitment consultant should be able to help. They might know someone who does if they don’t have anyone with the necessary requirements in their own network.

9. Lifelong service

You may decide to work with your chosen staffing agency on a long-term basis (of course, only if you’re happy with the service they’re providing).

In this sense, they can become your go-to resource for staffing services, and you won’t have to spend time and energy sourcing a new agency whenever you need to fill a vacancy.

10. Facilitates flexibility

Nowadays, some businesses rely on temporary staffing more than permanent staffing, and only need candidates for short-term roles.

This can be the preferred model, particularly in times of financial flux. Hiring temp workers can help businesses be more agile and adapt to changes. Ultimately, it can be quicker and more efficient to upscale and downsize your workforce at short notice.

Sign up with a temp agency

Not all temping agencies are the same. Are you looking for an industry-specific recruiter or one specialising in support roles across various sectors?

Either way, find out about the services they provide and their rates.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions like a candidate at an interview.

Ask your recruiter how long it can take them to refer employees. Always be clear when specifying a role – if you’re looking for a candidate with experience using the software your company uses, let the recruiter know.

As with everything in work life, feedback can be incredibly useful.

If your recruiter places a great candidate with you, someone who shines in the role, let them know! Tell them why if you find that the process isn’t working for you.

Each recruiter will have a slightly different hiring process. Some will require a face-to-face meeting with each new client to ensure that the team can tailor their search accordingly.

Clients include global multinationals, small boutique firms, and everything in between. Every client receives the same personal service and high calibre support regardless of size. To recap, the benefits of hiring through a temp agency include:

  • Save you time and resources
  • Are specialists in hiring and have the know-how
  • Have extensive candidate databases and networks
  • Can provide you with quality candidates
  • Understand the market in which you operate
  • Can help plug the skills gap at your organisation

About the Author!

Auria Heanley is co-founder of Oriel Partners, a boutique PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London. She is extremely passionate about providing the highest quality of service to both clients and candidates. Oriel Partners’ clients range from global multinationals to small boutique firms, all requiring the same personal service and high calibre support.

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