8 Best Examples of SaaS Product Video Marketing

Looking to promote your new software or application? Video is the best tool you can use out there. The audience loves it, the search engines love it, and most of all, it works like nothing else.

According to the latest statistics, 72% of consumers say that they like to learn about a product through a video rather than scrolling through a long copy, while 90% of all the viewers retain the video message.

Plus, about 86% of businesses currently use video as a significant component of their overall marketing strategy.

In this article, we will discuss what makes video so compelling and the places where you can use it. We will also be breaking down the 8 best examples of Saas product video marketing to give you inspiration for your next video project.

So without further jibber jabber, let’s jump in!

What is a SaaS product video, and what are its essentials?

A SaaS product video is just like any other video, except that the product you will describe to the target audience is digital.

It primarily promotes subscription-based applications or services to drive potential prospects to a company’s conversion funnel.

It is used in many forms and in many places. It can be a simple explainer placed on the company’s official website or an ad on youtube or your social media feed.

However, what stays constant is the motive behind the video, which is to inform, educate, and persuade the target audience. To create an animated type of product video, you should engage a proper animation company. Here is the list of top 10 animation companies in 2022.

A great SaaS product video has the following features prominent in it:

1. It understands the target audience

Audiences love companies that share their pains and concerns. And this should also be reflected in your videos. As a general rule of persuasiveness, the sooner you touch your audience’s tingling pots, the better! Otherwise, you will just get a bunch of leads that will bounce within no time.

2. It gives context immediately

Well, the attention span of humans has shrunk more than ever before. So if you want to get them interested in your video, you better provide them with a proper context in the first 10 seconds of the video.

This could be referring to their major problems, what the video will be about, or what the product holds in the box for them. Moreover, the audience should be able to grasp the whole idea within 20-30 seconds maximum.

3. It shares a story

Audiences trust brands with a story and will likely buy their product if the story is incorporated in the video.

That’s because a story has the power to touch people’s heartstrings, given that you choose the right words to tell it. Since it adds a human element to your marketing video, it helps the audience connect more quickly on an emotional level.

4. It has a concise length

A product video that surpasses the 2-minute threshold, in most cases, is a video wasted unless the product is super complex and requires great attention to detail to be explained perfectly. However, not adding too much unnecessary information can totally ruin it for your audience.

5. It has a defined goal

A great product video has a defined goal, a reason for which you are presenting it to the audience. You must figure out which direction you want the video to go in.

Is it for solid conversions? Or you just want to educate your audience? This will greatly shape the whole script and save you from beating around the bushes.

Top 8 Saas product videos to get inspired from

Now that you know the criteria for a great video, the following are some of the best examples you can get inspiration from and what makes them so great!

1. PayPro Global

Made by the talented team at Kasra Design Studio, PayPro Global explainer is a perfect example of a compelling product video. It begins with a crisp punchline that directly speaks to the target audience and then quickly moves toward describing all their problems, all within the first 10-12 seconds.

Once the context is set, the video then describes the solution and all the features that can help you overcome the mentioned problems, with a solid call to action. Isn’t it all we just discussed?

2. Moodcaster

How do you know when you have aced the art of creating a perfect animation? It’s when the video doesn’t even require a voiceover to explain something. Moodcaster explainer is one of those. Even though the video entirely relies on visual storytelling, the message is clear and concise, keeping the viewer engaged.

3. Square app marketplace

When you are talking to warm prospects, sometimes, you don’t even need to get into the details of the problem. You simply put forward your solution and describe all the fantastic features that can help.

This video is a perfect example of it. A straight, no-crap, to-the-point product video that gives the audience just what they need.

4. Vintory

This SaaS video by vintory is an excellent example of how the simplest video can be a real attention grabber. The video follows a simple approach that begins with a problem and ends with a solution. However, with lively, fast-paced background music, the quality just reaches another level.

5. Salesforce

Well, this one’s pretty long. But as we discussed earlier, when the product is complex, and people are interested in it, going a few seconds above the maximum won’t be a huge tradeoff.

This video from Salesforce works on the same strategy. Simple, explanatory, and engaging enough to get the audience to the end.


For all that we can say about it, this might be one of the most visually pleasing animations we have seen in a while.

Though the video follows the same good old model of persuasion, the animation that accompanies it is what makes this video so unique. Watch it yourself to see what we’re talking about:

7. Trello

Crisp and short, this two minutes video sums up information that would otherwise take hours to explain. Though the video isn’t the epitome of the highest quality animation, to call it a decent explainer that serves its purpose well won’t be a stretch.

8. Upsend

Upsend is another good video you need to watch if you want something to get inspiration from. It makes good use of 2D animation, typography, and a bit of motion graphics that, when accompanied by a good voice over, turns it into a very decent explainer.


Well, and that’s about it! The impact of product videos in marketing is remarkable. And the more effort you put into them, the more they will play their part in scaling your business.

Besides, you don’t have many options when competing in the digital space; SaaS products are too complex to be explained effectively on paper. That said, using a product video is an absolute necessity.

In this article, we went through everything that makes a SaaS product video perfect, along with examples you can use to get inspiration for your next video project. We hope this article has been helpful throughout.

See you at the next one!

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