See How Easily You Can Create A Linkedin Account For Your Business

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These days, a business has to be present online. Otherwise, it will make an impression that your digital or offline business does not exist. Businesses create LinkedIn profiles to communicate, tell more about the company, attract new clients, and boost the credibility of the business.

It is a great tool for major business and marketing purposes, so it is worth dedicating some time to making a useful LinkedIn page for your business.

An effective LinkedIn page for a prospective boss would mean attracting more clients and keeping the target audience interested in your product. Such a page will not only be well-written and informative but active and consistent online.

If you struggle finding time or hands to make a profile, you can always count on help from the ResumeService24 top LinkedIn resume service to give your hand with it. Here are a few reasons to make your organization present on LinkedIn.

Why make a LinkedIn page for a business?

 icon-angle-right It is easier to promote your services and products

Compared to other social media, it connects businesses with businesses mostly. Yet, it is a great chance to develop the image of your business as a professional expert along with marketing your brand with this positioning.

Plus, there is a Showcase Page feature that makes it possible to communicate and sell simultaneously. With a business page, the announcements of products or special sales offers will reach the audience faster and drive more sales.

 icon-angle-right It is a great platform to employ job seekers and cover vacant positions

Apart from being a platform for showing your business, LinkedIn serves an amazing talent acquisition purpose. Many laborers with high qualifications use LinkedIn as a platform for job searching or simply monitoring the market.

If you are looking for a relevant person as a recruiter in your company use LinkedIn to announce the opening at your firm. However, it is more effective to contact a specific person you are interested in to get more interviews with professionals.

 icon-angle-right It helps in developing your brand

On LinkedIn, you can develop a whole brand persona by posting the right content. Be sure your other workers are also included in this process.

Post content from the perspective of expertise and participate in online discussions relevant to your business to create the right image for it.

 icon-angle-right It can improve the Internet search for your business

By creating a LinkedIn page, you give your audience another way to discover the services and products that you offer. Invite users to your website or sell products right on the LinkedIn page.

 icon-angle-right It is a platform to connect with your target audience

LinkedIn proves to be more formal than other social media platforms yet less rigid than traditional email. Use the LinkedIn connection to reach your audience directly with a higher chance of getting a response.

How to create a business LinkedIn profile step by step

Some of the following steps take a few minutes, and others require long-term planning. Combining these steps will lead you to a successful company account on LinkedIn.

#1. Create a company page

If you do not have a personal profile on this platform, you will need to create one first. When your profile is ready, find the Create Company Page button on the right and start making your business presence here. Choose the type of business you run based on the headcount, and click Continue.

#2. Fill in your company information

The next step in creating a trustworthy LinkedIn business page is providing the details about your company. This section is about your website, industry, and company type and size.

The basics also include your company logo and tagline, if you have those. After providing the essential details about your company, proceed to customize your profile.

#3. Customize your business page

This is a step where some creativity gets involved. In the next step, you are challenged to make your page colorful. Hence, start with a cover picture. It can be another version of your logo, some designed materials that communicate your brand identity, or mood pictures from stocks.

Then, you will need to write a short summary of your business. Write essentials to fill the placeholder, and if you feel like getting professional help, cancel LinkedIn request for publication and order one from a writing service.

Finally, do not forget to add your location to the profile, especially if you run an online business. However, if you plan to use it to collect job applications, it is also essential.

#4. Post content regularly

At this stage, your business page will require consistency in work, as it is best to be present online all the time. Make sure you have a person in the social media department who handles plans and posts regularly.

Your content on LinkedIn must be diversified. Try mixing product descriptions and offers with expert posts on the topics that are currently discussed in your business.

#5. Promote your page

Unlike personal pages, company pages are usually created in clear pursuit of views and engagement, which must convert to sales.

For this reason, it is important to include the promotion of the LinkedIn page in your company budget. Make sure the content you promote is straightforward and catchy yet appropriate for the platform.

Final Words

It only takes five simple steps to start running a company LinkedIn account. Clearly, no need to wait for huge engagement rates on the very first day. However, consistent effort and online presence will boost your page and drive more revenues eventually.

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