5 Best Fax Services for Free (Newly Updated)

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Using a customary and old-fashioned fax machine is unnecessary now. So, you can discard it. After all, it occupies maximum space in the room, and it’s pretty awkward and heavy. Still can’t believe?

You might not know but sending faxes through dedicated fax machines have become an outdated act in this era of cutting-edge technology. It is now a conventional sending and receiving fax process, but numerous organizations still operate business via fax technology.

Have you ever thought of sending faxes online, without a fax machine?

Yes, sending a fax to your receiver no longer requires a devoted fax machine or any printer, scanner, and copier.

Top 5 Online Fax Services in 2021

If you are rummaging around an easy fax sending process, the article includes the best 5 fax services, which are entirely free and also hassle-free to use. This is the leading reason why maximum organizations switch to the advanced online fax sending technology.

So, let’s get started with the top 5 free fax services!

#1. CocoFax

Cocofax Top Fax Services

CocoFax is the one-stop destination for sending and receiving all types of faxes within a couple of minutes. So, it is a highly convenient and accessible site for fax lovers to send free faxes via Gmail, Google Doc, Drive, and word. Furthermore, if you are a new online fax user, who wants to get all-in-one features, it will be worth considering!

What makes CocoFax best?

 icon-angle-right Free trial period

It provides its users a free faxing time of 14 days! If you don’t feel this one a privileged application, you may cancel its membership during that time period.

Cocofax Free Trial

 icon-angle-right Various faxing options

CocoFax provides you with a wide variety of fax options to fax via your windows PC and Android phone. So, all you need is the fastest internet connectivity, and CocoFax will do the rest.

 icon-angle-right Credible fax application

Fax is meant to be used for sending confidential and significant reports. Therefore, you can’t easily have faith in any Fairfax administration to operate the work. Well, CocoFax is the most credible and authentic fax administration with a colossal client base. So, it is an ideal solution!

Cocofax Features

#2. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax enables you to fax two documents per day with a maximum of three pages for every upload. So, after visiting the website, you will get to check its embellished and organized fax sending criterion.

It would be best if you are never concerned about clicking through links to receive the mandated stuff, and it does not require any registration as well. Fill out your name, email id, the receiver’s name, and fax number, and simply hit the “send free fax now” button.

Now sending faxes have become a hassle-free online process to anywhere in Canada and the USA.


  • Intuitive interface
  • The quick fax sending process
  • Straightforward services
  • No ads or branding


  • It does not allow incoming faxes
  • One way process means you do not receive faxes
  • Charges applicable to send more than three documents

#3. MyFax

MyFax allows you to enjoy its 14-days trial period of sending and receiving faxes to over 40 countries. It diligently supports various files than other fax services, for example, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and image files.

This awesome app works amazingly with iPhones and Android devices. So, after the completion of the 14-days trial period, it starts charging you $10 per month. Before availing of its trial period, make sure to skim through its terms and conditions.


  • Amazing overseas coverage
  • The subscription plan is relatively moderate for users with medium to high fax requirements


  • The free trial period indicates it will charge you if you forget to cancel its subscription

#4. PamFax

PamFax is one of the premium faxing solutions, which is free to join. Here, new users will get three fax pages, and it is available for macOS, web, Windows, iPad, and Android.

So, if you need to send 3 fax pages, PamFax provides a minimal plan for you, which is 11 cents per page. As far as its plans are concerned, its professional plan charges you $7.52 per month and only 8 cents per page; whereas, the Basic plan costs you 11 cents per page and $5 per month.

Hence, both these professional and basic plans consist of a personal fax number and enable you to send countless documents in a single fax. Such a service offers unrivaled Skype integration too. Lastly, its professional plan also needs additional support for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.


  • Free fax number
  • No ads and monthly cost
  • It can be used conveniently
  • Moderate worldwide charges


  • A limited number of faxes to send
  • Constrained features in the free offering

#5. FaxBetter Free

FaxBetter provides you with a committed toll-free fax number, enabling you to get faxes a maximum of 50 pages per month. So, you will get an email notification after receiving a fax.

It will also allow you to preserve a max of 1000 pages on its database to access your faxes online quickly. Nevertheless, you are unable to send faxes utilizing its free fax number, OCR/searchable fax feature, and its fax-to-email service.

Most importantly, it’s a trial period of 30 days, and you will receive various ads in this time period. In case you want to send faxes in distinct formats, take up its premium subscription, which starts at $5.95 per month for sending faxes max of 500 pages per month.

However, FaxBetter’s plan also consists of unlimited fax storage, no ads policy, and searchable fax notifications.


  • Superior app for people with low-volume but consistent fax requirements
  • Online storage to its database
  • Document search and OCR capability


  • You can’t send faxes in its free plan
  • Weekly fax receipts will be sent to store your number

Concluding words

Now you must have gotten a transparent idea of all times best online free fax services. So, opt for any one that suits your needs and start faxing straight away! The major recommendation will be CocoFax due to its extraordinary features. Happy faxing!

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