How to Get Your Own Toll Free 800 Number

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Do you want to get a toll free 800 number for your business? Customer connection plays a crucial role in any successful business, and toll free numbers can help you connect with your customers hassle-free. Toll free, or 800 numbers, are phone numbers that consumers dial without any charge to callers.

Because it’s a free call, you can easily win new customers, which is highly beneficial for your business. Offering toll free calls also helps to build long lasting relationships with your existing, loyal customers.

Toll free numbers aren’t just reserved for large businesses. Even small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can benefit from having 800 toll free numbers. Luckily, getting one is extremely affordable.

In this article, you will learn how to get your very own toll free number for your business to help you attain your sales and marketing objectives.

Getting a Toll Free Number for Small Business

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) control the rules for toll free or 800 numbers. However, they are not the ones assigning specific phone numbers. So, how do small businesses obtain toll free numbers?

Somos Incorporated maintains the database of toll free numbers, which gives permission to Responsible Organizations, or RespOrgs, to assign specific toll free numbers. In this way, small business owners can get their toll free numbers for their online store or website, transforming small businesses into a big brand.

Check the following FCC rules when it comes to obtaining toll free numbers:

  • The FCC prohibits RespOrgs from reserving, or ‘warehousing,’ toll free 800 numbers without actual subscribers for whom the toll free numbers are being reserved. RespOrgs caught warehousing numbers will be subjected to penalties.
  • The FCC prohibits hoarding, wherein subscribers are not allowed to own several toll free numbers that they intend using. This rule also includes offering or selling toll free numbers.
  • For competitive bidding (833 auction), the FCC provided an exception to the above-mentioned rules.

Get a Toll Free Number from a Telecom Carrier

Telecom firms, such as Kall 8, are continuously developing the latest innovative technologies to bring more customers to businesses with the help of toll free calls.

So, how do you choose a telecom carrier for your toll free number?

  • Choose an Experienced Company: It’s important to choose a telecom carrier that can provide you 800 numbers. With experience and expertise, you can benefit from their complete set of tools in managing and tracking toll free numbers real-time.
  • Check Services: You might want to choose a telecom firm that can instantly activate your 800 numbers, forward them to you, view calls, and check and analyze results. Choose one that can offer secure online management and important call features, such as conferencing and call forwarding without extra charge.
  • Know Latest Trends in Toll Free Number
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    Know the Latest Trends in Toll Free Numbers

    Toll free numbers usually starts with a three-digit code, such as 800. Other prefixes are available, such as 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. With the emerging demand for toll free numbers, vanity numbers came to existence.

    Vanity toll free numbers refer to spelled words according to the corresponding numbers of the dialer, such as 1-800-PLUMBER for a plumbing company or 1-888-NEW-TIRE for a tire company.

    Toll free number services have evolved with the advanced digital technology, and business owners have more options. These enhanced services are usually offered by telecom carriers to make an edge from their competitors and help business owners find the best business communications options for them.

    With enhanced toll free services, you can make your customers’ experience more positive, which will drive greater sales and profits.

    Take a look at the following add-on services to toll free numbers:

    • Business Text Messaging: With this feature, you can seamlessly communicate with your customers through short messaging service (SMS). Using your toll free number will make your business more professional when your target customers receive your text message as compared to an unknown or personal number.
    • Virtual PBX: It is now possible to integrate your toll free number with an automated voice prompt or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), containing greetings, extensions, and multiple menus.
    • Lead Management: Just imagine creating your own rules when it comes to restricting and distributing calls to your clients. With lead management, you can set rules for each type of call, such as repeat calls. Also, running lead reports is possible by showing the number of leads delivered and calls missed by every client.
    • Address Lookup: Follow up missed calls by gathering the addresses of callers using this feature. In this way, you can easily send letters to those customers who contacted you, allowing you to market your products and services.
    • VoIP Termination: If you already have adopted VoIP technology, this add-on service to your toll free number can help modify your number and send your calls via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

    Determine How Your Business Can Benefit from Toll Free Numbers

    Before getting your own toll free number, it’s important to be aware how your business can benefit from it. In this way, you can choose the best toll free number services aligned to your vision and mission, and overall business goals.

    Here are the benefits of having a toll free number:

    • Establish Good Brand Reputation: Because toll free numbers are recognized by customers as free calls, you can establish good business reputation. Offering toll free numbers help increase your trust rating and credibility and improve customer relations.
    • Reach More Customers: Because toll free numbers aren’t restricted by geographical boundaries, you’re able to get connected to all types of customers worldwide. It greatly helps when you’re engaged in a global business venture or you’re aiming to expand your market internationally.
    • Human Touch: Customers call because they want to directly speak with a live agent, mostly due to unanswered questions, concerns, or complaints—being charged extra for every call will only pile frustration on to your consumers. That’s why offering toll free numbers is a better way for you to open your communication lines to your customers without charging them anything.


    Getting your toll free numbers is a good idea if you want to broaden your customer base by reaching more customers over the phone. You can get your own toll free numbers from Responsible Organizations and telecom carriers.

    Telecom firms can offer enhanced services so that you can customize your business communications system according to your needs and your customers’ behaviors.

    Just be sure to remain in compliance with FCC rules and industrial ethics when getting toll free numbers and when calling leads and customers.

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