Top 5 Best NFT Marketplaces (Explained)

Illustration by Gloria Shugleva via Dribbble

NFT has already become the NEXT BIG THING in the world thanks to its highly profitable uses, which are making a lot of the people MILLIONS of dollars. Be it selling your favorite celebrities fanart or a completely fictional character out of your imagination, nothing is off limits.

Everything can sell on NFT marketplace, if something can catch your eye, you can bet that someone will actually purchase that NFT, not matter how dumb it can look, this new innovation can add extra value to art and bring more exposure to upcoming artists who can now thrive in NFT universe with their unique projects.

And while NFTs are becoming more and more popular, even evolving video games where you will soon be able to buy cd keys on Gamecamp and earn NFTs from playing your favorite games, so is the internet getting flooded with new NFTs marketplaces.

However, not everything on the internet can be trusted and to save you all the hassle of searching frantically on the internet for a “trusted marketplace”. This is where these marketplaces come into place where they are widely used by everyone and are out right from the beginning of NFT boom.

We have done the research and gathered up the top 5 BEST NFT marketplaces on the internet to buy and sell NFTs in 2021. Feel free to experiment with all of them and choose which one fits you the most.

They are all unique in their own way and have different options on what types of NFTs you are looking for. Nonetheless, we chose these 5 NFT marketplaces that are currently taking over the NFT world.

#1. OpenSea


At number we have OpenSea, the best NFT marketplace to sell and buy NFTs in a very quick and efficient way. Getting started with OpenSea trading is incredibly simple to set up, store, and sell your nfts.

OpenSea is super quick and dependable and you can build your own nft store here in minutes. Creators can create their own items on the blockchain using open seas item minting, and you can use it to create collections of NFTs for free without writing a single line of code.

You can create your own digital art and then put it on the platform to make an NFT. When you list anything, you can start an auction or set a buy now price. And you can even see what and who someone has purchased from and who they’ve sold to. In fact, you can view previous NFTs pricing, making it quite easy to observe what’s going on.

It is super easy to start selling your work at OpenSea since it has very friendly user interface and can help you with your designs, monitor your listings and overall help you thrive with your own business and slowly ease out into the NFT craze.

#2. Rarible


This marketplace is all about communities that are owned by the people who live in them. Just like the OpenSea, it is easy to get started with and can actually be used alongside OpenSea. It also has its own coin, which it distributes to community members on a weekly basis.

The platform is extremely centred on our assets, so collectors may utilise rebel to mint new NFTs to sell their creations, and the creator can even provide a sneak preview of their work to everyone that visits rarible, but only the purchaser will have access to the complete project. Rarible buys and sells nfts in a variety of genres, including art, photography, video games, metaverses, and music.

#3. Super Rare


The next marketplace isn’t a public one, instead one has to be handpicked by the Super Rare creators to be able to upload their art for others to see. This is what makes this super rare and there are only a few artists on the platform.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join the platform, you just need to register yourself as an artist and then wait for the team to analyze your profile and if you are lucky, you might even get a chance to be a member.

#4. Enjin


I am sure you must have heard about Enjin, now this is a HUGE marketplace mostly for the gaming enthusiasts who want to buy and sell some amazing NFTs. You might not find some cool looking Diablo 2 items here yet but you never know what you stumble upon.

Enjin also has its own currency that you can spend to get these exotic items for you to show off or whatever else that you might want to do with NFTs.

#5. Foundation

Foundation - NFT Marketplace

Last but definitely not the least, we have Foundation, this marketplace is made for the designers and artists, who want to grow as a community and help other artists out. Foundation has been experimenting with a number of things and more and more people are joining them in their venture.

These are still a handful of the many NFT marketplaces out there and as more people are getting into this hot market, developers are trying to come up with new ways to get their attention. We are still in the early days of NFT and some even think that it’s just a bubble waiting to burst.

Final Words

To sum up, there are many thriving NFT marketplaces that are racing to grab their share of the market. NFTs are still a young innovation and who knows how all of these marketplaces can look in the future and who will be leading the race.

However, we can clearly see that the competition is there and the interest in NFT platforms are constantly growing. To this day, all of the marketplaces have their unique touch and also have something else to offer.

Saying that, you have a full choice to decide which one fits your needs the best and where you can shop for NFTs regularly but it is fair to say that you can’t go wrong with your choice.

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