The 6 Best Tips For Success With An Etsy Store

Illustration by Jeremy Perez-Cruz via Dribbble

Opening an Etsy store is something that you should really think about doing if you are a creative type of person. If you love to make things or create art, then you can actually make a living at it now thanks to the thriving marketplace on Etsy.

Whether your craft is jewelry or your own fashion line, there is a market for you on Etsy.

Some people on Etsy are using their creativity to replace their full-time job since they are so successful at it.

Whether you are looking for that kind of success or would be happy simply supplementing your income then there are some things you should know about when starting an Etsy store.

This article will go over several tips to get you started.

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Illustration by Prajakta Badare via Dribbble

1 – Take great pictures

You only have a second to make a first impression on Etsy to get somebody to click your image. This is why the featured product image is so important. It has to be engaging enough to immediately get somebody’s attention and have them want to see more.

Then, your product page images have to show the product from every angle and in many settings. This is so you’re leaving nothing to the imagination of the viewer and they understand exactly what the product looks like.

Some images you will want to be worn or shown in relation to other things to get a sense of the size so it’s good to have some background.

On others, you’ll want the viewer to focus on some small details so using a photo background remover and keeping the background white will help. This way you will be more likely to convert the visitor into a customer since they will be more likely to buy.

2 – Build a following

There are millions of people who shop on Etsy so you only need a small fraction of them to make a living. However, the competition is very tight and it is difficult to stand out.

There are ways to break through the noise, but a sure way to get consistent sales is to drive traffic from outside Etsy to your store.

Try to focus on building up a good following on the social media networks of your choice. Better yet, find the ones where your ideal customers are likely hanging out and focus your efforts there.

Create engaging content that is shareable and will inspire people to check out your Etsy store. Since they are fans they will likely want to buy.

3 – Figure out your pricing

It can be difficult to come up with a price for your creations that make it worth it. Try to see what others are charging for the same type of product made with the same materials.

Then, add up the cost of your labor and materials to make it. If there is still some room between that number and the average price, then there is a profit to be made. Just decide if that is also worth the time required to make it. You may have to charge more.

There is a tipping point when you charge too much for a product and it stops selling. Yet, at the same time, you have to charge enough for you to continue making money.

4 – Run paid ads

Even if you have a perfectly optimized product page and have your SEO on point it can still be difficult to break through and for your store to take off. There is a lot of competition on the platform so you have to find a way to get seen.

Running paid ads on Etsy is a great way to guarantee that you get into the top search results for the keywords that are going to make a big difference.

The way that it works is that there is an auction for certain keywords. You will put up a bid for the keywords that make the most sense for your product.

If you win the auction and get the keyword then when somebody searches your result will come up first. You’ll need to test a lot of different keywords to bid on and will likely spend too much in the beginning.

Once you have things optimized then you will start making sales and not spending a lot of money on ads.

5 – Practice good customer service

Try to remember that your store is just using Etsy’s platform. At the end of the day, the store is your responsibility. Think of it like setting a store up in a mall and you get the idea.

This means that when a customer has an issue, it’s your problem and not Etsy’s. It’s your responsibility to make sure the customer ends up happy.

First, make sure that you are packaging and shipping the products correctly so that they arrive in one piece and on time. This will prevent a lot of problems from even happening.

If the customer does get a defective product, make sure to have a return policy that rectifies the situation quickly.

Give them free returns and send out a replacement or start a refund as soon as possible.

6 – Engage with customers

The key to success on Etsy or any e-commerce store is to create fans instead of customers. If you engage with your customers then you will create loyalty and have them always coming back for more.

The way to do this is to make sure that you are starting and adding to conversations on your social media channels. Be available so people understand that you are not some faceless store, but instead a real person just like them.

If you created an email list then don’t just send promotional types of emails. Make sure to send helpful tips or just something that will brighten their day a bit.


Being successful on Etsy can be a bit of a grind. It does take a lot of hard work and determination. With these tips in mind, you should be able to put together the success you’ve been dreaming of.

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