6 Best Ways to Get Free Traffic for Your Business Website

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You have an e-commerce business or a mercantile establishment. You also have published your website on the web. However, you have hardly any traffic at all. And when you last checked using some keywords related to the product or services you offer, you barely find it in the first few pages.

Now here comes the question: do you want to increase your website traffic to a thousand and more, let’s say for free? You are at the right place to ask your question. There are numerous ways to drive free targeted traffic to your website, but we will cover five of the best practices in this blog. First, let’s talk about traffic and the reason why you need more of it.

Why Does More Traffic mean More Business Opportunities?

Website traffic or web traffic pertains to the number of internet users who visit a website. The idea is similar to auto traffic on a highway or road. However, website traffic is an influential criterion and business growth determinant.

It tells you a variety of things, such as the performance of your marketing tactics, the insight of your consumer behavior, the credibility of your SEO strategy, and most of all, the acquisition of more leads, more conversions, and more customers.

In addition, web traffic does not only end with steering it on your website. When you want to increase traffic right away, it should focus on high-quality traffic. One of the pitfalls of increasing traffic is a decreasing conversion, which is something we don’t want to happen. Remember that a decreasing conversion means losing revenue; hence, the best course of action is finding and analyzing the reason for declining conversion. This way, you can improve and resolve that area.

How to Get Free Traffic for Your Website?

There are ways to get organic traffic that is most effective and reliable. A mix of these channels is preferable rather than focusing on one practice. However, when choosing your method, make it a point to align it with your strategic goals and business plan.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization
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#1. Perform on-page and off-page SEO

There are various SEO tactics to help increase your website rank in search engines and acquire more visitors. These tactics include producing high-quality content, applying keywords and keyword phrases, using meta descriptions and meta tags, and building backlinks. On a side note, on-page and off-page SEO guarantee superb results, but it may take time.

With both on-page and off-page SEO, there are technicalities to bear in mind. Moreover, the algorithms of any search engine are ever-changing depending on the trends. Revinnt’s expertise in this matter is remarkable. Our paid traffic gives you immediate visibility and great value. Reach us today to discuss your digital marketing plan in mind at a cost-effective budget.

#2. Write blogs and Do Guest Blogging

Blogs are traffic generators already available on your website. The more quality content your blog contains, the more traffic and leads your website can generate. Blogs that speak directly to their audience through engagement and delight will likely rake you more leads.

Besides your blog, you may delve into guest blogging by submitting blog articles to other websites or accepting them from external contributors. Otherwise, you may do both.

#3. Include social media

Social media makes you think of all the flair because of the carefully crafted images and optimal timing of posting. But what makes it helpful in increasing traffic is the “call to action” included in the caption to direct people back to the website. It is no longer just the likes and followers but the conversion of these numbers into paying customers to gain sales.

#4. Execute email marketing

Once a customer buys from your business, it does not end there. Staying in touch with your customer base through emailing newsletters retains or expands it. Email marketing focuses not only on new customers but also on the existing ones that either have bought from your store or not yet. Effective remarketing or retargeting campaigns will help you generate more income.

#5. Enlist your business in local listings

Local listings publicize a business’s profile online and add it to directory websites. Creating your profile in local business listings is accessible for search engines such as Bing, Google, and even Yahoo. Take note that one out of eight searches in the US comes from Yahoo. Therefore, it does not hurt to leverage local listings as a way for you to get organic traffic.

The data about your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are the standard information in setting up your profile. Even better, your website URL, product or service-related images, operating hours, customer reviews, answered questions, and other pertinent information makes your listing more optimized, attractive and engaging to potential customers.

#6. Get involved in a relevant online community

An online community is a hub for internet users to interact with each other. A discussion forum is an online community that brings people together to seek answers to questions or answer questions, especially from industry experts. You can answer questions that are pertinent to your business and direct your audience to your website.

How to Get Your Website on First Page?

This blog may have given you the best ways to get free traffic out of the rest and may keep you busy working in the following months. However, there are other ways you can get your website rank on the first page, which solely depends on your business’s goals and performance so far.

Revinnt is a digital marketing firm in Utah that offers digital marketing services for highly valued and exceptional results. We support small businesses or established enterprises in making their website popular or building their brand to ensure more conversion and more sales. Call us now to get rolling with your SEO or digital marketing plans.

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