6 Best Ways to Get Someone’s Phone Number

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Have you ever tried to contact an old friend but failed? It happens with everyone.

We have a lot of social media platforms and other methods to find someone’s contact details. However, they are not reliable as people do not share correct information on these platforms anymore. That is why you need a smarter way to check someone’s information (phone number) without spending hours browsing through profiles.

Today, we will discuss White Pages, and share 6 platforms where you can search for someone’s phone number.

Here’s everything you need to know about modern-day White Pages services.

What are White Pages? Are they Safe?

White Pages by CocoFinder

White Pages are similar to the phone books that contain the names and phone numbers of individuals in an area. The only difference is that it is a large database of this information that can find almost every individual in the country. That is why phone lookup services can help you find someone’s phone number and other details with a single search.

Here are the top 6 solutions that provide white page services to its customers.

#1. CocoFinder


CocoFinder is the first name that comes to our mind whenever we need to search for public information. It is a platform designed to provide easy access to public information from millions of databases. CocoFinder’s White Page entry includes the person’s identity, phone number, and address.

Therefore, you won’t need any other solution to find someone’s phone number online. All you need is to find the name of the person and search for the profile on this platform.

Surprisingly, the platform works without any registration and is completely free for its visitors. That is why you can always count on this platform to provide free white pages services whenever you need them.

You can tap on the White Pages option on its homepage and enter the name of the person to access their White Page entry. You will find all the information related to their identity, phone number, and address there.

Tip: If you want to know more about that person, use the background check feature of this platform and get their education and criminal history report.

#2. ZabaSearch


ZabaSearch is a similar platform that offers White Page services on its online portal. It works as a search engine to find public information about any person. That is why you can trust this platform to find reliable information from credible sources.

We love this platform because it can find the social profiles of the person as well. Thus, the report will show you someone’s phone number, address, and social profiles with a single search.

We recommend this platform to beginners as they have customer support to help you with your queries. Also, you can learn about its other services right on its homepage. Like CocoFinder, ZabaSearch has an advanced search option that requires the specific area or city where the person lives.

#3. WhitePages


As implied by its name, WhitePages is an online service that provides public information related to a person, phone number, address, or business. The interface of the website is quite simple and it has all the features on its homepage.

You can scroll down to check other features of the website or search your White Page query by entering the person’s name on the first column. The main reason behind adding this website to the list is its large database. For WhitePage services, this platform has the most reliable information about every individual.

If you use its reverse phone lookup services, you can find the scam rating of each number to avoid scammers.

#4. TruthFinder


With TruthFinder, you can use its People Search feature to find someone’s phone number by their name. The platform aims to provide the easiest way to find public information online. That’s why they have a toll-free customer support number where you can get your queries done.

When you visit its website, you will find multiple tools to find information. To find someone’s phone number, using its People Search is the option for you. However, Public Records and Background Check features can also help in tracking someone’s phone number details conveniently.

Thus, make sure to try different tools from this platform, in case you don’t get sufficient information from the first one.

#5. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is one of the most trending platforms to perform public searches online. You can find details of every individual in America and access their criminal records, public details, and phone numbers. It is famous for its background check tool that gives you a complete profile of someone’s records.

We love their privacy feature that protects your identity from the person you are searching for. Instead, all your search queries are limited to your account and no one else can access them.

The only upsetting thing about this website is its user interface. It feels like all the features are stuffed at a single page that might confuse the beginners.

#6. Intelius


Intelius is another online information finder that works with the first come first served policy. On this platform, you can perform name search, phone number search, background check, address check with a single click. Also, the website has an option to run a check on your information to find out what’s there on the internet about you.

We recommend this application to those who need a secured and reliable platform to search for someone’s phone number. This platform has an encrypted server that will protect your data from third parties.

Final Words

Use the above list of reliable platforms and find someone’s contact details conveniently. Platforms like CocoFinder do not even require you to register on its website. Instead, you can perform your search query and get the complete information instantly.

On the other hand, the WhitePages platform has a large database that offers information from millions of web pages.

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